Monster Car Gets New Paint Job!!!

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7 måneder siden

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In todays video CJ pranks the boys, and the Monster car gets a new paint job!!
Building New Dream Shop!!
Shop tour
Freedom factory tour
Freedom factory
New Shop
Huge Shop
Drift pad
Lifted ford raptor
Lifted chevy duramax
Polaris rzr 1000 turbo s
Polaris RZR side by side
Fast duramax
Tuned duramax
Deleted duramax
Diesel power
Anylevel lift
Freedom factory
AnyLevel F350
Boosted Launch
Wheels and lift
Straight piped duramax
Four wheeler wheelies
Quad wheelies
Many freedoms
Closed track

CboysTV 7 måneder siden
Who stayed for the bloopers at the end 😂😂
William Davis
William Davis Måned siden
You guys are hilarious and live life to the fullest
Farm Kid 736x
Farm Kid 736x 6 måneder siden
CboysTV me
AIDEN SCHIECK 7 måneder siden
Can I come ride with you guys sometime
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart 7 måneder siden
Lukas 7 måneder siden
Hockey 24.7
Hockey 24.7 4 måneder siden
This is amazing!!!!
Reaper Havoc
Reaper Havoc 6 måneder siden
Don’t need to be so angry it’s only a paintball gun
Chris John Michael
Chris John Michael 7 måneder siden
Lol Ken is such a sour puss. Take a joke buddy.
Mariosmiley 1
Mariosmiley 1 7 måneder siden
quality videos. inspired me to open a youtube channel of my own and post my own videos. thanks
smileyguy70 7 måneder siden
you've got some nice videos bro. keep up. i subscribed
Alex Bowron
Alex Bowron 7 måneder siden
Y’all posting tonight?
AIDEN SCHIECK 7 måneder siden
Can I go riding with you some time
AIDEN SCHIECK 7 måneder siden
AIDEN SCHIECK 7 måneder siden
Do you guys want to go riding with me sometime?
Illijha Johnston
Illijha Johnston 7 måneder siden
Bruh paintballs are biodegradable an they don’t stain😂
Ryker Veroba
Ryker Veroba 7 måneder siden
You guys need to get Yamaha bikes. Get a YZ250FX or YZ450FX
Jarmo Kalde
Jarmo Kalde 7 måneder siden
when is the next giveaway coming!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
LilD2009 E
LilD2009 E 7 måneder siden
Love the vids and you guys should ramp a dirt bike in to a pond please reply
Brett Lins
Brett Lins 7 måneder siden
That thing is insane
will Holmes
will Holmes 7 måneder siden
This vid was sick
Jett Baumann
Jett Baumann 7 måneder siden
3:45 for CJ's way to say spray paint
Bradley Sawford
Bradley Sawford 7 måneder siden
Don’t the cops care
Centralia Offroad
Centralia Offroad 7 måneder siden
Happy birthday ben
Teddy Murray
Teddy Murray 7 måneder siden
Post Monday and Thursday pleaseee
Finn Carriere
Finn Carriere 7 måneder siden
How tf do u guy not have 1 mil yet
Mike's Krazy Crestie's
Mike's Krazy Crestie's 7 måneder siden
Anyone know the song that starts at 3:55??
Chris Darling
Chris Darling 7 måneder siden
Is bangin still a full time C Boy?
Clive Raines
Clive Raines 7 måneder siden
Where is Jake
why dood
why dood 7 måneder siden
The cboys finally made a cyma build
Tommy Deutsch
Tommy Deutsch 7 måneder siden
This deserves more likes c’mon people
Jayden Coderre
Jayden Coderre 7 måneder siden
That outro tho Ryan 🤘
great film's Jeremiah
great film's Jeremiah 7 måneder siden
Where's Jake for half the time he wasn't there but at the end it was nice to see him
Rylan Anderson
Rylan Anderson 7 måneder siden
Make a video
DankoleClouds 7 måneder siden
LS swap the monster car.
Bradley Pelletier
Bradley Pelletier 7 måneder siden
Get murph in a vid he is funny
RAYMOND WEIS 7 måneder siden
Why is Ryan getting a new sled he just got one
Victor Fernandez
Victor Fernandez 7 måneder siden
U guys should Kalab with Zack goes after the whole corona thing🙌🏼🙌🏼
Cody Mccrae
Cody Mccrae 7 måneder siden
dude that is fucking legendary its like oh you dont want to play paintball with me huh?
Lane Huismann
Lane Huismann 7 måneder siden
Love the paint job😂
Adam Maisch
Adam Maisch 7 måneder siden
Wheres jake
I love you a lot
I love you a lot 7 måneder siden
If CJ already spring ordered tell him to get a assault instead!
Slayer1443 7 måneder siden
BushLights Cmon boys Ronas
SGN Frankie
SGN Frankie 7 måneder siden
Get bangin a quad
Happy44 Plays
Happy44 Plays 7 måneder siden
When's the next merch drop cuz I just ordered a sweatshirt and the bracelets and I just got an email saying the bracelets are sold out
Garrett Wilkison
Garrett Wilkison 7 måneder siden
You guys should post more because of covid 19
William Fink
William Fink 7 måneder siden
Make face masks please I want one but I don't want one from any youtubers except you guys
Dirt Boys Designs
Dirt Boys Designs 7 måneder siden
“I’ll take the green one”
Gael Alvidrez
Gael Alvidrez 7 måneder siden
When the Cboys get older do we have to call them the cmen 💀😳
Gael Alvidrez
Gael Alvidrez 7 måneder siden
When the Cboys get older do we have to call them the cmen 💀😳
O L L I 7 måneder siden
It's actually crazy. How u guys have evolved, it's awesome. Been here since 250k
