Finding Top Speed of New Monster Car! (Top Speed Run)

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7 måneder siden

In todays video we take our Polaris RS1 out in the snow to do some donuts and drifts! Ben sees how fast he can spin it and nearly flips it over he was spinning so fast! Later we set out to find the top speed of our new monster truck or monster car whatever you want to call it. We get a new hot tub and sit down and do a QnA answering some of your guy's questions that you had sent us over the weekend on Instagram.
How Fast is the Monster Car? (Top Speed Run)
Topping out the Monster Car!! (Top Speed run)
Finding the Top Speed of Our Monster Car!! (top speed run)
Testing Top Speed of Our New Monster Car!!
Straight piped truck
Monster max
Mud trucks
Mud bogging
Burnout pad
Giant burnout/drift pad
Giant burnout/drift pad freedom factory
freedom factory

Andy 5 måneder siden
You would think Cj has a bigger head?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 6 måneder siden
They should nos it
Dodge Woods
Dodge Woods 7 måneder siden
I'm surprised I was in the q&a ignoring @dodge. woods
Shane Bay
Shane Bay 7 måneder siden
I have to laugh because I always meant to take the steering wheel cover off. And it still exists. But it is nice and squishy
exliflips 7 måneder siden
Mans just generated lift in rzr
Slade Johannesson
Slade Johannesson 7 måneder siden
you guys are the best youtubers
Addison Green
Addison Green 7 måneder siden
When you think 66 degrees is cold
kylian coleman
kylian coleman 7 måneder siden
Lifted Chevy spark epic
Ben Gm
Ben Gm 7 måneder siden
Ik it's a monster peanut but yall should do a built K swap in it
Eric Hainey
Eric Hainey 7 måneder siden
i need a hot tube
jeson2597 7 måneder siden
you guys should engine swap the monster truck
ZestyFilm Creations
ZestyFilm Creations 7 måneder siden
Can i get a heart??? I love ur channel its the bessttt
Blake Witmer
Blake Witmer 7 måneder siden
upload more vids me getting board
Justin stuart
Justin stuart 7 måneder siden
Micah literally broke his foot sticking his leg out when he crashed a rzr and at The end he’s sticking his head out 😂😂😂😂
Braeden Freestone
Braeden Freestone 7 måneder siden
Hey boys love the video, you guys should post more often so you can hype up my quarentien!!!!
FC Clones
FC Clones 7 måneder siden
What’s the next give away?
Gracin Blakey
Gracin Blakey 7 måneder siden
You should race the rs1 vs monster car
Lucas Lasater
Lucas Lasater 7 måneder siden
Where'd the intro go
Tristian Fleming
Tristian Fleming 7 måneder siden
Oh yeah I’m super sorry I got a new phone and forgot to resubscribe
Tristian Fleming
Tristian Fleming 7 måneder siden
It’s my birthday y’all should send me a T -Shirt
Sam Knickmeyer
Sam Knickmeyer 7 måneder siden
Cboys should do a trip to Pismo beach sand dunes
Landon Shelley
Landon Shelley 7 måneder siden
Jake needs to take out the banshee more and ride. And not just race turf wars.
Tiago Vitoria
Tiago Vitoria 7 måneder siden
Do you guys still do off-road amino
Arran Gunn
Arran Gunn 7 måneder siden
What are jakes square glasses called? also i love u guys keep it up
Baby Lick
Baby Lick 7 måneder siden
Where’s jakes banshee?
K Nine 9
K Nine 9 7 måneder siden
“nooo we do not party no way”😂
Caleb Zellers
Caleb Zellers 7 måneder siden
Can you guys start putting the music you use in the description?
