Building Backyard Pit Bike Track!!

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In todays video, we rent a bulldozer and begin our backyard dirt bike track build! We had absolutely no idea what we were doing and have never drove a dozer before but Ben stepped up to the plate and was able to learn very quickly! Within the next 9 hours and some help from our friend Kody! We had a pit bike track built! The track still needs to be fine tuned with a skid steer and be disked but it was ride able so we tested it out with Bens crf 450 which was way to big to ride this track and our Polaris RZR RS1 which is absolutely perfect for this track! The track came out perfect when it comes to flow! We are all gonna need to get our hands on some pit bikes soon!! Later we surprise Ken with a new exhaust system! And we install some heretic Lights and light bars on our Polaris Rzr!

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Building Pit Bike Track in Backyard!!
Building Backyard Pit Bike Track!!
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CboysTV 5 måneder siden
Lit boy#08 Short
Lit boy#08 Short 2 måneder siden
You should do a video which the deagans
Chris Renfroe
Chris Renfroe 5 måneder siden
CboysTV I love you
Jeff Stiles
Jeff Stiles 5 måneder siden
Where is zack???
Max the animial
Max the animial 5 måneder siden
@cboys i got a 2002 klx 110 for sale for 1000
westside life
westside life 5 måneder siden
@Spineshot25 I'm just going to stop watching them ,delete gone out off here I'm going to send there stuff back lol
Gage Kieffer
Gage Kieffer 3 dager siden
I like you guys's videos I watch them all the time it be so fun if I could take my dirt bike includes around and really on that track 😂😂😂😎😎🤣🤣😄😄🤙🤙
Gage Kieffer
Gage Kieffer 3 dager siden
Goodwill Ben stay like that and have a second job bulldozing cuz if he is I can tell you one thing quit chewing chewing the back I'm trying to stay off of it as much as I can quit addicting me
Gage Kieffer
Gage Kieffer 3 dager siden
You are so whit😭😭
Freak Nation
Freak Nation 17 dager siden
I was kinda impressed with ben driving this thing
Wyatt Braker
Wyatt Braker 20 dager siden
you guys need to but a skid steer
Dead shot gaming
Dead shot gaming 24 dager siden
14:34 Normal people: 1 Flat earthers: 0
Jordan Cardinal
Jordan Cardinal 27 dager siden
To make something smooth with a dozer you gotta put the blade down 2" lower than the tracks and drive backwards for a compact smooth finish. Capable of being rutted by a 4x4 or a dirt bike.
907 Diesel Performance
907 Diesel Performance Måned siden
As a heavy equipment mechanic, I can confirm dozers are easy as hell to operate
RaiN Double
RaiN Double Måned siden
You should jump the bowl dozer
Carson Vlogs
Carson Vlogs Måned siden
What is your rzr
Jacob Azotini
Jacob Azotini Måned siden
wait how do u know what piss tastes like ????????????????????????????????
