Mini Van on Dirt Bike Track!!

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4 måneder siden

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In todays video, we install a new custom wrap on the Polaris RZR RS1 and CJ builds a Potato Launcher. We take our new mini van out on our dirt bike track and take it off some jumps. Later our friend Big Reeno swings by to say what's up.

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Mini Van on Dirt Bike Track!!
Back yard pit bike track
Wheelie Bar for Dirt Bikes!!
We Bought a New Shop!!!
Buying New Dream Shop!!
Facebook market place
New pit bike
Crf 110
Building New Dream Shop!!
Shop tour
New Shop
Huge Shop
Huge burnout
Drift pad
Lifted ford raptor
Freedom factory tour
Freedom factory
Lifted chevy duramax
Polaris rzr 1000 turbo s
Polaris RZR side by side
Fast duramax
Tuned duramax
Deleted duramax
Meet out Jet Ski!!
Diesel power Cummins
Anylevel lift
Freedom factory
AnyLevel F350
Boosted Launch
Wheels and lift
Straight piped duramax
Four wheeler wheelies
Quad wheelies
Many freedoms
Side by side
Closed track
Destroyed F350
Ford Ranger
man cave
ultimate man cave
ultimate garage
fishing in back yard pond
fishing with flair

CboysTV 4 måneder siden
Top Notch Pressure Washing NJ
Top Notch Pressure Washing NJ Måned siden
hi cboystv
Golden Beans
Golden Beans 3 måneder siden
It’s cletus mcfarlands race car
Bryce Brown
Bryce Brown 4 måneder siden
Do you. Get notified when there’s a new comment
Bryce Brown
Bryce Brown 4 måneder siden
Bryce Brown
Bryce Brown 4 måneder siden
What happened to the phone cases
0perator Dag siden
I really do like these videos
Aiden Strassburg
Aiden Strassburg 3 dager siden
I do about the same thing without seatbelts or helmets
Mad beast gamer
Mad beast gamer 3 dager siden
If u hit big kens car u could destroy his windows
aiden delint
aiden delint 4 dager siden
Put a baseball in it
Lachlan Waghorne
Lachlan Waghorne 4 dager siden
make it a merch gun!!!!
Boys_wrx 5 dager siden
jeff owns the race car
Marcy McIntosh
Marcy McIntosh 11 dager siden
polais boys
polais boys 12 dager siden
Is it ken block
Ethan Decker
Ethan Decker 15 dager siden
those better have been Idaho potatoes
Roxy Soto
Roxy Soto 24 dager siden
Ryūji Takasu
Ryūji Takasu 26 dager siden
is the rs1 wrap from hoonigan sh*** car?
Owen Murray
Owen Murray 29 dager siden
The dox race car boyyy
Aidan Pollack
Aidan Pollack 29 dager siden
Y’all need to use sweet potatoes
Frost 08
Frost 08 Måned siden
10:42 no one see the dubble rainbow
Ayden jankowski
Ayden jankowski Måned siden
I love working on the rs1
Jason Grevenstuk
Jason Grevenstuk Måned siden
Jump tiny
Thomas Riley
Thomas Riley Måned siden
Freeze the potato
Tyler Mosley
Tyler Mosley 2 måneder siden
The ken block
Peter69 Zouaoui
Peter69 Zouaoui 2 måneder siden
the minivan wasnt dead yet!!
