Drift Sleeves on Smart Car!! (It worked)

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2 måneder siden

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In todays video, we buy a used limo with 44,000 miles on it for $3,500. Later we install PVC pipe around the tires of a Smart Car so that it can drift and it works!

CboysTV 2 måneder siden
Best subscribers on NOpost. Thank you guys so much 🤘🏻
Amanda Thompson Let’s Praying Together
Amanda Thompson Let’s Praying Together Måned siden
You are the best
Nevin P
Nevin P Måned siden
@Spencer Monroe yes
Is It storm
Is It storm Måned siden
11:27 they play rocket league
All She Knows
All She Knows Måned siden
Seems so wrong the way that went down,glad y’all staying strong anyway the show must go on!yall r great group!
All She Knows
All She Knows Måned siden
Sorry that he basically spit on the whole group that’s not how he shoulda went seems so wrong
Dane Smith
Dane Smith Dag siden
I jumped so hard when they hit the soccer ball with the limo
Tyler Arms
Tyler Arms 6 dager siden
I think Ryan skipped leg day
Victor Rost
Victor Rost 6 dager siden
when you realist you watcht them talk fore 7:28
Claire Mcpherson
Claire Mcpherson 6 dager siden
This is good stuff I'm loving This
yung splashhh
yung splashhh 8 dager siden
he tryina boss up on yall
John Probst
John Probst 9 dager siden
I was crying watching this video
EthanCrichton7 9 dager siden
At the beginning ken looks baked
country boy 05
country boy 05 10 dager siden
Love how professional they were about that.
Gabe Williams
Gabe Williams 11 dager siden
All these dudes wearing ankle socks makes me uncomfortable
caitlin colehouse
caitlin colehouse 12 dager siden
Dumb af that i had to skip 16 min in just to see what you advertised on your video title/thumbnail
The Flip Wizards
The Flip Wizards 11 dager siden
Chill bro
Random Interests
Random Interests 15 dager siden
You know, I would not mind to become part of the Cboys 🤣🤣
cherm Hermosilla
cherm Hermosilla 15 dager siden
If u guys ever played gta5 its like drifting the smart car in the game
Christopher Card
Christopher Card 16 dager siden
you guys should put drift sleeves on the limo
Nicky Wilson
Nicky Wilson 17 dager siden
Put drift sleeves on limo
Sam Slayton
Sam Slayton 19 dager siden
I wish I could join
Mincraft225 20 dager siden
4:17 look at Mika’s face
svensss elksns
svensss elksns 26 dager siden
Why dose the smart car sound good?
DrakeDracoDragon89 28 dager siden
Biggest breakup since the Jonas Brothers.
CboysTV 28 dager siden
Mikolaj Rychlicki
Mikolaj Rychlicki 29 dager siden
We didn’t wanna say something that we might regwet
Jude B
Jude B Måned siden
Will you still hang out with Kody
The Apokolaps
The Apokolaps Måned siden
You should buy an UV-light.
Steven Rivera
Steven Rivera Måned siden
That is a link of your suspention,spings whatever u wanna call it
lgable06 Måned siden
we didn't want to say something we might regwet, Ken 2020
Kash White
Kash White Måned siden
Put slicks on all fours
Carson Evans
Carson Evans Måned siden
Why’d he leave (I didn’t watch the story)
Matthew strunk
Matthew strunk Måned siden
Shit content waited 15 minutes just to get to the title of the video good lord
xx wasted youth
xx wasted youth Måned siden
The spring broke 🤣🤣
Kimberly Freer
Kimberly Freer Måned siden
You should the the front and back wheels
Joshua Spencer
Joshua Spencer Måned siden
How do they not have 1 mil yet
tijus puzonas
tijus puzonas Måned siden
Does he have a NOpost channel
Micah Belt
Micah Belt Måned siden
Is no one going to talk about how he stood that cone up at 18:10 ?
