Cheating in a Street Race (Evo X vs. Focus RS)

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Cheating in a Street Race (Evo X vs. Focus RS)
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In todays video, CJ and Ken finally get to race their cars against each other Evo X vs Focus RS. Both cars are pretty close in horse power range so it made for a good race. After we made them line up again because CJ cheated. He claims it was just a prank, but he got away with it. We did it as a drag race unfortunately for CJ Ken refused to put money down on the race. Comment down below what your dream car is!!
CJ's Evo X Mods:
Ets downpipe with recirculating dump
ets test pipe
invidia catback exhaust
ets upper intercooler piping
ets cold air intake
turbo smart blow off valve
turbo smart internal wastegate
cobb accessport
Protune on 91 octane by Ron Beck at RS motors
short throw shifter
Tein coilovers
enkei rpf1 wheels 18x9.5 et. +15
20% window tint
Kens Focus Rs mods:
RallyArmor Mudflaps
continental winter tires

Hayden Hayden
Hayden Hayden 17 timer siden
they watching donut media
lgable06 11 dager siden
I put 420 pounds of sand bags in kens trunk I see what you did there CJ
Krystle Steepe
Krystle Steepe 2 måneder siden
Go Evo
Nic Outside
Nic Outside 2 måneder siden
He's complaining about winter tires when there a softer stickyer compound
LogansLoop 3 måneder siden
I can taste the salt through the screen
Joshua Mello
Joshua Mello 3 måneder siden
when cj said he bought something to give him a little edge i was expecting something like a massive turbski
RANDOM TV 3 måneder siden
It hurts for the second time🙂 but both are good. But evo is king
RANDOM TV 3 måneder siden
Evo x is the best look ever.
KinoTroikGames 3 måneder siden
Holy fuck yall wasted alot of time racing, what a terrible channel 😂
Official_g610 3 måneder siden
I felt bad for ken lol
Mauricio Barski
Mauricio Barski 5 måneder siden
o cara colocou calha num evo x pqp
2True 5 måneder siden
At 6:23 the editing killed me 😂
Lea Valley
Lea Valley 6 måneder siden
The evos going to win
Hanna Wiedemann
Hanna Wiedemann 6 måneder siden
Is that a real evo??? Anyone else notice it’s front wheel drive and doesn’t have the recaro seats ???😂
Rob Anthony
Rob Anthony 6 måneder siden
Ken sux
Adam Faulstick
Adam Faulstick 6 måneder siden
shoutout to my boy james pumphrey at donut media when you guys were watching at 4:21.
Fendersquirestrat3 6 måneder siden
I’m curious if cj knew that yeah sandbags adds weight but also can help u get traction faster so that could have helped him
JPaul Curilan2
JPaul Curilan2 7 måneder siden
Modified evo vs stock RS🧠👈🤷‍♂️
Koby Atkinson
Koby Atkinson 7 måneder siden
6:16 your welcome
Stevo709 8 måneder siden
There’s no way a focus can take the evo 😲 I was really surprised when you said the focus was a little faster I’d never think that a focus would take the evo the evo is a savage
troy davies
troy davies 8 måneder siden
Lol milk & juice comes in 2litres boys. You put 500pounds in the back of my falcon & it would still gap both those pricy tin can's
Guy Berestoff
Guy Berestoff 9 måneder siden
Funny af lol it would have been funnier if you got Ken to help you put them in there with you
Someone Who isn’t me
Someone Who isn’t me 9 måneder siden
Evo has launch control too
pengviin0 9 måneder siden
I still thing that Big Ken won because his car is stock but Cj's EVO is with some power mods
Corbin Unruh
Corbin Unruh 9 måneder siden
CJ you were always my fav c boy and u just made that clearer
Nate McNamara
Nate McNamara 10 måneder siden
i think big ken might be a little butthurt😬😂
music pro all
music pro all 11 måneder siden
fuck lancer evolution
AUSTIN MATTINGLY 11 måneder siden
The only way CJ can win is if his stuff is stock
Davis Dennill
Davis Dennill 11 måneder siden
Kens such an awkward, sore loser!
amrit parmar
amrit parmar 11 måneder siden
6.40 what you looking for
Zach Haase
Zach Haase År siden
You should give away a subie like do a contest to win one
Mr Techy
Mr Techy År siden
evos are just better man
Thegiftedmadman År siden
They watchin dounut media in tha background
Tim Dos Santos-Subtil
Tim Dos Santos-Subtil År siden
Donut Media in the background
C Junior
C Junior År siden
4:23 if y'all like donut media give this 1 a like 👍
Matthew Brandano
Matthew Brandano År siden
When jakes mustang could beat these things in 1st gear
Boostn Roost
Boostn Roost År siden
10:28 when I win a argument with my mom
Mason Lewis
Mason Lewis 9 måneder siden
The Kingsmen
The Kingsmen År siden
Both gay af
Sharbel Khnanisho
Sharbel Khnanisho År siden
When you guys gonna restock on those life wide open windbreakers I'm dying to buy one
Chris Outdoors
Chris Outdoors År siden
To Big Ken: that’s why you don’t buy a FORD there dude
Max Byvoet
Max Byvoet År siden
4:23 shout out Donut media on the TV
Kole Nelsen
Kole Nelsen År siden
When are the 509 horizon glasses gonna be back in stock?
Jesse Jennings
Jesse Jennings År siden
Come to VA. I got you on content 100% 😂 tell me what I need to do and I send it
Rex Cooper
Rex Cooper År siden
You guys should give away a snowmobile next
!!!!!!! VIDEO SHOOT IDEA FOR THE CBOY!!!!!!! Hey CBoys, Just had a friend turn me on to your NOpost channel, Watched a bunch of your videos and loved them! I put on a ice race here in MN every year and thought this would be a great video shoot idea for you guys. All you got to do is get yourself $500 car and stud the wheels out. Its a blast, you guys will LOVE IT!!!! Let me know if you want more info. I will attach some links to the past years of the ice race.