MATT HANSON 2 måneder siden
Come to Maine we go hard
Jlane scoots
Jlane scoots 3 måneder siden
Ken blocks hoonigan mustang
Ewan Miner
Ewan Miner 3 måneder siden
Pressure square inch
Ewan Miner
Ewan Miner 3 måneder siden
U know what’s funny is my NOpost played a can am ad in front of this
Karl Johhanes
Karl Johhanes 3 måneder siden
Andrew Navratil
Andrew Navratil 3 måneder siden
Try sharpening the tip so it’s easier to put the potatoes in
Owen salvesen
Owen salvesen 3 måneder siden
the rs1 if reffering to the hoonicorn twin turbo v1
Austin Jarrell
Austin Jarrell 3 måneder siden
What’s the fire work y’all using
Frank LM10
Frank LM10 3 måneder siden
Show us all your toys in one vid
Legacy Fate
Legacy Fate 3 måneder siden
Where do they make there wraps
LilShag’s Daily Dose Of Drag Racing
LilShag’s Daily Dose Of Drag Racing 3 måneder siden
My grandpa had a van like that his was white
Kimberly Boyd
Kimberly Boyd 4 måneder siden
It is a kin block rap
Alex Robertson
Alex Robertson 4 måneder siden
big reeno reminds me ofhte pontiac theif from brooklyn 99
Leighton Chapman
Leighton Chapman 4 måneder siden
Dustin Jones
Rory Cromwell
Rory Cromwell 4 måneder siden
The doc gtr
rob boss
rob boss 4 måneder siden
poor ryen
Logan Chalk
Logan Chalk 4 måneder siden
You say 300 yards I put a hole can of hair spray in their with mine and sent it miles it was louder than a gun and I could not even see it leave it went miles
jeremiah beckert
jeremiah beckert 4 måneder siden
ether works better
Schneider Clan
Schneider Clan 4 måneder siden
Isaiah Belt
Isaiah Belt 4 måneder siden
skitchy_alpha gamer
skitchy_alpha gamer 4 måneder siden
Ben is a dummie
MexicanBeanRoller 4 måneder siden
take redbull cans or cans that size fill with concrete, the diameter fits perfect inside of the pipe and slides out extremely easy so you get max thrust! I may or may not have done trials! lol
RANDOM VBG 4 måneder siden
Make one out of metal then do the same whit oranges and butane gas you guys won't get disappointed
Kaine Morris
Kaine Morris 4 måneder siden
ken block
Maxwell Poliquin
Maxwell Poliquin 4 måneder siden
Fill the potato 🥔 with 4 inch nails in the center.. goodbye window
Lucky 03
Lucky 03 4 måneder siden
Y'all should actually have a tv show
Hooligan 4 måneder siden
Ken block
Dylan Urban
Dylan Urban 4 måneder siden
We use to take those and full a dixy cup with paint balls and stuff them in there its like a shotgun of painballs
Tyson Hannah
Tyson Hannah 4 måneder siden
Jordan Junker
Jordan Junker 4 måneder siden
BIG KEN "PSI = Panty stank index" is the funniest thing i've ever heard out of his mouth!!!! hahhaa
Drako ToO
Drako ToO 4 måneder siden
1:25 ken block?
Bass Slayin Durbo
Bass Slayin Durbo 4 måneder siden
Where did stunt man go haven’t seen him in ur videos in a while
Indiscreetz 4 måneder siden
Epic.. NELK but only mildly interesting! I see the formula here boys, respect
RVbilly 4 måneder siden
Dummy spells dummy wrong 😂😂😂
Peyton 4 måneder siden
Hey take it easy on him you shouldn't leave your favorite helmet with a GoPro attachment just laying around near the track
Obnoxious_Dreams 4 måneder siden
Wheres the video for today? Edit: literally 5 mins later it get uploaded sorry cboys
Carter Hampton
Carter Hampton 4 måneder siden
Dude I need to meet u guys I do some much dumb shit like u guys got to meet
Bryce Brown
Bryce Brown 4 måneder siden
What happened to the phone cases
Epgp Schwank
Epgp Schwank 4 måneder siden
Bang needs to come back i’ve been watching you guys since I was like a little 🧒🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Epgp Schwank
Epgp Schwank 4 måneder siden
I’m sad I was 😭
Loren Kuckuck
Loren Kuckuck 4 måneder siden
ken blocks race car?
Cian Holmes
Cian Holmes 4 måneder siden
Bois I saw on bangins tictoc that he left cboys everyone please go look at his toctoc idk if this shit real
Cody Moore
Cody Moore 4 måneder siden
I went buy thaer new shop like 50 times my grandma lives up thaere
Jarvis Moore
Jarvis Moore 4 måneder siden
Yo where was mondays video?????
smithdairyfarm 4 måneder siden
Where are the videos on Monday ?