Trystan J114
Trystan J114 7 måneder siden
Make more Subaru drifting videos
Deresolute 7 måneder siden
Why the fuck would you put your summer tires on that soon 😂
Mr.macmac 7 måneder siden
Love the corn dog and cheese.👍👍👍
Moto Squid
Moto Squid 7 måneder siden
I’d think you’d of chosen Danny Duncan to have in your group that would be a banger vid
Thums Boys
Thums Boys 7 måneder siden
Get a Yamaha sidewinder.It is a Yamaha 1000 turbo and from experience it’s unstoppable.Got it to go through 8ft of snow. Try it.It is worth it.#AWESOME
RocketPink 7 måneder siden
cboys should get a trike and mod it into a beast
William R.
William R. 7 måneder siden
Hahaha hell yeah love that 😁👍
Lukesta Rides
Lukesta Rides 7 måneder siden
Jakes mustang is in savage garage video when they unload the f12 in Chicago you see the mustang In the bac
Taylor Long
Taylor Long 7 måneder siden
Let jake spin it till it flips
Gus Gordon
Gus Gordon 7 måneder siden
Just found out I’m friends with Jake’s cousin Drew😂
parker Campbell
parker Campbell 7 måneder siden
Was Ben born in 2009 in that case he's only 11 right cuz I was born in 2009 and I'm 11
Carson Ohnstad
Carson Ohnstad 7 måneder siden
Who can’t wait for some summer vids?! Like if you the boys should upload some og summer videos!
Southern Studios
Southern Studios 7 måneder siden
while y'all up there riding snow mobiles and stuff in the snow i'm down here in SC jet skiing and tubing right now
Ghfkf I’ll
Ghfkf I’ll 7 måneder siden
Hey guys how can I get some banging googles and where
Goin Deep
Goin Deep 7 måneder siden
My mom did the same thing she rolled a ranger and the roll cage came down on her leg and crushed her ankle and the doctors had to cut her leg off
Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson 7 måneder siden
Okay, I have a question...We haven't heard anything from or about Murph Tupperware. Is he doing alright?
Esthéban lapointe
Esthéban lapointe 7 måneder siden
snow came back for us canadian to XD
Ian Hgugjnknnvcc
Ian Hgugjnknnvcc 7 måneder siden
take the rs1 and see who can jump it the farthest please
Ian Hgugjnknnvcc
Ian Hgugjnknnvcc 7 måneder siden
cboys!!!!!!!! im a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max Bashore
Max Bashore 7 måneder siden
Hey everybody I have toilet paper. Dumps on me
PC Game Addict
PC Game Addict 7 måneder siden
Hot tub time machine just arrived at cboys tv
Dakota Labrake
Dakota Labrake 7 måneder siden
The next give away should be CJ 250 dirt bike and upgrade it to look almost brand new
Jancu Venter
Jancu Venter 7 måneder siden
Do a 24 hour callege in the hot tub
Kevin Giffin
Kevin Giffin 7 måneder siden
You guys should give away the old shifter cart and you guys should get a shop dog
BrytonJensen 7 måneder siden
Miss the old intro
TH BMX 7 måneder siden
You guys should get a can an Xmr 1000 renegade or outlander
Avery Ridley
Avery Ridley 7 måneder siden
Y’all should get a Nerf Rival “ Nemesis “ and use paint balls as ammo
Joylan Sinclair
Joylan Sinclair 7 måneder siden
Street bike
Joylan Sinclair
Joylan Sinclair 7 måneder siden
You guys should buy a street bike ther are fun
lifesucks 210
lifesucks 210 7 måneder siden
With cars
lifesucks 210
lifesucks 210 7 måneder siden
U guys should do a tug of war
Cody Kad
Cody Kad 7 måneder siden
i have big speakers and constantly changing the volume
Thomas Doucette
Thomas Doucette 7 måneder siden
Make more dirt biking videos
Cody Brasher
Cody Brasher 7 måneder siden
Take a road tri in tiney
Tad Rides
Tad Rides 7 måneder siden
They’re in the truck using the app..... just look at the dash on the truck boys😭
DaddyGOATZZZ 7 måneder siden
It sure if I’m stalking but just liked all 292 of Jakes insta posts
Kaden Elvidge
Kaden Elvidge 7 måneder siden
What happened to bangins yammaha banshee
Auzie_248 7 måneder siden
Hey Jake you the man!! Your my favourite dude on CBOYSTV keep up the awsomeness
Cody Paul
Cody Paul 7 måneder siden
Corn dogs are called pogo sticks where I’m from in Canada 😂
Cutler Hedtke
Cutler Hedtke 7 måneder siden
Boutta come back on Sunday too:/
Wyatt Coursey
Wyatt Coursey 7 måneder siden
you should jump the new monster car
ben helie
ben helie 7 måneder siden
So we not going to speak about how Micah just doesn't have a foot.
