Going HUGE on the UNRELEASED 2021 Polaris RMK Snowmobiles!!

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Kawasaki 450 Snowbike Giveaway ends 3/31 + NEW DROP 3/26 at 7:00 pm cst
@ss_freeride on instagram www.sahenskinner.com/
If you and your buddies ever want a Grade A snowmoibling experience, consider giving Sahen a call or message. He's the nicest guy on the planet and it's guaranteed to be a great experience.
In Today’s Episode, part 1 of our visit to Afton, Wyoming to ride snowmobiles with Sahen Skinner we hop on his fleet of dialed Polaris 850 mountain sleds and get right into it. It was great to get out west one more time before the end of the season. Ben and Micah broke some rust off getting back on the sleds. Stay tuned for the last snowmobile video of the year coming shortly after this one!
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Going HUGE on the UNRELEASED 2021 Polaris RMK Snowmobiles!!

CboysTV 8 måneder siden
New Merch drop coming this Thursday the 26th on www.cboystv.com
Nate Veltikold
Nate Veltikold 2 måneder siden
I really wanna meet you guys so much
Nate Veltikold
Nate Veltikold 2 måneder siden
Sruti Joshi yo
Sruti Joshi
Sruti Joshi 3 måneder siden
Thomas Potts
Thomas Potts 8 måneder siden
CboysTV Isn’t it hard to film with all those braaaaaap noises
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 17 dager siden
What's the issues the 15teens had? I heard jugs
Aethyx Hazelwood
Aethyx Hazelwood 21 dag siden
The snowball at 1:30 thought. 😂😂😂
SakhaSled TV
SakhaSled TV 29 dager siden
нормально !!!
Gage Kieffer
Gage Kieffer Måned siden
The videos are so cool 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺💵💵💵💵🎮🎮🔫🔫🔫🔫💪💪💪
Erick Nakonechnyy
Erick Nakonechnyy Måned siden
just hit 800 k subs nice
Corey j
Corey j Måned siden
do snowmobiles have push start yet
Rex Måned siden
Literally today I got a 550 Indy evo
John G.THEGUY Måned siden
I'm addicted to these vids
Eric M
Eric M Måned siden
that purple and white sled is so nostalgic for me. When i buy a new one thats what its going to be. I love it, been eyeing that sled all year lol
weston590ify Måned siden
No the 850 bog at 7:17
Wyatt_ Playz
Wyatt_ Playz Måned siden
If you have a pony tail on your helmet your gay
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Måned siden
There’s kids at high school where I live that snow mobile to School
Corbin Vlogs
Corbin Vlogs Måned siden
I wish I could go riding with you guys😔😢
NoPro Heroes
NoPro Heroes Måned siden
Dope vid dudes 🍻
themoos420 Måned siden
Harper Brown
Harper Brown Måned siden
I really want a Snowmobile
Eli Clarkson
Eli Clarkson 2 måneder siden
Rip jake died from taking off wig
Michael Kangas
Michael Kangas 2 måneder siden
I am your biggest fan
Jk Triple threat industries. The riders
Jk Triple threat industries. The riders 2 måneder siden
I want to try one !!!
Linda Carpenter
Linda Carpenter 2 måneder siden
Jimmy Beattie
Jimmy Beattie 2 måneder siden
I didn’t now Ben was one year younger than me
Harry Heinrich
Harry Heinrich 2 måneder siden
Imagine being this and try/buy new snowmobile every year
matthew rash
matthew rash 2 måneder siden
2021 and no electric start ??
carlin Liivam
carlin Liivam 2 måneder siden
Thoughs arent stock thoughs are turbo charge
Kristen Czajka
Kristen Czajka 3 måneder siden
Onedisaster Attatime
Onedisaster Attatime 3 måneder siden
Great work
Jacob Fornander
Jacob Fornander 3 måneder siden
I wish i could do these such of things!
Maddi and Raegan
Maddi and Raegan 4 måneder siden
Where is your old 2015 XRS?
lyric Gordon
lyric Gordon 5 måneder siden
Ever want to ride to gather dm me I live 2 hours away
Ryan Woodford
Ryan Woodford 5 måneder siden
10:35 I can say that I do the same
CASEY CARLSON 5 måneder siden
See boys can you please come and ride with me Bowles Minnesota
Swift- Horse
Swift- Horse 6 måneder siden
I wish I can ride but I need a bearing carrier for my trx400ex3
jeff Forker
jeff Forker 6 måneder siden
Great video, but the yank on the ponytail.....priceless! 🤣
Auugust 7 måneder siden
what the song at 5:04
Wyo-colt 29
Wyo-colt 29 7 måneder siden
I know where you are. I live in star valley and feel blessed with the area close to me I get to ride. I know Sahen and he’s a super cool dude.