Freddie Labuschagne
Freddie Labuschagne År siden
A ford will never ever beat a evo. I suggest sell that ford piece of shit or burn it
Jonathan Marshall
Jonathan Marshall År siden
That’s race was a “no Ken do”
Kayla the , , 746764
Kayla the , , 746764 År siden
Good race
XAUSTINX10 Yt År siden
Ben vs cj next
Trae Moua
Trae Moua År siden
Im surprised with this outcome. I would’ve never thought a stock RS would be even relatively close to a full bolt on 4b11. Go get a RS motors tune in Burnsville and put that thing on e85 CJ.
Bowden Built Productions304
Bowden Built Productions304 År siden
I like how no one will line up with jakes mustang
matthew leskinen
matthew leskinen År siden
This really doesnt have anything to do with the vid but what kind of subaru does Micah have?
Nate Patterson
Nate Patterson År siden
Ken sounds like the dude perfect stereotype video "Mr. excuse"
Caleb Burchell
Caleb Burchell År siden
Jake or cj tryna play some duos?? Psn burchie40
Bristol Schenfisch
Bristol Schenfisch År siden
Bring the windbreakers back before Christmas
LAB År siden
is this like really short vid or is that just me
George År siden
What a minute, is the dog at the end of the videos because it was the mayor of cormorant from 2014 till it died earlier this year?
Cobus Van Wyk
Cobus Van Wyk År siden
CJ has the best taste in cars...first the wrx and now the evo!!
BasedJT År siden
ford sucks lol mitsie for the win
peanut butter balls
peanut butter balls År siden
wheres charlie at she was the hottest c bitch
craig jessup
craig jessup År siden
Two shit boxes doing battle, honda type r civic would kick both their asses
Jacob Gunnoe
Jacob Gunnoe År siden
Evo against the mustang 😂
Blake Transue
Blake Transue År siden
At 7:42 Ken's face. He is in disbelief
Go big or go home Productions
Go big or go home Productions År siden
Modded and tuned vs stock Ford Focus lol same mods on both cars I believe different outcomes.
xlADHDcRlx År siden
The gta cheat code 😂😂😂 I cant
Hudson Montandon
Hudson Montandon År siden
What are you givin away agin
Jordan Colsen
Jordan Colsen År siden
Now Cj needs to race jake
Matt Kycia
Matt Kycia År siden
Anyone else see the rmk in the background 🤔
Marcus Schneider
Marcus Schneider År siden
XD do it for the win
James Cale
James Cale År siden
Daily videos!!!? Huge fan from Texas ever sense I came across the shifter cart video. y’all make me wanna move up north!
Carter Calcaginio
Carter Calcaginio År siden
You guys should do a winter turf wars
Anthony Stokes
Anthony Stokes År siden
At the add I can already guess the evolution wins
Jérémy Normand
Jérémy Normand År siden
Fuck the EarPods didnt work
hockey 1724
hockey 1724 År siden
Gavin Koch
Gavin Koch År siden
if we’re gonna cheat we’re gonna then that right
Tyler Bagby
Tyler Bagby År siden
Where is Jake's mustang at
Larry Boyle
Larry Boyle År siden
I haven’t been “wating” for this
Chris C
Chris C År siden
Yall should get a shop dog
Shirley Apstole
Shirley Apstole År siden
Wheres spenser
Sha Dow
Sha Dow År siden
Can u guys get the camo sweatshirts back in
ezra fresquez
ezra fresquez År siden
i wanna race my dirt bike against ano of your bikes
Max Lancaster
Max Lancaster År siden
How does Ken have so much money?
2 stroke nation
2 stroke nation År siden
Who won the give away
Thunder Halden
Thunder Halden År siden
Hey guys i love the content im from Alberta Canada and I'm going to start a NOpost channel with my Bros out here. Inspired by you and zipties and bias plies its gonna be a wild channel showing some of the stupid stuff we get into. Keep up the content I wish to make interesting content like you one day
Josh East
Josh East År siden
Boy ken was so salty😂😂
Brizzee Racing
Brizzee Racing År siden
Lmao you didnt need to do that fords are junk
Chris Perry
Chris Perry År siden
‘Full bold ons’
Ryker Carlson
Ryker Carlson År siden
Poor big ken
Ryker Carlson
Ryker Carlson År siden
Now show cj James mustang
Viktor Olofsson
Viktor Olofsson År siden
Cursor År siden
*casually watches Donut Media in the background
Doug Ashby
Doug Ashby År siden
When he showed the sand bags 😂😂 I bet he bout get walked again tho watch no way slowed him down that much
Doug Ashby
Doug Ashby År siden
😂😂😂 yuuuuuup walked 💀 ford
Dayne Miller
Dayne Miller År siden
Bangin and Cj race now?
Brendon Sheppard
Brendon Sheppard År siden
Jake is probably just laughing like I’ll gap both u
Mr.Snake År siden
does jake use snus?
Nathan moto
Nathan moto År siden
Just lost my uncle cboys wouldn't mind talking to you guys on Instagram you guys are my hero's
chilly cheeze
chilly cheeze År siden
Jen seem 40. 😂😂🤷‍♂️
Love this channel,guys can yourll get the crazy cars?
bl_benn År siden
We’re about to argue ain’t we
We’re about to argue ain’t we År siden
“Somewhere In Mexico” 😂😂😂 I started crying. Hey looks like Mexico to me
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