Buying a Monster Truck.. Or Is It a Monster Car? (new mud truck)

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8 måneder siden

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Build on this Mini Monster Truck
1980 Toyota SR5 Hilux 4x4 frame with a 2007 Chevy Aveo body on top.
Running a 22r motor with a 5 speed manual transmission
unknown on how much it is lifted but sitting on some 44 inch super swamper tires

In todays video CJ, Ryan and Jake buy a monster truck / lifted car off of facebook market place. Mean while Ken gets his revenge on CJ pranking him back by filling his Mitsubishi Evo X full of packing peanuts. The truck was mint and negotiating for the mud truck went well and the boys were able talk him down $2000 dollars from asking price. We are thinking about restoring the old truck we have a top secret plan to do so. Maybe even do a launch or two. We are just going to try our best not to break it. This thing is huge!

I bought a monster truck.. or is it a monster car? (New Mud truck)
Buying a monster truck.. or is it a monster car? (New Mud truck)
Buying a Monster Truck.. or Is It a Monster Car? (new mud truck)
Build on this Mini Monster Truck
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Get entered for our KX 450 Giveaway Here

CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Less than one day to get entered for the KX 450 giveaway!! Also new merch!
Darren Davis
Darren Davis 8 måneder siden
love your video sand it jump the monster truck please 😭
Noob bassist
Noob bassist 8 måneder siden
Diesel it
jared ulm
jared ulm 8 måneder siden
It's an almond
Bo Garrett
Bo Garrett 8 måneder siden
I want the drip
Ali Gray
Ali Gray 8 måneder siden
I think it snowed
Lifan King Power Racing
Lifan King Power Racing 20 dager siden
those guys had so much fun!!!
Lake Land Diver
Lake Land Diver Måned siden
Did you buy it in Alexandria mn?
TTV Albie2139
TTV Albie2139 Måned siden
13:12 is my new profile picture 😂😂
Roger Davis
Roger Davis Måned siden
I miss banging so much
Will Keating
Will Keating 2 måneder siden
Came across cboys 3 days ago, how have I not seen you boys before living for this content
Ethan Brooks
Ethan Brooks 6 måneder siden
When you realize the car was in the last video
Rhd Eg
Rhd Eg 6 måneder siden
I got a lifted PT cruiser if you want to see it check out my Instagram @cjskylair
dmitry choglo
dmitry choglo 7 måneder siden
arnt your neighbors already annoyed of u guys?
Ashton Kirk
Ashton Kirk 7 måneder siden
I live in the town you got that truck from. I know the guy who owned it as well
Real Clean Cobalt
Real Clean Cobalt 7 måneder siden
i was tboned in a 3 year old aveo with 54k miles on it that totaled the car as a result and was only given $1200 for it from imo you overpaid lmfao
Titan _597
Titan _597 7 måneder siden
I'd really like that graphic kit for my bike :(
Josh Shaw
Josh Shaw 7 måneder siden
Nice video... you can use my ford country truck song if you wish. Its free if you put my Soundcloud link in yer description...
Jeremiah Gooden
Jeremiah Gooden 7 måneder siden
I wouldn’t want to dirtbike so bad
Guest 2
Guest 2 7 måneder siden
It's a walnut
PopBang240sx 7 måneder siden
Sounds like a mazba b series truck lol
TTVSpankyboy 16
TTVSpankyboy 16 7 måneder siden
That things worth 10k with out the wheels and shit 😂
Tyler Pringle
Tyler Pringle 7 måneder siden
Not a great deal
ODD IS-HE 8 måneder siden
Can't lie, that's some real. PUSH THAT B.....
Ethan Geislinger
Ethan Geislinger 8 måneder siden
Bruh I saw this on Facebook market place
Sander Stuart
Sander Stuart 8 måneder siden
Am I the only person to see the new vehicle in last video?
Jordan Zandbergen
Jordan Zandbergen 8 måneder siden
$800 would've been the highest I would've went on that
Daymeian Richardson
Daymeian Richardson 8 måneder siden
Jake needs to put a vmp blower on that
Chris Perretta
Chris Perretta 8 måneder siden