603_Subie 7 måneder siden
Hey where’s my sled??
XXLUIS RIVERAXX 7 måneder siden
My mans got over $150,000 in sleds😂
Tanner Reinig
Tanner Reinig 7 måneder siden
I’m 14 and I am saving money for a snowmobile. Which is the best bet. Low mile 2013 166” Artic Cat m800 $3,200. Or a Low mile 2013 155” Polaris RMK $2,700. Or a 2014 155” Ski Doo Summit X $3,800. Thanks
Gabriel Tatrow
Gabriel Tatrow 7 måneder siden
have you guys ever fell in the tree?
Yeisi Cortez
Yeisi Cortez 7 måneder siden
Did you guys go up to togety pass?
Yeisi Cortez
Yeisi Cortez 7 måneder siden
I’m from Wyoming
Connor Cost
Connor Cost 7 måneder siden
Love these type of vids bro
mike scott
mike scott 7 måneder siden
i hope you guys are taking good care of whoever is shooting these riding videos, and editing them. because dam, pretty impressive.
Clarence Snyder Jr
Clarence Snyder Jr 8 måneder siden
Awesome content CboysTV puts out btw always watch your videos and when I get paid I’ll definitely search your merch for a good helmet
Clarence Snyder Jr
Clarence Snyder Jr 8 måneder siden
I have a 2016 Polaris Switchback Pro-S, and it gets to 30 MPH then shuts off any idea what’s wrong?
Cody Sheppard
Cody Sheppard 8 måneder siden
Jakes got a hardhead if he dented the sled deck
Supremeclips _
Supremeclips _ 8 måneder siden
What kind of can was on the light blue polaris
From the Mountains to the praries
From the Mountains to the praries 8 måneder siden
I have watched this a dozen times now... jake taking that pony tail off and face planting the snow is hilarious
Rabbit Fanatic
Rabbit Fanatic 8 måneder siden
Live in Jackson lol
POW Rider
POW Rider 8 måneder siden
Any real ogs remember when sahen skinner got started in the schooled videos?
Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels 8 måneder siden
I love the ponytail
Chase Lamarsh
Chase Lamarsh 8 måneder siden
What kind of cans are on the yellow/gold one and the sled jake is riding
AkaSoggyBunz 8 måneder siden
You Boyz are living my dream! keep it up!
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Thanks bro!
Joey Minet
Joey Minet 8 måneder siden
Looks like a lot of fun
Moto Squid
Moto Squid 8 måneder siden
I’m beginning to thing to meaning of snowmobiling is to just yeet yourself sideways seems dope 😂
Ryan Dwyer
Ryan Dwyer 8 måneder siden
if you want ads on a polaris sponsored c-boys video, you better bet they're an arctic cat one...
Billy stalford Stalford
Billy stalford Stalford 8 måneder siden
Keep the ponytail
Owen KH
Owen KH 8 måneder siden
Tampa Boys Customs
Tampa Boys Customs 8 måneder siden
What a blast I wish I could go ride a snow mobile never been on one looks like a fun ride. You guys rock thanks for everything
Cooper Taylor
Cooper Taylor 8 måneder siden
“Keep it going Jack” who is Jack?
Trx Power
Trx Power 8 måneder siden
Instead of jake getting another ds450 he should get a trx450r that be a cool thing to see on this channel!
Eli Erickson
Eli Erickson 8 måneder siden
why dont you have eny more blue, red, and white life wide open hoodies
Cashton Hamilton
Cashton Hamilton 8 måneder siden
Hey cboys love your videos keep it bangin
Drew Nelson
Drew Nelson 8 måneder siden
Bring the intro back!
Hudson Bradshaw
Hudson Bradshaw 8 måneder siden
Yo you guys are awesome🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Bmx bro
Bmx bro 8 måneder siden
Yours vids are the best keep goin
Travis West
Travis West 8 måneder siden
That Polaris BOG though
CloverleafCattleCo 8 måneder siden
What’s the song in the intro playing in the background
melissa rose
melissa rose 8 måneder siden
this is random but did jake and brooke breakup? bc I’ve been lowkey noticing it on insta
Lars Carlson
Lars Carlson 8 måneder siden
Say hi to Lars ay 12:42
James Van Zant
James Van Zant 8 måneder siden
Michac = Chipmunk
Logan Smestad
Logan Smestad 8 måneder siden
Come to water cross in Grantsburg
Pascal Robert - Rc Creations
Pascal Robert - Rc Creations 8 måneder siden
Idk if every video you make is like this one, but if it is, you just got +1 sub from me :P
Joseph Bosse
Joseph Bosse 8 måneder siden
When are the bangin shields coming back?