Dank Memes Guy
Dank Memes Guy Måned siden
7:27 to skip the story your welcome
Liam Henry
Liam Henry Måned siden
What is his channel
simeon longchap
simeon longchap Måned siden
yes your own nee lemo that won’t last long lol
redneck surviver
redneck surviver Måned siden
This is my old truck I built and but the liners and stickers and the spray paint saying white trash the dash says love fake and it has a bong on the driver side vizier and a Campbells skull suit cam right below the shifter
Jay J
Jay J Måned siden
Lift the limo and put a huge roof rack to carry bike on it lol
Joseph P
Joseph P Måned siden
Do this on a Front wheel drive. different results
Kade McPherson
Kade McPherson Måned siden
Franz Måned siden
cool channel, the video starts at 14 minutes
Tsp UwU
Tsp UwU Måned siden
no hate but who is jake again ik he said its baggin baby but i cant picture his face.
Alex Weinheimer
Alex Weinheimer Måned siden
17:14 will get you to the stuff
Kirsty O'kane
Kirsty O'kane Måned siden
What’s his channel
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong Måned siden
15:30 your welcome
huntergamezz Måned siden
Drift the limo
Joshua Makalea
Joshua Makalea Måned siden
just like if you are pist off
Tyler Måned siden
i always have six million thots on my brain
Nate Dechamplain
Nate Dechamplain Måned siden
That u pice that came off the car is what I'm sure is a u joint that holds the leaf spring in place. But it doesn't matter car is dead
Bram Dreams
Bram Dreams Måned siden
Easier way to skip here 7:27
Jac Gordon
Jac Gordon Måned siden
At least you guys are still friends
Leon kukułka
Leon kukułka Måned siden
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Make Kody a CBoy!!!!!!!!!!
Live_ chodd
Live_ chodd Måned siden
Who’s gonna be the full sender, Ben?🥺😢🥺😢
Mark Swan
Mark Swan Måned siden
Bro your videos are so good/lit
Xpotato Yessir
Xpotato Yessir Måned siden
People who skipped are a bad person
Cameron Pleyz
Cameron Pleyz Måned siden
Yoooo 7:12
BIG BLUE Måned siden
7:20 if that helps
Reid Russell
Reid Russell Måned siden
I did not like him anyway
Rogaland Gruppen
Rogaland Gruppen Måned siden
yo put drift sleeves on the atv raptors that will be so cool
All She Knows
All She Knows Måned siden
Wow that’s disappointing that’s not how u treat ur boys ur business partners after everything they voted and he ran,glad y’all decided to keep it authentic because it ruins lots of good channels to go that route I hate when it becomes super scripted planned is good but scripted,yuck ruins it
All She Knows
All She Knows Måned siden
3500 wow damn ... cool 😎 lol
Mitchell Cherovsky
Mitchell Cherovsky Måned siden
What u need to ask him to join again because I am mad
William LaSalle
William LaSalle Måned siden
Can you say this on camera? when will you have a camel mens small sweater? And can you sign my sweater?
Weston Arndt
Weston Arndt 2 måneder siden
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I miss you Jake
Weston Arndt
Weston Arndt 2 måneder siden
I really really really really want his Mustang it was so cool
Weston Arndt
Weston Arndt 2 måneder siden
I really love your Mustang
Apsentcool 27460
Apsentcool 27460 2 måneder siden
I mean jake
Fin S
Fin S 2 måneder siden
I’m gone for 4 months, 4 MONTHS and this happens holy fuck I didn’t think that much would have changed jeez. Hope you all and jake are ok keep up the good work guys
Apsentcool 27460
Apsentcool 27460 2 måneder siden
Jack was my favorite
Ca'mari Cherisma
Ca'mari Cherisma 2 måneder siden
Yall had me in my room crying my mom couldent understand why i was crying i feel sooo bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dominick T
Dominick T 2 måneder siden
jake made the channell what it is and you guys wernt paying him enough
Caiden Elliott
Caiden Elliott 2 måneder siden
U shuld go to holding ford mn
Caolan Leonard
Caolan Leonard 2 måneder siden
Sorry but I’m gonna go too because he was like the reason I was here
Codey Boyd
Codey Boyd 2 måneder siden
btw you should put monster truck wheels on the limo
EverythingFletcher 2 måneder siden
Only had to skip @15:00 for boring content. Sawdust stretched clickbait.