At least he was a good sport about it. Unlike Ken who's literally a B***h about everything haha.
jason s
jason s 8 måneder siden
what is the driveline and frame?? i gota know
Justin 8 måneder siden
I couldnt buy merch
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore 8 måneder siden
What is the engine and frame from?
IsAK rHen
IsAK rHen 8 måneder siden
That’s by my house and that was going to be my friends first car
Chevra 8 måneder siden
That thing needs a V8, like right now.
Rex Calon
Rex Calon 8 måneder siden
The tire are worth about 1500 buck at least so not a bad deal
Hunter-fishermen54 8 måneder siden
Do a shop tour
Andrew Cash
Andrew Cash 8 måneder siden
its good to see a car that has more balls then its owner
Rebel Kid
Rebel Kid 8 måneder siden
I literally saw this on the market place a while ago
Henry Essex
Henry Essex 8 måneder siden
Why didn’t you tell us who won the bike
Ronnie Williz
Ronnie Williz 8 måneder siden
Lol bye bye clutch an ujoints 😆 with them driving. An seems like the rear wheels wernt spinning.
Ronnie Williz
Ronnie Williz 8 måneder siden
How did yall make ot this far if you dont no what to check lol im sure that was a joke but i still had to say it. Lol
Victor 8 måneder siden
No matter how cool exotic cars and fast cars are The most fun your gonna have is in a cheap heated monster car and dirt bikes
Car guy tv
Car guy tv 8 måneder siden
pressure wash the underside , thats gonna be satisfying
Chase B
Chase B 8 måneder siden
More merch??
DAVID ALAN JONES RIDGE 8 måneder siden
Uh, no, That is a monster SUV.
Ryan Luukkonen
Ryan Luukkonen 8 måneder siden
Lol I lived in Alexandria only a couple miles from that truck.
Matthew Wallace
Matthew Wallace 8 måneder siden
*Ben---> "Ken and I"
Backyard Mechanic Restorations
Backyard Mechanic Restorations 8 måneder siden
Ls swap it or 350 small block swap it or sum cool v8 powered
ItsJustBlake 8 måneder siden
does anyone know what helmet bean uses becase i dont think its a 509
Douglas Mckinney
Douglas Mckinney 8 måneder siden
Absolutely love it. My cuzn put a hatchback mustang on a branco chassis. Y'all should have Jake's uncle fab up a 🤘 grill for the Stangy. Would look just that much better
Cowbait 64
Cowbait 64 8 måneder siden
Ngl i went up to see the 4x4 they bought before they bought it its hooge
Z.Man.38 8 måneder siden
Everyone asks “Where’s Bangin?”, but nobody ever asks “How’s Bangin?”
Marcus Prinds
Marcus Prinds 8 måneder siden
Ls swap the Chevvy!!!
Shimazu 8 måneder siden
The crew 2 vibes
Sarah Caton
Sarah Caton 8 måneder siden
you should come to Maine
Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill 8 måneder siden
could i have it for free when i was on a trip 1 day ago my house got broking in and they took most of the stuff
/*Łážâr Ømg gãmįñg*\
/*Łážâr Ømg gãmįñg*\ 8 måneder siden
I can’t by the motobike because it doesn’t snow at my place
Christopher Able
Christopher Able 8 måneder siden
Take it in bens pond
James Rushing
James Rushing 8 måneder siden
Jump the mega peanut into the pond
Joseph McTigue
Joseph McTigue 8 måneder siden
I’ve literary have drove past that car soo many times and have always wanted it
Dwightsp26 8 måneder siden
Probably 1500 in tires on it
Life as It happens
Life as It happens 8 måneder siden
This car is way cooler than a Lamborghini
Mboys TV
Mboys TV 8 måneder siden
FinneganVlogs 8 måneder siden
Is that an a aveo because I have a Aveo what I need to get running.
adrien Recollet
adrien Recollet 8 måneder siden
Just a note i love these videos man its the mudding vehicle that you bought and the morninhg jake prank lol but love all you boys keep it up
Kyle Lawrence
Kyle Lawrence 8 måneder siden
Should have been more like $350 not $3500!!??
Noah Van Eyck
Noah Van Eyck 8 måneder siden
I aint gonna roast you guys, but i would have bought a dirt bike for that money
Trista Puchalski
Trista Puchalski 8 måneder siden
I know where this place is
Connor McDonough
