Surprising Friend with Brand New Snowmobile!!

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10 måneder siden

Surprising Friend with Brand New Snowmobile!!
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In todays video, we head over to polaris to pick up our brand new 2020 Polaris Switchback Assault 850 snowmobile. We didn't know what color the sled was going to be so it was a surprise to CJ when we got home. The next day we head out and go riding with the new snowmobile and Ben's Crf 450 Timbersled snow-bike kit. Riding around the Minnesota lakes area on some trails, lakes, and ditches. We do some side hilling and some ditch banging and jump some approaches. It was a lot of fun especially watching how well Ben was able to get around on his snow bike.

CboysTV 10 måneder siden
NEW DROP THIS THURSDAY 7:00 PM CST 1/16 🔥😎 Thank you guys for the support, love you all!!
HeeD Nexus
HeeD Nexus Måned siden
I live in mn where is the best place to go riding?
Steffen Jensvold
Steffen Jensvold 10 måneder siden
Your guys is my favorit NOpostr's
Ryan Landry
Ryan Landry 10 måneder siden
Paddle tires on dirt bike in snow?
Zach Pearson
Zach Pearson 10 måneder siden
Can I get a snowmobile and nice video
pavel burnett
pavel burnett 19 dager siden
hey CBOYS i have been watching your video every sence the start and you all started my pation to snowmobile. I have been asking my parents for one for 2 years and they still say we dont have enough money. Do you all think you all coukd gift me one or even just a snow bike? i lobve you gouys and my dream is to get one and meet you guys.
pavel burnett
pavel burnett 19 dager siden
ever sence your first video 4 years ago! i love you guys so much. Please reach out to me. i live in Santa fe NM. My phone Number is 505-670-1802,
Brandon Lirondelle
Brandon Lirondelle Måned siden
You guys should get the Arctic cat alpha one
Caleb C
Caleb C 7 måneder siden
“Just another addition to the shop” he says it like it’s so natural
Jono’s awesome videos extra
Jono’s awesome videos extra 7 måneder siden
Any one else noticed the brand new snowmobile on it side at 5:38
Charles Garay
Charles Garay 8 måneder siden
Definitely needed that good laugh at the beginning 🤣🤣
den kule bjørnen
den kule bjørnen 9 måneder siden
Havent seen cjs sled in years
Tyler Horning
Tyler Horning 9 måneder siden
So does Ben just prefer snow bikes?
Bradyn Booy
Bradyn Booy 9 måneder siden
hope you guys see this but even if you don't i still want you to know that you guys are the best NOpostrs and my favorite i'm not going to say that im your biggest fan cause i know a lot of people do that but last year i got in touch with Ryan on snapchat and we just started talking and i was wonder if you guys wanted to come to Michigan and boat or snowmobile with us this summer or winter my grandparents just got a new house and once we get it all done i'm sure they would allow some amazing NOpostrs like you come up here and stay but if you guys want to and we can maybe make it happen
Kaden Prickett
Kaden Prickett 9 måneder siden
That’s the Benihana in Maple Grove and it’s fucking awesome!!!
brayden price
brayden price 10 måneder siden
Sorry meant cj
brayden price
brayden price 10 måneder siden
Congratulations bangin
Chad Caudill
Chad Caudill 10 måneder siden
Yous are living your best lives!a
347brody 10 måneder siden
I entered the sled giveaway
Austin Snyder
Austin Snyder 10 måneder siden
Michigan?!? When!
Calvin Mccann18
Calvin Mccann18 10 måneder siden
That’s my dream sled
Nihad Keso
Nihad Keso 10 måneder siden
Im excited to see what you guys do with that sled! I have a 850SB and man i love hitting ditches and off trails with that thing around the DL area.
10/22TRICKSHOTS 10 måneder siden
Lowkey sad they get their friends cool shit but they Always give them away idk y they don’t all keep a dirtbike or quad and buy shit to give away I feel sad for them
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 10 måneder siden
The borat reference strikes again 😂
مسلسل ة
مسلسل ة 10 måneder siden
Dino S
Dino S 10 måneder siden
dope...what's the camo pattern of the wrap on the truck called?
