Vintage Snowmobile Race!! (Our sled broke)

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Vintage Snowmobile Race!! (Our sled broke)
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In Today’s Episode the boys head back to ERX Motorpark to meet up with Andrew Carlson for a Vintage Snowmobile Race. Andrew picked us up a 1972 Arctic Cat 340 1 lunger. We put the old sled through it’s paces and it really started to fall apart halfway through the Race. When the pull cord snapped off on the last leg of the race it was time for us to call it quits. We then head home to announce the winner of the turbo 850 snowmobile!!
Congratulations Ben Girodat!!
509 x CboysTV Meet up/Ride out
Meet at Park View Lodge in Toivola Michigan
Ride to Houghton Michigan.
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1% b0tty
1% b0tty 3 timer siden
you just gotta send it!
not so cool kid
not so cool kid 3 dager siden
JuSt GoNnA sEnD iT
Joey Ryan
Joey Ryan 4 dager siden
i knew ryan was coming iut when he was wearing a ski doo hoodie
RUSL TOWEL 9 dager siden
whats the name of the song in this video please someone !
KateRob Steele
KateRob Steele 17 dager siden
Y doe this not have more likes
Louis-Thomas Tremblay
Louis-Thomas Tremblay 19 dager siden
lol i imagine Larry Enticer
Koen Boonstra
Koen Boonstra 20 dager siden
8:04. 8:29
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 21 dag siden
Sub to me at Jordan brown
Soran 26 dager siden
Sucks i couldn't go would have loved to meet you guys i actually know someone who knows you guys and has talked to yall
Soran 26 dager siden
That erx is literally right down the highway from my house if thats the one in elkriver I think I saw that event
JoePilman69 Måned siden
Us poor snowmobile riders in wisco thats just a normal race for us.. i got an 87 polaris indy trail she rips.
Logan Allison
Logan Allison Måned siden
drinks red bull in a rockstar helmet.
Jony yyy
Jony yyy Måned siden
They needed a 377
William Tipton
William Tipton 2 måneder siden
You guys was at eagle river swap a month ago?
Rippin N' Slippin
Rippin N' Slippin 2 måneder siden
I live in Michigan
logan scott
logan scott 2 måneder siden
Those sleds arnt even that old
Benjamin Salzwedel
Benjamin Salzwedel 3 måneder siden
Just get bungee cords or a ratchet strap to hold it down
caleb olson
caleb olson 5 måneder siden
i saw this and i didd'nt know you guys were there
Ben Whitney
Ben Whitney 5 måneder siden
3:43 i need to know what song that is i tried to find it but i can't plz help
Chevy Corcoran
Chevy Corcoran 6 måneder siden
These are the snowmobiles I have to drive not those Brand new snowmobiles I have to drive a 1980 ski doo citation
chute mi#2076
chute mi#2076 6 måneder siden
“Haha you silly, I’m still gonna SeNd lT”
Vintage Snowmobile Kid
Vintage Snowmobile Kid 6 måneder siden
I have a video of you guys on my channel
Mason Lewis
Mason Lewis 6 måneder siden
Imagine 30 years from now they are using Polaris chaos sleds
Will Ferguson
Will Ferguson 7 måneder siden
Mika don’t do nothing wrong and y’all mess with him so much 😂
Daniel Hansen
Daniel Hansen 7 måneder siden
How much for Ryan’s ski doo sweater
AFI technicalities
AFI technicalities 8 måneder siden
I want to see you guys do a 1983 srv 540 !!! Do it!!! Best 500$ or get a hold of me use mine for video
Colton Mattinson
Colton Mattinson 9 måneder siden
Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller 9 måneder siden
good then I dont even gata watch it. I already know what happens.
johnnyshd 9 måneder siden
This was good. Great bunch of guys. LMAO !!!