Connor McDonough 8 måneder siden
That thing is dope as hell
Mason Long
Mason Long 8 måneder siden
the monster truck was in the last vid
Sergio Loya
Sergio Loya 8 måneder siden
Can I borrow 1,800$$
Preston Goulet
Preston Goulet 8 måneder siden
been here since day one love the boys
Esthéban lapointe
Esthéban lapointe 8 måneder siden
quarentine ?! more funentine
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 8 måneder siden
It’s a mud car
MuddyBoy06 8 måneder siden
CboysTV i wanted to enter but my mom wouldnt let me but keep up the good work your the best
Swiveled 8 måneder siden
do you know where rudyard michigan is its in the up
Swiveled 8 måneder siden
you guys should come ride with me
Jake cale
Jake cale 8 måneder siden
Can the next giveaway be like a kx 85 or a honda bc i really need a new bike lol😂
LivinLikeLarry 8 måneder siden
it’s $3,500 worth of fun
Kailen Barber
Kailen Barber 8 måneder siden
It sounds like a bigger Mavericks
Haiden DiCamillo
Haiden DiCamillo 8 måneder siden
I bought the tire braslets
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Thanks Haiden!
lil big Q
lil big Q 8 måneder siden
You are cooooooooooool
Shane Bay
Shane Bay 8 måneder siden
Sounded like a plug wire came off the distributor. Happened to me couple times when got rough with it. Hope to see you guys in the mud somewhere this summer.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 8 måneder siden
Go to haspin acres. Muddy af
justin j
justin j 8 måneder siden
What is the frame?
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
it’s an Old 80’s Toyota Tundra body
Tampa Boys Customs
Tampa Boys Customs 8 måneder siden
This is so cool you guys rock I wish I could go out and buy sweet stuff like this so epic right on fellas
Team Kanada
Team Kanada 8 måneder siden
I see you boys are social distancing very well
Harry Robin
Harry Robin 8 måneder siden
6:15 it sounds like he said 30 grand
Gabe Roberson
Gabe Roberson 8 måneder siden
Why does Ryan have A Spray tan
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
😂😂 he went to florida
lebron james
lebron james 8 måneder siden
Take it to pecker fast in Wisconsin a bunch of mud
Liam Studebaker
Liam Studebaker 8 måneder siden
Better then Alamo the best part is when you ruin it isn’t a big hole in your pocket
jared ulm
jared ulm 8 måneder siden
It's an almond
La Patrie
La Patrie 8 måneder siden
Do you want to collab
Kody Cunningham
Kody Cunningham 8 måneder siden
I bought a clean 72 dodge w200 for $1500
JAKROKS66 8 måneder siden
Engine swap it you won’t
Thomas Enger
Thomas Enger 8 måneder siden
Delete the truck!!!!! Also how many miles is on it?
QUAD ADDICTION 8 måneder siden
What do I check? Come on
Ty Bullard
Ty Bullard 8 måneder siden
wrap the wood on the inside of yalls truck with the camo on the outside
David Richardson
David Richardson 8 måneder siden
You guys need to drop a block into that 427 LOL
Cameron 8 måneder siden
I’ll give you $5k right now. You stole that thing
Levin's Custom Builds
Levin's Custom Builds 8 måneder siden
I seen that thing on Facebook before!!! MN boys!!!
Leviticus Peek
Leviticus Peek 8 måneder siden
Dirt bike plz lol
Mason Mugridge
Mason Mugridge 8 måneder siden
Jake you should get a mullet
Shane Bay
Shane Bay 8 måneder siden
I feel like something is missing every time I go to my shop now. Lol. Love your vids. Like the name peanut I called it the toylet for the Toyota Chevrolet cross. Sounded like a plug wire fell off. Happened to me couple times. Can't wait to see what you with it next. It's hard not to laugh at yourself when you drive it huh.
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Hahahaha it’s truly a blast to own we’ve been driving her everywhere lately! Thanks again!!
Jordan Voeltz
Jordan Voeltz 8 måneder siden
So good revenge on CJ and SO funny see ken smile! he like it lmao😂😂 Peanut car ! love it something new !
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