BLSdesigns 10 måneder siden
That sled just made me like Polaris’s!!😍😍
Ethan Pilote Fishing
Ethan Pilote Fishing 10 måneder siden
I am 14 and just got a new to me Ski Doo XRS 800r 2010. I am in love with it. Paid with my own money. I wish I could come ride with you guys but it’s so expensive for a trip
Dar Wicklund
Dar Wicklund 10 måneder siden
my grandson loves your channel and the restaurant your guys went to he lives 1 or 2 hours away and he love to meet you guys
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 10 måneder siden
Damn.... can... can I be your friend? LMAO
Luke Brodrick
Luke Brodrick 10 måneder siden
Y’all have come so far Fr I remember when you guys were I forgot who’s dad shop and drifting around in Ryan’s car
DeVan Helmoski
DeVan Helmoski 10 måneder siden
You guys were legit right across the street from where I work in Maple Grove/Osseo... damn
Ty Gally
Ty Gally 10 måneder siden
2020= horrible Cboys content Your just talking no one wants to see that. Get another peanut or something
Rowdy Kiggins
Rowdy Kiggins 10 måneder siden
i have a 2001 polaris but i want a better one beacuse my dad just got a 2019 850 polaris, and he goes places that i cant alwasy go. with my 2001.
Gage Long
Gage Long 10 måneder siden
Y don’t u guys make normal 22 min videos anymore
Ian Yarnell
Ian Yarnell 10 måneder siden
I wanna ride mcflippin dirtbike with tracks on it.
Patrick Mascaro
Patrick Mascaro 10 måneder siden
You kids need some faster shit, my 4 yr nephew rides that shit
Aiden Mackey
Aiden Mackey 10 måneder siden
I have a small cboys windbreaker that I got for Christmas it’s too small for me and I can’t bring it back who wants it for 60 bucks I got it for 75
brvzy thomas
brvzy thomas 10 måneder siden
I wish I can get something like that 450 with a snow kit god that would be so fun to rip all day and just take videos 😭🔥🔥🔥
Nick Loving
Nick Loving 10 måneder siden
Now you guys need to jump a road on a snowmobile
Braydon Lee 32 (STUDENT)
Braydon Lee 32 (STUDENT) 10 måneder siden
When will we see cj back on a sled :(. love the vids been here since day one :)
Braeden Baker
Braeden Baker 10 måneder siden
7:52 anyone hear that voice crack 😂😂
Aiddin Cantrell
Aiddin Cantrell 10 måneder siden
jake is my favorite because he does dumb sht and its so funny
Miles Murphy
Miles Murphy 10 måneder siden
too short
Mayh3M_Tv 10 måneder siden
why isnt ryan riding his own sled?
Heather Grambart
Heather Grambart 10 måneder siden
I live in Minnesota we just got 3 to 4 inches of powder
Ryan Fondie
Ryan Fondie 10 måneder siden
Calling it now they’ll give it away
Kyle Kishpaugh
Kyle Kishpaugh 10 måneder siden
You guys should put some yoshi pipes on the Honda🔥 but sick vid as usual🤟🏼
Nathan Solomon
Nathan Solomon 10 måneder siden
When are you guys coming to Michigan
Jonny N
Jonny N 10 måneder siden
-13 is too cold 😂, I was out yesterday in -34
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper 10 måneder siden
cj dont be afraid to show that new skidoo a little bit too eh, you dont always have to film lol
SLOWMAN 10 måneder siden
Does anyone els turn off add blocker for Cboys when they don’t even have a add. Smh
Max Kinter
Max Kinter 10 måneder siden
Race the wrx vs the sti
Devon Kilgour
Devon Kilgour 10 måneder siden
how come the cops never come for them?
riley trainor
riley trainor 10 måneder siden
You guys should get mics for you helmets
DirtBikeGuy04 10 måneder siden
kinda like these skits
Kael Niland
Kael Niland 10 måneder siden
Where was Mika in the video today?
Jason DeWyse Mafia
Jason DeWyse Mafia 10 måneder siden
Honda Rider 26
Honda Rider 26 10 måneder siden
LMFAO the fire extinguisher Ben looks at the camera like hes gonna die.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 10 måneder siden
I knew that was you guys out ripping by my house! I should have jumped on the sled and joined you guys!
James Juillett
James Juillett 10 måneder siden
When are you guys coming to the u.p. again
joey schultz
joey schultz 10 måneder siden
Please tell me you’ll strapped it down
logpile13 10 måneder siden
All these new sleds look the same pretty much can't tell the difference between the four major brands anymore, my newest sled is a 1973 Elan, the rest go way back.
Seth Beebe
Seth Beebe 10 måneder siden
My friend Tegan Johnson passed away and give a like to support
Gavin Wurm
Gavin Wurm 10 måneder siden
Where y’all in maple grove?