Trevor A
Trevor A 7 måneder siden
I love how he is just washing everything in the suit still. Lol
Landon Ballard
Landon Ballard 7 måneder siden
You guys lift my day when I watch y’all’s vids you guys are so positive.
David Coombs
David Coombs 7 måneder siden
You should do s vido with braydon price
Jaxon Hammer
Jaxon Hammer 7 måneder siden
Jaxon Hammer
Jaxon Hammer 7 måneder siden
Cj got a 2021
Broke Misfits
Broke Misfits 7 måneder siden
I’ve never felt so close to someone until I saw Cj got no reply from his friends to buy something...😂
Bow Hunter37
Bow Hunter37 7 måneder siden
Am about to buy my first dirt bike we’re should I look
Matt Bredin
Matt Bredin 7 måneder siden
why doesn't CJ ride out west?
PaRaDoX500 7 måneder siden
I love the videos bro. Send it silly bro’s
M Young
M Young 7 måneder siden
Judah Lane
Judah Lane 7 måneder siden
You guys have 6.9k likes on this video the most lucky number
Eli Ekroth
Eli Ekroth 7 måneder siden
Add this in the vid please add and eyeball on the window
MrDBTG 7 måneder siden
Jake didn't get shot??
Conner Dawson
Conner Dawson 7 måneder siden
i wish i was a cboy so bad lol you guys should come check out the custom car shop i work at everyone would love if you guys came
Jacob McGinty
Jacob McGinty 7 måneder siden
When’s the drawing for the helmet?
Mason Weimer
Mason Weimer 7 måneder siden
You guys need to make longer videos
Lasen Kangas
Lasen Kangas 7 måneder siden
wheres jake
XvEdit 7 måneder siden
O they fasho moving soon
James Figaro
James Figaro 7 måneder siden
Lmao Cj has slowly became my favorite c boy
Landon Bender
Landon Bender 7 måneder siden
jake still got the banshee?
LD Books
LD Books 7 måneder siden
Play with the shifter kart Jake
Caswell Customs
Caswell Customs 7 måneder siden
Called it on Instagram! Mike Wazowski green!
jackogrady 96
jackogrady 96 7 måneder siden
Cboyz please react to old videos
Mr Sensity
Mr Sensity 7 måneder siden
I litterally guessed the color lime green on your instagram
Landon Earnest
Landon Earnest 7 måneder siden
We used to play paintball on our farm all of the time. That gun is not very good btw
Jace 7 måneder siden
Should’ve shot him like 15 times
Aiden Neville
Aiden Neville 7 måneder siden
Why did i feel that you guys were gunna paint it lime green
SULLYSAUSAGE 08 7 måneder siden
Great vid
Steffan Hansen
Steffan Hansen 7 måneder siden
can you make a wrap design for my dirt bike if I pay
Keagan Boggs
Keagan Boggs 7 måneder siden
Volkswagen has a 4 cylinder diesel motor swap for more mudding ?
Mr_ Cart
Mr_ Cart 7 måneder siden
Ken's a sook.
logan houk
logan houk 7 måneder siden
I think I would be a better bangn then bangn
Jake Dean
Jake Dean 7 måneder siden
When’s Jake get a new quad ?
Morgan Olson
Morgan Olson 7 måneder siden
Call me and I can get you a peanut CBOYS ONLY
H B 7 måneder siden
I’ll take the green one!
Cj Rogers
Cj Rogers 7 måneder siden
@cboystv I watch your videos every night🤣🤣 they never get old!! #senditbanggin🤣‼️
Grush1 998
Grush1 998 7 måneder siden
Saving private Ryan!
Mike Alagna
Mike Alagna 7 måneder siden
Man you guys always put a smile on my face
Colton Froseth
Colton Froseth 7 måneder siden
Get twin turbo set for that beast only like $1200
Lucas Irwin
Lucas Irwin 7 måneder siden
Mike wazowski wrap would be dope tbh...
MR. Buffallo
MR. Buffallo 7 måneder siden
You guys gotta stop hanging out with him he’s off his rocker
MR. Buffallo
MR. Buffallo 7 måneder siden
It a pair of shorts get over it and it’s a paint ball not a sharpie not like that’s the only pair of shorts you own anyway
Mini Z Hobbie
Mini Z Hobbie 7 måneder siden
You should 2-step the Can am Maverick
D G 7 måneder siden
Googan green!!
Rxgret 7 måneder siden
Paintball war definitely needs to come soon💯
Sonny Carbajal
Sonny Carbajal 7 måneder siden
You guys should post more often😣 And also can you guys do more quad riding I miss it😤😤 videos are awesome tho like i wait on ur channel for the new videos and also check everyday for new videos
Morne Niemand
Morne Niemand 7 måneder siden
This was the funniest video ever . 😂😂
Darrell no dad
Darrell no dad 7 måneder siden
Ken's a sooky lala
Jerry E
Jerry E 7 måneder siden
CJ I give u props bro that's some funny shit
Aaron Moon
Aaron Moon 7 måneder siden
Lol I thought Ryan just got a Polaris 850
Brike Hallee
Brike Hallee 7 måneder siden
When are you guys gonna get a new giveaway toy
Ethan 7 måneder siden
Less videos better quality
Jacob Tiers
Jacob Tiers 7 måneder siden
Next video everyone with paintball guns vs Jake
Grant Nelson
Grant Nelson 7 måneder siden
This video was dope CJ did an amazing edit job 👍🏼👌🏼
Demitri Yannitsos
Demitri Yannitsos 7 måneder siden
the paint ball gun was a huge play ferda boys
Lucas Pritchard
Lucas Pritchard 7 måneder siden
Ryan just bought a khaos 155 like 4 months ago what he is gonna do with that?
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