Bow Fishing for Huge Carp!!!

  Ganger 430,635


5 måneder siden

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In todays video, we go Bow fishing for carp and CJ catches a massive fish!! Ryan and Micah fix CJ's Yfz 450 quad and ben teaches Micah a thing or two about dirt bike riding on our new pit bike track in our backyard, with the help of the coaches assistant Big Ken.

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Bow Fishing Huge Catch!!!
I caught a fish
Bow Fishing for Huge Carp!!!
Back yard pit bike track
Wheelie Bar for Dirt Bikes!!
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CboysTV 5 måneder siden
Thank you guys so much for watching! We have the best subs on NOpost!!
Carson Szalka
Carson Szalka 4 måneder siden
please say shoutout to my boys t-dawg and carson, you can post already
Carson Szalka
Carson Szalka 4 måneder siden
i fr bought your merch and you can’t even post
Talan Penzien
Talan Penzien 4 måneder siden
Post already
capt.keegan 4 måneder siden
Bfoo u guys need to bring back the reflective wind breaker
Name 5 måneder siden
Damn right!
Zackattack 3 dager siden
15:08 only the office fans would get it😎
Lachlan Waghorne
Lachlan Waghorne 6 dager siden
This is like my fav chanel i am so glad i came across it thanks for the vids
James Heilman
James Heilman 21 dag siden
18:25 - 18:30 definitely needs to be a meme aha
Blake Stobb
Blake Stobb 23 dager siden
I love how happy ken was
Jace N
Jace N 24 dager siden
The draw length is to short for Ryan and ken
Santo Farro
Santo Farro 25 dager siden
my bad
Santo Farro
Santo Farro 25 dager siden
did anyone else see the rs1 I thought there was a give away
Tyson MCCABE Måned siden
i think ken found his sport
Cash Schierling
Cash Schierling Måned siden
2:58 Ben seemed like a proud dad there 😂😂
Alexander Valdivia
Alexander Valdivia Måned siden
Where did Ken get those shades?
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley Måned siden
I love how there’s a BMX in the background 1:31
ikes bro
ikes bro 2 måneder siden
whats wrong with kens eye
Katherine Hiebl
Katherine Hiebl 2 måneder siden
Holy to hats😂
Jacob Teiken
Jacob Teiken 2 måneder siden
I lmao
Lukas Trask
Lukas Trask 2 måneder siden
They should hunt
Patrick *
Patrick * 3 måneder siden
At 16:34 when Ben said I see you smiling back there I was like wtf is my webcam on. LMAO
daylen kangas
daylen kangas 3 måneder siden
when u shoot a bow dont clamp ur hand around the grip let it rest on the handle
Lord Dabbis
Lord Dabbis 3 måneder siden
Dr Benz
Dr Benz 3 måneder siden
I thought is said bow fishing for Huge Crap!!!
Thomas Shorter
Thomas Shorter 3 måneder siden
Miss bang he was the goat
Jaxon Jenkins
Jaxon Jenkins 3 måneder siden
CJ's four wheeler is just clapped thats all there is to affence cj
Pat Scotty
Pat Scotty 3 måneder siden
Ben is the king of dummies not Ryan Ben is
Pat Scotty
Pat Scotty 3 måneder siden
Oh and Ben ken is right it’s a assistant coach not Assistant to the coach
Pat Scotty
Pat Scotty 3 måneder siden
Ben your a tairable coach
Chopper And Jack
Chopper And Jack 3 måneder siden
I like the bison gear
big country
big country 4 måneder siden
Yall should get groms
Ty Coyle
Ty Coyle 4 måneder siden
I love your vids
marygar959 4 måneder siden
I want Ben to do another coaching vid
Nic Gamer
Nic Gamer 4 måneder siden
I feel ken bc I’m a lefty to
SLPiro 4 måneder siden
what happened to the cboy that traded his quad for a ranger
Joseph Kalany
Joseph Kalany 4 måneder siden
Second time watching this 😂
mark Masse
mark Masse 4 måneder siden
What did bang leave?
Lukas Morris
Lukas Morris 4 måneder siden
Your not supposed to close any of your eyes.
Chance Cole
Chance Cole 4 måneder siden
U can’t hold the handle like that or it won’t be consistent
Brayden Nelson
Brayden Nelson 4 måneder siden
“That things F*ckin massive”😭😂lmaoooo
Exottikz 4 måneder siden
Joshua Kilgallon
Joshua Kilgallon 4 måneder siden
I would love to show you guys how to shoot. I am 15 years old and I won my troops archery compition
Kody Sherbrooke
Kody Sherbrooke 4 måneder siden
The coach is the man he’s always helped me out.
Chelsie Kreun
Chelsie Kreun 4 måneder siden
get a trx 450
Sean Farley
Sean Farley 4 måneder siden
Who’s riding dirt jumpers in the group these days??
Yamaboy700r 4 måneder siden
Getting famous off of comments day 4 👊🏼✊🏼 so I can live the dream
Straight Savage
Straight Savage 4 måneder siden
That was such a huge dub for Ken, he needed one.
Nolan Glomski
Nolan Glomski 4 måneder siden
Please go sub to sota bois
Paradox Arc
Paradox Arc 4 måneder siden
Speaking of blue ... 😂
Isaac Dechamplain
Isaac Dechamplain 4 måneder siden
Are you seposed to close this eye or this eye idk witch one are you closing :both😂
Brian Costain
Brian Costain 4 måneder siden
That quad going dead after running for a bit.... Needs a new stator. Exact thing that happened to mine. Toss a stator on it and get it on the track! P.s. Love my new hat!!!