Drew Lewis
Drew Lewis 10 måneder siden
Y’all are the funniest NOpostrs
Jachob Mason
Jachob Mason 10 måneder siden
I'm going to the U.P of Michigan the first week of February. When r u guys going
Caden Beriman
Caden Beriman 10 måneder siden
For the sled giveaway is the money still a second option?
logan sovereign
logan sovereign 10 måneder siden
Nice to see Ben getting pretty comfortable on the snowbike setup
Wyatt Juelich-Lysne
Wyatt Juelich-Lysne 10 måneder siden
Damn, wish I would have known you were right in my neighborhood.
SWANKY CAT 10 måneder siden
Man side hilling those ditches above the big trees made me lean in my seat! I've got a few of those on the way to the trails and I ride right on the road to avoid them lol. I'm on a 4 Stroke Procross Chassis though, not something you wanna get stuck against a tree when your alone!
Tjoens28 10 måneder siden
Literally the Maple Grove benihana is the best. We were just there the other night and damn near the whole place was doing sake bomb's (look it up) sounded like a goddamn rave
J3 MotorSports
J3 MotorSports 10 måneder siden
Do I smell possibly a sled giveaway
Seigmann AIDS
Seigmann AIDS 10 måneder siden
Clayton Pronschinske
Clayton Pronschinske 10 måneder siden
Are Ben's goggles Kingpins or are they Sinister X6??
Ryan Landry
Ryan Landry 10 måneder siden
You’ll should try paddle tires on a dirt bike in the snow
H2O Films - Fresh & Frozen
H2O Films - Fresh & Frozen 10 måneder siden
Great color , rode the 2019 8 fiddy last season up here in Canada and just put break in miles on the new Indy 137 850 ... both great sleds , nod goes to 137 for best all around , zero push !
Judah Lane
Judah Lane 10 måneder siden
You should come to Ontario we have about 2 feet of fresh powder
Jay V.paquette
Jay V.paquette 10 måneder siden
Do a conversion to a 155 inch !!!!
Mr Spice
Mr Spice 10 måneder siden
You guys need to get a decent bit of property out there and build a shop on it!! Cboy’s jungle
Andrew Sandberg
Andrew Sandberg 10 måneder siden
Mosai Ur boi
Mosai Ur boi 10 måneder siden
U guys should do a race with the snowmobiles ???
Jason 10 måneder siden
Are they all related/do they live together?
GeorgeTW35 10 måneder siden
They need to be more sketchy
Braap Season
Braap Season 10 måneder siden
Give us a 2020 shop tour
Colton Thompson
Colton Thompson 10 måneder siden
For 556k subs you guys are blessed with sponsors happy for you guys
OgTofi 10 måneder siden
R.I.P Your towns mayor,
Tyler Dunn
Tyler Dunn 10 måneder siden
Didn't Ryan just get a new sled
Ty Womack
Ty Womack 10 måneder siden
When is Jake actually going to get something that he can keep
Jacob Shearer
Jacob Shearer 10 måneder siden
No explanation to what was going on lol
Ashton Osborne
Ashton Osborne 10 måneder siden
be careful those are rummored to blow up
RVbilly 10 måneder siden
Toss us some longer videos !!!!😅😅
Daniel Tucker
Daniel Tucker 10 måneder siden
Cj needs to put the cam down and get some action
Brandon Buchholz
Brandon Buchholz 10 måneder siden
When are you guys coming to Michigan
DrKampfpudding 10 måneder siden
Meanwhile in germany i havent Seen one snowflake on the ground where i live and i dont expect one tbh... Thats so sad
TheOfficialWASD 10 måneder siden
First video I saw of you guys was when Jake traded his quad for a truck haha. Ever since then i've been hooked on the content! Keep it up guys!
Franco Abero III
Franco Abero III 10 måneder siden
@ben you need to upgrade your exhaust 🔥
Zebraaah 10 måneder siden
Hey guys, it was my birthday January 12th, i was wondering if you would wish me happy late bday
MPH 10 måneder siden
Dude 10 minute video. Busch League doy
CB Inc
CB Inc 10 måneder siden
No trees were harmed in this video
iTzz Travis
iTzz Travis 10 måneder siden
Maple Grove benihana is so good and you got freddys right by, heaven.
None 10 måneder siden
Shoutout to Polaris for giving Cboys a shot, The boys deserve it!
Nick Gustafson
Nick Gustafson 10 måneder siden
I saw your truck on the road coming here, but didn’t think I’d turn around and follow you guys cuz that’s just kinda weird😂
Jesse Graves
Jesse Graves 10 måneder siden
Still don’t know why they aren’t at 1 mil yet. Contents getting better and better guys keep it up!
Slushyy 10 måneder siden
Ryan should make a song about hitting trees
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