Jack Felton
Jack Felton 7 måneder siden
You only broke a cv easy fix boys
Gavin Wurm
Gavin Wurm 7 måneder siden
That better not be jakes mustang sitting outside covered in dust
Jacob Michels
Jacob Michels 7 måneder siden
@cboystv y’all better make as many snow videos they’re my favorite and what got me started on y’all way back when in like 2015
OTOMOTIF KITA 7 måneder siden
check my new video guys
Xelati 7 måneder siden
That car just sounds and look like it’s in slow motion who argues
Daniel T Quick
Daniel T Quick 7 måneder siden
I was like bet they wont say james charles. Waw
Camron Reece
Camron Reece 7 måneder siden
Why does bean look like the guy from jumper
seth kew
seth kew 7 måneder siden
ben do the voice when you said thats not a monster truck its a mud truck
Ryan Minnerath
Ryan Minnerath 7 måneder siden
Did you guys get the monster car from Alexandria?
WhitePanda 7 måneder siden
Tired of snow videos?! Y'all wack
Wyatt York
Wyatt York 7 måneder siden
Bens raptor
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 7 måneder siden
Engine swap Tiny
Special k
Special k 7 måneder siden
What's with all the corny edits about putting gear on?
Burke Tv
Burke Tv 7 måneder siden
LsSwapped out fine
Outdoors with Logan
Outdoors with Logan 7 måneder siden
You guys should get some traxxes tc cars and jump them and stuff
GBC — 7 måneder siden
Tell Jake he needs to step up his jumping cars game in Danny Duncan‘s most recent video he gets way higher than jake ever has
dylon barrett
dylon barrett 7 måneder siden
When are y’all gonna bring back the swim trunks
Damion Donaldson
Damion Donaldson 7 måneder siden
People subscribe and like come on boyz
Joe Galápogos
Joe Galápogos 7 måneder siden
drill a hole in the trottle body and put NOS in it like when you jumped the car into the lake
KIA PROCEED 7 måneder siden
Its nice but mine is better
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 7 måneder siden
Gotta love micha man 😂 “gotta have all the hook ups and shit” 💀😂😆
YBN 4267
YBN 4267 7 måneder siden
Appleton WI is 60 degrees
Jack Miller
Jack Miller 7 måneder siden
hell yes
the_chill_gamer _13
the_chill_gamer _13 7 måneder siden
I can’t mess with bangin no more he said James Charles
Mr Clo
Mr Clo 7 måneder siden
What camera do you guys use to film?
Quebec X Riding
Quebec X Riding 7 måneder siden
What sunglasses is bangin wearing?
Ryan Smithberg
Ryan Smithberg 7 måneder siden
If Ken wasn’t in the car you’d get an extra 10 mph
Chris Nat
Chris Nat 7 måneder siden
Well like I said last video you probably stretched the 4wd chain and now it's going to run thru the transfer case or snapped the chain lol but maybe something else
Chris Nat
Chris Nat 7 måneder siden
Had this happen to my truck a clunking sound and them the 4wd didnt work no more and wore a hole in the case lol
Evan Russo
Evan Russo 7 måneder siden
Boys I’m lookin into getting onto a quad lemme know what kind of sport bike I should get
Henry Essex
Henry Essex 7 måneder siden
When are telling us the giveaway
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 7 måneder siden
Sausage fest hahah add women to the mix.. Especially in the hot tub lol
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