Roger Davis
Roger Davis Måned siden
(Drinks mtn dew) “ahh tastes like piss”. The most accurate thing in the world
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer 2 måneder siden
I have a ttr 110
Anna Hyatt
Anna Hyatt 2 måneder siden
Did any of you other Canadian girls melt everything time been said “you Canadian beauty’s”🥺 ahha
bennett hanson
bennett hanson 2 måneder siden
you should rid a pedal bike on the track
Keon Washington
Keon Washington 3 måneder siden
Honda 110cc
Keon Washington
Keon Washington 3 måneder siden
I have a 110
Joebo 04
Joebo 04 3 måneder siden
Ben mic’d up😂
Edward Grant
Edward Grant 3 måneder siden
Late as fuck but shout tf out to you guys, no channels include Canada in their merch
bubbles75 3 måneder siden
Bro you should go to Australia 🇦🇺
V1sion 3 måneder siden
If you guys want a 110 ssr I got one that I could sell to you guy’s
joey Howard
joey Howard 3 måneder siden
Tricia Worm
Tricia Worm 4 måneder siden
What is the title of that song in the intro
KJ MUDGE 4 måneder siden
It's hard to make a pit bike track if you sell your pit bike
Ruben 24
Ruben 24 4 måneder siden
I have a 110 but I live in New Mexico
Pitcher3434 4 måneder siden
you should make a playlist of the intro songs :) please and thank you
Ashton Holt35
Ashton Holt35 4 måneder siden
The track looks like a helmet
23noah schlueter
23noah schlueter 4 måneder siden
Daniel Mansfield
Daniel Mansfield 4 måneder siden
These guys need more subscribers
cucumber 4 måneder siden
That how much lights my moms truck has
Shelby Eggum
Shelby Eggum 4 måneder siden
You guys are great. Huge help when I'm down and missing Minnesota during this deployment
Noah Bledsoe
Noah Bledsoe 4 måneder siden
What about go carts on the track
Haley 4 måneder siden
Can someone tell me what’s the song called on the intro
Junior Chornoby
Junior Chornoby 4 måneder siden
Canadian 👌🏾👍🏾🤙🏽🤙🏽
Chelsie Kreun
Chelsie Kreun 4 måneder siden
get a trx 450
Chris Curran
Chris Curran 4 måneder siden
i’m selling my 2018 ktm 85 if you want but i’m i. jersey
Jordan Macintyre
Jordan Macintyre 5 måneder siden
I want a dirt bike so bad but I don’t have a job what should I do to get money for it
Jonte Berglund
Jonte Berglund 5 måneder siden
hahaha where are u guys from? did ben take a snus? thats like a real constructionworker in sweden xD
Kaleb Greenup
Kaleb Greenup 5 måneder siden
Bring back the life wide open flagggg
MistaSteezy22 5 måneder siden
Intro song!?!?
Massey 5 måneder siden
Cant u guys buy a tractor with front loader
Brady Saint
Brady Saint 5 måneder siden
Cboys x sxsblog x cleeter ??? Would love to see it. Keep up the great work boys!
Riding with Kyle
Riding with Kyle 5 måneder siden
What is the intro music called
The 603boys
The 603boys 5 måneder siden
Actually sxs vlogs has the fastest rs1
Mason Thomas
Mason Thomas 5 måneder siden
“2birds stoned at one time” 😂😂 I think that’s backwards bud
O L L I 5 måneder siden
Intro song?
brandon kelsey
brandon kelsey 5 måneder siden
When you guys dropping the new vid it’s already Thursday now
jacob van halteren
jacob van halteren 5 måneder siden
15:45 Your have to get it so you can double that on a big bike
Kyle David
Kyle David 5 måneder siden
Love the Canadian merch!!! Thanks for thinking of us even though are leader is a pussy does not mean we all are remembering that is crucial!!!!
Konnor Coffey 36
Konnor Coffey 36 5 måneder siden
Like charge 10 dollars
Konnor Coffey 36
Konnor Coffey 36 5 måneder siden
Now a four wheeler track and then a big dirt bike track I’ll come ride there for 10 dollars
jenfederico 5 måneder siden
ever think of making video's dayly
Owen Mc Cann
Owen Mc Cann 5 måneder siden
Anyone tell me the song??
RPF Garage
RPF Garage 5 måneder siden
yall got it all wrong... Labor= energy drink and nicotine
Logan verel
Logan verel 5 måneder siden
I wish I had a dirt bike but I can’t my dad don’t work and my mom is the only one that works so we have not much money
Blake Hogan aka Outlaw Jr
Blake Hogan aka Outlaw Jr 5 måneder siden
You a copy cat brayden price did it 1st
Trevor Foertsch
Trevor Foertsch 5 måneder siden
Restock. Plz
Lucas Elliott
Lucas Elliott 5 måneder siden
Where is the vid?
FBR Films
FBR Films 5 måneder siden
Intro song?
Extrox Forest
Extrox Forest 5 måneder siden
This is 𝘀𝗶𝗰𝗸
Real UP North
Real UP North 5 måneder siden
Just accept that these’s boys need 1 million subs because they deserve it🇺🇸
Shackal 5 måneder siden
Guys, if i got Divo and Hoonigan Porshe from you. You are the best guys Ever.