shelovesdrxke 9 måneder siden
Go to 7:59 you’re welcome... could be a new meme
Jack Outdoors
Jack Outdoors 9 måneder siden
Hey guys I have a 1963 and 1971 snowmobile for sale. $1200 for both. Reply if interested
Charles Bigwood
Charles Bigwood 9 måneder siden
I was park ed by you guys and I DIDNT NOTICE!!! ARGGHHHHHHHH
AJ YEET 9 måneder siden
Bro that's all I rode when I was like 8 but a little newer
Metheous Miracle
Metheous Miracle 9 måneder siden
Liked the video for the "thats it i guess ,i dont fuckin know" LMFAOOO
Dirtbiker20054232 9 måneder siden
Does anyone else notice the zr1 in the background
Joe Johnson - Feeney
Joe Johnson - Feeney 9 måneder siden
Bruh's what brand of sled where y'all riding. To me it looked like an ol scorpion from back in the day lol
Corbin Unruh
Corbin Unruh 9 måneder siden
I think MY rockstar helmet is nicer than Jakes lol
Ricky Hollister
Ricky Hollister 9 måneder siden
No way I live in Houghton lake
Dunn#151 9 måneder siden
You guys should meet up with Cleetus McFarland and let Jake drag race! 🤘
Bmx bro
Bmx bro 9 måneder siden
Your vids are the best 🔥🔥🔥 hope you make some more your the best Chanel I know I love snowmobiling
BRETT CARLOW 9 måneder siden
2:49 what is the thing infront of the badass trophy truck lol
Luke Schlosser
Luke Schlosser 9 måneder siden
More vintage Races?
Chasse Downing
Chasse Downing 9 måneder siden
Hey do you guys have any of them life wide open sweatshirts on your clothes page the ones that are red whit and blue
Kenyen Jeffers
Kenyen Jeffers 10 måneder siden
@cboystv you guys should get rc cars and trucks
Justyn Fox
Justyn Fox 10 måneder siden
How do I get a hat with ear flaps like jake?
Antwon M
Antwon M 10 måneder siden
I just met y’all at McDonald’s the pineapple mango smoothie and the strawberry banana smoothie
Anonymous Ranter
Anonymous Ranter 10 måneder siden
"Ooh I'm Ben too!" ~ Ben 06/02/2020
Memorexkiller 10 måneder siden
Awesome video! How much did ya make off the giveaway this time round ?
Jackson Rafferty
Jackson Rafferty 10 måneder siden
Can you come snowmobile in Colorado
NATHANIEL RESCH 10 måneder siden
upload AT LEAST 3 times a week we all need more content
mateo must
mateo must 10 måneder siden
yo i love the videos bin here sines 2016 day one i was 9 years old and now i am 13 i love you guys have got me thro some ruff times and i just wanted to say i love you guys ,what happened to the two vids a week - you guys should have 3mill by now
Alex Quintana Vega
Alex Quintana Vega 10 måneder siden
I might Buy a 4 wheelier what should i get
supermoto sessions
supermoto sessions 10 måneder siden
Is Benny a mini g reg
Gavin Doubrava
Gavin Doubrava 10 måneder siden
Is it just me, or is there a Polaris Ace in the background @ 14:32?
Tag Noland
Tag Noland 10 måneder siden
Who’s kawi is that At 16:20
Cheyanne Liddle
Cheyanne Liddle 10 måneder siden
There is a razor in the back round
Owen KH
Owen KH 10 måneder siden
Who’s Kawasaki dirt bike is in the background
Melisa Cress
Melisa Cress 10 måneder siden
I live in Michigan
Devon Thiessen
Devon Thiessen 10 måneder siden
you should make more videos
821 Productions
821 Productions 10 måneder siden
See you boys tomorrow
Michael Austin
Michael Austin 10 måneder siden
That artic cat suit is dope
Michael Austin
Michael Austin 10 måneder siden
Polaris is ok with ryguys sweatshirt?
Jayce Eckert
Jayce Eckert 10 måneder siden
You guys NEED to come to the Lower peninsula fr fr. Come to Gaylord and Ill ride lol
themoos420 10 måneder siden
David Helt
David Helt 10 måneder siden
Jack needs a trophy truck
Bradley Lyles
Bradley Lyles 10 måneder siden
I think thats the most fun Ken has ever had in a video
The Singletrack Shack
The Singletrack Shack 10 måneder siden
Where did you get that super sick orange snow coat??