Ross Goodman bmx
Ross Goodman bmx 4 måneder siden
I do it cuz I love the kids 😂
Josiah pennington
Josiah pennington 4 måneder siden
Ok hear me out one of you guys should get a peanut Hummer
cole niepraschk
cole niepraschk 4 måneder siden
Don't swear plz or not as much
cole niepraschk
cole niepraschk 4 måneder siden
NoName_ Helleland
NoName_ Helleland 4 måneder siden
i love you guys i am your biggest fan!
GBC — 4 måneder siden
I hope none of the c boys died they haven’t posted a video in a while Hope everyone is OK
HAAKON WOLD 4 måneder siden
You guys should get stand up jet skis and do stupid stuff on them
Colt Meeks
Colt Meeks 4 måneder siden
Don’t worry ken I also shoot left handed
Stephanie Mcmichen
Stephanie Mcmichen 4 måneder siden
lowkey tho he had his kickstand up the whole way lmao micah did
Stephanie Mcmichen
Stephanie Mcmichen 4 måneder siden
Carson Szalka
Carson Szalka 4 måneder siden
come on guys
Carson Szalka
Carson Szalka 4 måneder siden
please post already
Carson Szalka
Carson Szalka 4 måneder siden
post already
Carson Szalka
Carson Szalka 4 måneder siden
can you post
Mr.blitz 4 måneder siden
You guys should put drift sleeves on a quad
Tate Schmidt
Tate Schmidt 4 måneder siden
Who else noticed the kick stand was out when he did the jumps
Beth Nicholls
Beth Nicholls 4 måneder siden
Where's the video
Fox Racer
Fox Racer 4 måneder siden
Is the gas turned on in the on position or is it on reserve
Luke Rosser
Luke Rosser 5 måneder siden
you have to aim more in front bc of refraction makes the fish look more behind than it actually is
Connor Holman
Connor Holman 5 måneder siden
Dummies for got to turn on the mic
Caden Corrin
Caden Corrin 5 måneder siden
Best NOpost channel ever ❌🧢
Jodi Holt
Jodi Holt 5 måneder siden
I dont usually dislike a video but ben made me
Jordan Garner
Jordan Garner 5 måneder siden
Best video in a long times bro’s
Nick Boisclair
Nick Boisclair 5 måneder siden
Said it before I’ll say it again, cboys need to do a video with googan squad
Small town Farmer
Small town Farmer 5 måneder siden
do you guys pop the clutch when you ride wheelies on a two stroke
Hunter Fitzgerald
Hunter Fitzgerald 5 måneder siden
I think I can ride a dirt bike better than micah
Will Puckett
Will Puckett 5 måneder siden
Ken was overdrawing the bow (not a good thing) because his length of pull is a lot more than the others (because of his longer arms) so he was already at a disadvantage, and plus he is left handed lol
MITCH PORTER 5 måneder siden
Where is tiny
Javar Couturier
Javar Couturier 5 måneder siden
Literly the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time could not stop laughing
Daven Connelly
Daven Connelly 5 måneder siden
Great video boys! The title should’ve been Finally Ken Does Something Fun😂
Riley Hunt
Riley Hunt 5 måneder siden
got enough adds to be the length of a new vid
Googoo 5 måneder siden
Was just checking out your merch and really love it keep it up guys!
Alexis Engkjer
Alexis Engkjer 5 måneder siden
IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS
Caden Corrin
Caden Corrin 5 måneder siden
You all just post on Thursday now
Thomas Mccord
Thomas Mccord 5 måneder siden
All bow guys are pissed
Caden Corrin
Caden Corrin 5 måneder siden
Is there a vid tonight
Garrett Martinez
Garrett Martinez 5 måneder siden
The quad has a bad battery. Mine did the same thing and a new battery fixed it
Caleb Martinez
Caleb Martinez 5 måneder siden
Make a new vid
steele smikahl
steele smikahl 5 måneder siden
who had the dmr dirt jumper in the background of the first scene
Jack Soroka
Jack Soroka 5 måneder siden
Ben could join nelk 😂
Campbell 55
Campbell 55 5 måneder siden
you need a new spark plug but you have to take off gas tank to get there for your yfz thats what my problem wqas
Christian Colantonio
Christian Colantonio 5 måneder siden
Micah almost pulled a ken at the end
JD Man
JD Man 5 måneder siden
I bet ken had ptsd attack when Micah crashed the bike by the trees😂😂
Goodspeed Snowmobiling
Goodspeed Snowmobiling 5 måneder siden
Like this if you live in Canada🇨🇦
Kenny Sinibaldi
Kenny Sinibaldi 5 måneder siden
Where is dirt flop
Travis Harbeitner
Travis Harbeitner 5 måneder siden
Check you’re spark plug c jay
Gracie Dean
Gracie Dean 5 måneder siden
Coach Bean be like of right you should look through there
Gracie Dean
Gracie Dean 5 måneder siden
Woo never shot a bow but can get a fish
Fisherman 2121
Fisherman 2121 5 måneder siden
I got second place on a bow fishing tournament a week ago
Fisherman 2121
Fisherman 2121 5 måneder siden
I love useing my bow and hunting with it also bow fishing
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 5 måneder siden
Jeff Brewer
Jeff Brewer 5 måneder siden
Every time I try to buy merch it’s sold out 🥺😭
erik roy
erik roy 5 måneder siden
I think we get rid of Ben.. keep him on the payroll tho but just to stay off camera
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