XxItsPizzaXx 5 måneder siden
Ahh love the way they make fun of the hard working construction workers and scum
James Miller
James Miller 5 måneder siden
CBOYS I love y’all videos y’all inspired me to ride dirt bikes again keep up the good work I hope y’all will text me back that would mean a lot to me.
Jj Bb
Jj Bb 5 måneder siden
Its sad that one of you guys are gonna have to cross over to the other side one day but hopefully no time soon
The Brody channel #1
The Brody channel #1 5 måneder siden
You should get a roof for the rs1
Brody Matthias
Brody Matthias 5 måneder siden
What's the new videos Tuesday
Matais Eastabrook
Matais Eastabrook 5 måneder siden
Guys I really want a qaud Bc I’m good at riding but I don’t have a qaud and I want to race
Aiden _
Aiden _ 5 måneder siden
You guys should go to silver lake sand dunes
Bas bzb
Bas bzb 5 måneder siden
Do you ship to europe? Especially the netherlands
Shred Lane
Shred Lane 5 måneder siden
I've got a klx110 for sale
Cowboy Clayton
Cowboy Clayton 5 måneder siden
When you get a lawnmower for the shop easy quad unload it
tjhaney 8
tjhaney 8 5 måneder siden
get some 65s instead of a 110
Aidan Autry
Aidan Autry 5 måneder siden
Hey cboys I got a 2017 Honda 110 runs and American flag graphics for sale
Kawiman 88
Kawiman 88 5 måneder siden
Gotta get a skid steer
bryce moubray
bryce moubray 5 måneder siden
facts when i worked construction i either drank mountain dew or water
Owen Noble
Owen Noble 5 måneder siden
Ben dips
xxTHARSHERxx YT 5 måneder siden
How does he know what piss tastes like haha
xxTHARSHERxx YT 5 måneder siden
Happy birth day
Give Me High Five
Give Me High Five 5 måneder siden
Hello I just ordered a sweat shirt and can't wait to get to get it in the mail!!
MrDoc 5 måneder siden
Can someone tell me the video name where ben eats shit on the one wheel coming out of c store
Kate Binnie
Kate Binnie 5 måneder siden
Why do you go so slow?!?
Ahmed Alshehhi
Ahmed Alshehhi 5 måneder siden
Why you didn’t post any videos
Clayj4138 5 måneder siden
Tried to cop some merch and it’s all sold out😤
landon kellar555
landon kellar555 5 måneder siden
Maliboost 5 måneder siden
Get a XR80R, has a clutch and real swingarm.
TheMotocross24 5 måneder siden
Cool vid you should get some 2 strokes
Erin K.
Erin K. 5 måneder siden
Next vehicle is a paramoter look em up
A&E Outdoorsmen
A&E Outdoorsmen 5 måneder siden
I’m so confused on where he went??????
Matt St Pierre
Matt St Pierre 5 måneder siden
What song is the intro
Easton Kendall
Easton Kendall 5 måneder siden
And I'm now and I started driving I would like 7
Easton Kendall
Easton Kendall 5 måneder siden
I know how to drive everything on a farm plus a bulldozer in trackhoe
Alex Poindexter
Alex Poindexter 5 måneder siden
Y’all should get 150 rbfof that track
Colton Spiegelhoff
Colton Spiegelhoff 5 måneder siden
They march is so good and I want to get it really bad but it’s all sold out or I have it
Dumb stuff DIY
Dumb stuff DIY 5 måneder siden
“So we’re just gonna get two birds stoned” Ben 2020
Tyler Binkowski
Tyler Binkowski 3 måneder siden
Alex Perron
Alex Perron 5 måneder siden
What’s the song in the intro?
M&M Guy
M&M Guy 5 måneder siden
What’s the best non sport quad to get example Honda. Edit: I love your vids 😃
Dag Resanovic
Dag Resanovic 5 måneder siden
I can't order a t shirt becuse ima in croatia europe can you make it happen for the next drop ,i don't care about being entered for the giveaway.Thanks.
Corbin Messina
Corbin Messina 5 måneder siden
Come to Boise!!!
Reckless TV
Reckless TV 5 måneder siden
i think they should have installed the pod lights underneath the body to have undercarriage lights
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