J.R. V
J.R. V 10 måneder siden
I have never owned an atv and me and my cousin are talking about how sick it would be to own one
rider383 10 måneder siden
i live in mi
TNT ADVENTURES 10 måneder siden
Hahahaha good times. That think was mint. Cheers dudes
Cory Huggard
Cory Huggard 10 måneder siden
That short course truck is sick! You do realize Jake could build his ranger similar to one of those for like 10k. Just an idea??
JJ_MX 10 måneder siden
I put on 750 miles while snowmobiling in 2 days in Michigan and one day I went from Kalkaska, looped down and around to Grayling, and from Grayling I went to the Mackinaw Bridge and back to Kalkaska
Dan Meszaros
Dan Meszaros 10 måneder siden
holy shit youre doing a meet up right by me!! dude im totally going. are we riding?
Kendall Erwin
Kendall Erwin 10 måneder siden
They should of just brought the big snowmobiles
Mower Trend
Mower Trend 10 måneder siden
Wish I could go to the meat but it's in the up which is 10hr away from me and I don't have a snowmobile
Lil Broomstick
Lil Broomstick 10 måneder siden
Feb 8th is my birthday!
Jordan Hoffmann
Jordan Hoffmann 10 måneder siden
I just saw you guys in superior Wisconsin
Caleb Wiitanen
Caleb Wiitanen 10 måneder siden
I live in Houghton
Carson Beal
Carson Beal 10 måneder siden
Larry enticed would be proud
Roy Nelson
Roy Nelson 10 måneder siden
Congratulations on winning the sled pimpin's. These dudes are really straight up good people. Some of the best videos ever on NOpost great friends and family The channel was meant for everybody. I just recently subscribed myself. Y'all rock man.👍👍👍👍👊👊
Tyler McCullough
Tyler McCullough 10 måneder siden
Good to see there's a Kawi in the shop now
Brock Fletcher
Brock Fletcher 10 måneder siden
So when’s the vid coming out about the rs1
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 10 måneder siden
Aidan Bridgers
Aidan Bridgers 10 måneder siden
Did y’all see the Polaris in the background🤯🤯
Mike n
Mike n 10 måneder siden
Those are the sleds I grew up on
SLED New England
SLED New England 10 måneder siden
You guys need to do this again next year. Get a sled and get that thing modified before the race.
Lthekid 10 måneder siden
This video made me laugh so fucking hard 😂
Michael Z
Michael Z 10 måneder siden
whose kawi is in the back at @16.23?
FISHING WITH FINESSE 10 måneder siden
not winning hurts even more seeing it a second time
DJ Combs
DJ Combs 10 måneder siden
Hell yeah, keep the giveaways going 🤘🏻🤘🏻❄️⛄️⛄️
AndrewHibma 10 måneder siden
12:40 jakes foot clap had me dead 😂😂😂😂 there’s the pros taking it so serious, then there’s Jake doing stunts on the loudest piece of junk ever 😂😂
Chris Outdoors
Chris Outdoors 10 måneder siden
The snowmobile sounds like old push mower
Jesse Barta
Jesse Barta 10 måneder siden
No footage of the show? Lots of great sleds this year!
doug's motorsports
doug's motorsports 10 måneder siden
Damnnnn just picked up a 2000 artic cat zr600 and I’m from Kalamazoo Michigan ..... my wife’s grandma has a house on houghton lake..... just had the sled drags last weekend
Samuel Cavitch
Samuel Cavitch 10 måneder siden
Who’s rzr is that In Your shop
Hunter Carpenter
Hunter Carpenter 10 måneder siden
do more videos like this
Kyle Alsaker
Kyle Alsaker 10 måneder siden
This videos are great and all but I miss the old videos
Motocrossrider Jake
Motocrossrider Jake 10 måneder siden
Who else literally replayed 20 times the water smacking Micahs face 😂😂😂😂
Wyatt Messersmith
Wyatt Messersmith 10 måneder siden
Yo can I please come hang out with you guys for my birthday I love you guys
Carson Unruh
Carson Unruh 10 måneder siden
I wish I could come snowmobiling with u but I live way out in Saskatchewan Canada!
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