Marshall Naville
Marshall Naville 4 måneder siden
Anybody else see bangins tiktok
its tiki.
its tiki. 4 måneder siden
What happen to vids every Monday and Thursday? is it just on Thursdays now?
Braden Gregory
Braden Gregory 4 måneder siden
Sherbys fucking returning baby
Benjitv123 ?
Benjitv123 ? 4 måneder siden
Benjitv123 ?
Benjitv123 ? 4 måneder siden
1000 comment
Benjitv123 ?
Benjitv123 ? 4 måneder siden
Benjitv123 ?
Benjitv123 ? 4 måneder siden
Checkered Vans
Checkered Vans 4 måneder siden
You need more hair spray and less barrel also DONT SPRAY UPSIDE DOWN
Checkered Vans
Checkered Vans 4 måneder siden
That’s a pretty gay cannon ngl
Donald Westphall
Donald Westphall 4 måneder siden
Can u come to Detroit lakes soon
Bob Rawlings
Bob Rawlings 4 måneder siden
I think it’s the wraps inspired by one of Ken Blocks cars
Drakon 4 måneder siden
Your merch does not ship to my country😭😭
Janree Estrella
Janree Estrella 4 måneder siden
I love your videos and it entices me to do the same with my homies hahaha btw is there a video where I can watch the modding of Bangin's Mobile aka. Mustang I commented here since its the recent upload TIA.
wittmannites tv
wittmannites tv 4 måneder siden
RIP cloys 💀💀
Miller 4 måneder siden
Shoot a rake out it
kawasaki450fast 4 måneder siden
make a golf ball launcher instead lol
Cheyenne Gohier
Cheyenne Gohier 4 måneder siden
New upload yet?
Adan Vargas
Adan Vargas 4 måneder siden
They upload every Tuesday’s and Thursday I think
Dylan Lance
Dylan Lance 4 måneder siden
Less is more with potato guns and sharpen the tip of the barrel a little itll help the potato cut
Keigen Barker
Keigen Barker 4 måneder siden
Y hasn’t bang in been in any videos lately
Adan Vargas
Adan Vargas 4 måneder siden
Bryce Weber that god was dope
Bryce Weber
Bryce Weber 4 måneder siden
Go check his Instagram story and you will find out why.
Jordan Petersen
Jordan Petersen 4 måneder siden
File down your muzzle so it has a sharp edge, makes it alot easier to load 🤘
YeeYee Network
YeeYee Network 4 måneder siden
Like I loved your vids u all got together but now I guys aren't even all together and u don't upload consistently any more which has ruined my love for the channel u guys fall in to the doing the trend thing for fame just go back to the old ways your channel is trash now
Jake Galbraith
Jake Galbraith 4 måneder siden
Where’s the mustang 🤘
CrazyFN 4 måneder siden
your new rap on the rs1 is now cboys proof
Jaxon Jenkins
Jaxon Jenkins 4 måneder siden
Ben is a better van driver than I thought
Pat Scotty
Pat Scotty 4 måneder siden
Do you mean July 16Because this video was edited after June 16
Sam Dunlap
Sam Dunlap 4 måneder siden
He didnt use primer on the pvc glue
USA k 4 måneder siden
Was literally 40 minutes away when this was made...
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson 4 måneder siden
The 16th is my birthday
Griffin Smidt
Griffin Smidt 4 måneder siden
Cboys i am from pipestone mn I’m at lake miltona I hope to see you guys
Sarah Gallagher-Horn
Sarah Gallagher-Horn 4 måneder siden
I got a fast bike follow me at colden goss
Jaren Easter
Jaren Easter 4 måneder siden
What time is the drop
Joe Galápogos
Joe Galápogos 4 måneder siden
put a baseball in the canon
Evan Newton
Evan Newton 4 måneder siden
Cut the potatoes thru the barrel of the gun then freeze them, slide in with wd40, you're welcome
Jack Gaskins
Jack Gaskins 4 måneder siden
Take a dremel to the end to chamfer the edge. Makes it 10x easier to cut the potato into the barrel
Adam White
Adam White 4 måneder siden
Chelsie Kreun
Chelsie Kreun 4 måneder siden
get a trx 450
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