Brayden Rath
Brayden Rath 2 måneder siden
What is jakes chanel
trizz is savage
trizz is savage 2 måneder siden
Bruh y’all made it seem like he died😭💀
Drugy_adam 2 måneder siden
Does Jake have a NOpost ?
Chief BullKicker
Chief BullKicker 2 måneder siden
The only reason I subscribed to cboyz tv is cause I felt like I could relate to his energy level. If y’all find his channel lemme know
Eric Boodram
Eric Boodram 2 måneder siden
I like c boys a lot but jake was defiantly the biggest asset to this channel none of you guys are near as crazy or as ballzy as him, I can see why he left for sure
Xander Arsenault martin
Xander Arsenault martin 2 måneder siden
Rap the Lemo
Kalen King
Kalen King 2 måneder siden
i sad
Jake Day
Jake Day 2 måneder siden
Today one falls but sew they all fall
Ryan Paxson
Ryan Paxson 2 måneder siden
So does make have his own channel
jesse bergh
jesse bergh 2 måneder siden
Brooo add the slicks to the front tires!! It’d be a big shifter cart👀👀
Do not sub Plz
Do not sub Plz 2 måneder siden
I’m gunna miss bangin
Jen Glasheen
Jen Glasheen 2 måneder siden
Good bye bangin
The Editing Guy
The Editing Guy 2 måneder siden
I love the fact that the smart car makes more noise than the pit bike 😂😂🤣
TheFuZZyOne 2 måneder siden
This was a very classy way to bring this to light. Good on you guys for being professional. Hope to see collab stuff with Jake someday, but until then, keep killin it boys!
Dropsix 2 måneder siden
Ahhhh a tale as old as time. Young Jake gets a little popularity and the classic youtube manager convinces him he could do better on his own.
Phil P
Phil P 2 måneder siden
Man that breaks my heart i think i speak for everyone when i say we all loved jake but i guess sometimes people just have a feeling and they have to at least chase that to see where it can bring them if he fails so be it thats a part of life but i wish him the best and hope he reads this because we all love ya bud and wish you the best and hope to see you on the channel again one day!
Koutarou 2D
Koutarou 2D 2 måneder siden
What has jake started?
Ian Ewing
Ian Ewing 2 måneder siden
Damn imma miss jake
Judy body Xxx
Judy body Xxx 2 måneder siden
Wwwoooowwww that is depending
Finn Mcgreal
Finn Mcgreal 2 måneder siden
What’s Jake’s channel name
Will 2 måneder siden
Lift the limo. 40s and a solid axle front.
Joseph Hollingsworth
Joseph Hollingsworth 2 måneder siden
I would love to see jake come back and they title the video as jakes back with him wheeling a ds 450
Virgil Lawrence Jr
Virgil Lawrence Jr 2 måneder siden
I have a 08 smartcar how did you turn off traction control
CboysTV 2 måneder siden
Turn the key so power is on but not the engine, hold both dash buttons until the traction control light flashes, then start the engine
D.M. Hubbard
D.M. Hubbard 2 måneder siden
this used to be a great channel
Eskanel 2 måneder siden
Jake would've been the one to do a 360 in the smart car or flip it trying.
Zander Hicok
Zander Hicok 2 måneder siden
So does he have his own Chanel
nathaniel cress
nathaniel cress 2 måneder siden
You think he’ll ever come back to the channel just to say hi or bye or something
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