Judah Lane
Judah Lane 8 måneder siden
The video is about a 2021 Polaris snowmobile and I get an add for a 2021 arctic cat snowmobile🤣🤣🤣
tjc1ny 8 måneder siden
We needed this!
steve a
steve a 8 måneder siden
Awesome video!
Full Send Junkyard
Full Send Junkyard 8 måneder siden
Did Justin stop being a cboy
Anthony Brickham
Anthony Brickham 8 måneder siden
You can hear Jake's neck pop lol
DAYTON DAVIS 8 måneder siden
By the way, Thank you guys SO much for doing these giveaways!! I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is, I can't wait to congratulate them!!
Gray Boys
Gray Boys 8 måneder siden
Hell yea boys!! That’s was sick!!
Jackson Welch
Jackson Welch 8 måneder siden
Where has Justin been? He hasn’t been in a video in so long
Joeybob888 8 måneder siden
7:14 typical polaris my 2020 does that same bogging sh*t. I get DET (detention) codes and my dealer just beats around the bush pretends like they cant fix it
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster 8 måneder siden
Omg no way.......more snowmobile content.....
GRIZZLY -BEAR -1K24 Miles 8 måneder siden
We need the pony tail back
Nick537 8 måneder siden
Oddly enough i got like 6 Arctic Cat commercials through this video lol
DAYTON DAVIS 8 måneder siden
I can't wait for the giveaway. I'm crossing my fingers. I bought myself a new phone case for my new phone and can't wait to get it!!
Matthew Beito
Matthew Beito 8 måneder siden
Times sure do change. I used to ride unreleased Arctic Cats from the engineering shop. They had plates on them too. Id catch hell if anyone opened the hood or anything. Hell half of them had the hoods bolted on so they couldnt come off. My favorite was the test mule for the 98 ZR600 cuz it was in a 97 ZR440 chassis. I had the whole crew thinking that AC had a bad motherfucker for the 440 class for 98 haha.
gavin 8 måneder siden
you should put names on the go pro clips and stuff so we know who we're watching
andrew Voegtle
andrew Voegtle 8 måneder siden
Cboys is done. They’re old videos were so much better. Now with the sponsorships it’s just all repetitive
Corbin Unruh
Corbin Unruh 8 måneder siden
U guys should team up with ostacruiser
Corbin Unruh
Corbin Unruh 8 måneder siden
Gay he darn ponytail off
Srp Hockey
Srp Hockey 8 måneder siden
Nice vid loving it
Wyatt Wilson
Wyatt Wilson 8 måneder siden
That neck crack was satisfying
B Molleur
B Molleur 8 måneder siden
damn boys why you gotta do all those new sleds like that !! need some butter for all those rolls
Cross SQUAD 8 måneder siden
Hey guys like I said earlier great video you guys are awesome. I got to thinking about something how cool it would be if my 9 year old son got a shout out from you guys like the whole group. His name is Carson Cross he watches you guys religiously always looking for the newest videos you guys put out. I think if he where to watch one of your videos with a shout out to him he would go nuts.. anyway think about it let me know what you think. Thanks for your time
Cross SQUAD 8 måneder siden
@CboysTV hey guys i had him read your message not knowing what I had talked to you about and hes wicked excited you responded. Thanks that truly meant alot to us Especially him. You guys rock thank you so much 👍👍👍👍👍
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
That’s awesome tell Carson thank you from all the guys and we’re stoked he enjoys the videos 😎
Ryder McFarlane
Ryder McFarlane 8 måneder siden
the pony tail is awesome
gavinfisherisawesome 8 måneder siden
Really only 315 comments
Peyton Routhier
Peyton Routhier 8 måneder siden
hey you guys make me laugh.I love you guys you guys get me threw the rough times because when my dad died I went and wached you guys right away and i got to thank you love you guys: peyton boy
Joshua Rosado
Joshua Rosado 8 måneder siden
Tell him if I can have a snowmobile
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This snow was TOO DEEP!!
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