The Ultimate Mountain Machine!! Polaris General with Tracks! (Surviving 24 hours in the mountains)

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Thank you to Edge Power sports of Draper, Utah!
In todays video, we head to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet up with the guys from Godfrey Proof otherwise known as the Godfrey Clan from Nitro Circus. We head up into the mountains for Utah on some Polaris Snowmobiles, a ktm and a Husqvarna Snowbike and a couple of Custom Fabricated Polaris Generals with snow tracks on them made by Draco Design's. We build a couple jumps and we find some good snow and ride around for a while before we make it up to camp where we began digging snowcaves and a fire pit area for us to stay the night and try to survive 24 hours up in the mountains. The next day Gregg Godfrey the king of Coloradoing trees teaches us the proper way to Colorado a tree. It was an extremely fun trip not only because of what we did but thanks to the cool people we got to do it with. Comment down below if you used to watch Nitro circus as a kid.

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The Ultimate Mountain Machine!! Polaris General with Tracks! (Surviving 24 hours in the mountains)
It was freezing at night!!

CboysTV 9 måneder siden
New merchandise at and every $5 spent gets you entered in to win our KX 450 with timber sled kit giveaway!
Mh mh
Mh mh Måned siden
Hi Tom and Julie thanks so 25th night for a good time thanks so so much
marilyn blake
marilyn blake 8 måneder siden
Dumencha Cat k
skyline1x 8 måneder siden
Donovan Dennis what car is that
Esthéban lapointe
Esthéban lapointe 9 måneder siden
nice video guys
What 9 måneder siden
Can you restock iphone cases for iPhone XR
Michael Dore
Michael Dore Time siden
I watched the whole vid hoping to see the capacity of a general on tracks and i think there was a total of maybe 8 seconds of footage of it driving on a packed trail.......
SledNV 3 dager siden
Godfrey's would be a fun group to hang with.
Carter Mx
Carter Mx 5 dager siden
Street bike Tommy really eat that one on the floaty jump
Henry Irons
Henry Irons 5 dager siden
thanks for the good content
ultra gamer 2
ultra gamer 2 8 dager siden
TMAN 6868
TMAN 6868 10 dager siden
Noice video guys keep up the good qork
Elijah Allen
Elijah Allen 10 dager siden
l love it sick
Mike Waters
Mike Waters 15 dager siden
You guys should try heatwave sunglasses great work glasses I have them my self
JD Hart
JD Hart 18 dager siden
Not gonna lie ,I’m really jealous .
Jonas Horlacher
Jonas Horlacher 19 dager siden
The “next morning” shot with someone laying bacon on the griddle. I’m sad they didn’t clean that Dutch oven
Duckopotomus XD
Duckopotomus XD 19 dager siden
Why can’t this be my life
Thunderacer 130
Thunderacer 130 20 dager siden
Awesome video loved it👌🤙
Halo Memes
Halo Memes 21 dag siden
Why didn’t they just sleep in the shack with the woodstove
devon wells
devon wells 22 dager siden
Hey can you do a video were you guys make a parkor course then get you friends and attempt it 🙂.
Eli Outdoors
Eli Outdoors 25 dager siden
Not that dangerous it’s like the same way you make a Quinzee you just have to let the snow compact and since it already has you should be fine
Eli Outdoors
Eli Outdoors 25 dager siden
The time I made a Quinzee it was below zero and I had to break trail a mile and a half in after a blizzard another blizzard hit before I left so I had to break Trail on the way back
ScxrWolf 26 dager siden
um i remember watching this last year
GJ STUNTS 27 dager siden
I live in CO u must of took the train to bagege clam my know that airport like the back of my hand
Ghosty Carlitos
Ghosty Carlitos 27 dager siden
Can someone please tell me what that red car at 6:20 is?
M Caraballo
M Caraballo 29 dager siden
They got the dopest all terrain vehicles 🔥
Unstoppable Måned siden
I didn’t realize who it was until I saw the vid of the maroon semi
Swanson Gaming
Swanson Gaming Måned siden
Lucas Dakake
Lucas Dakake Måned siden
and i mean supercar or hypercar
Lucas Dakake
Lucas Dakake Måned siden
Cboys if you see this what kind of car is that??
Alpaca Gaming
Alpaca Gaming Måned siden
Elite Statz
Elite Statz Måned siden
14:11 something I can’t say he made it with snow
Mi-BoysUSA Måned siden
Herbert Mayer
Herbert Mayer Måned siden
What is the Name of those two Songs?
AddalynneH123 Måned siden
6:22 ok so they rich rich
Ghosty Carlitos
Ghosty Carlitos 27 dager siden
Do u know what that car is
Gordon Gibson
Gordon Gibson Måned siden
No one died in those caves ?
Herbert Mayer
Herbert Mayer Måned siden
12:00 that was a PERFECT cut dude
Douglas Collings
Douglas Collings Måned siden
Vtecislife 1245
Vtecislife 1245 Måned siden
Was that a turbod ski
jeffrey long
jeffrey long Måned siden
You need one
jayden wade
jayden wade Måned siden
who else wished this video was actually 24 hrs long
mandeep gill
mandeep gill Måned siden
That’s fucking Crazy
Frank_DE_Best* Måned siden
Frank_DE_Best* Måned siden
I love!!! Niteo circus
Roger Davis
Roger Davis Måned siden
What is that red car
Addison Ridenhour
Addison Ridenhour Måned siden
That truck looks so good
JakoJaEku Måned siden
3:07 why didnt u wave back
kingkhuzam Måned siden
6:27 rip headphone users
kingkhuzam Måned siden
why does god free clan sound like a fortnite clan name
kingkhuzam Måned siden
3:08 did no body see the guy waving
Austin Swint
Austin Swint Måned siden
haden braden
haden braden Måned siden
At 3:08 there is a man waving
kingkhuzam Måned siden
i saw thet too
Rylan Rowser
Rylan Rowser Måned siden
Snake creek drainage🤘
Devin the 3rd
Devin the 3rd Måned siden
I have seen this vid so many times
Cambre Webb
Cambre Webb Måned siden
What kinda car is that
W_S Gaming
W_S Gaming 2 måneder siden
I miss jake
Texas Boy
Texas Boy 2 måneder siden
Anyone else see that guy at 3:07 in the left
Duke__ 2 måneder siden
13:02 That's what she said.
a Hopeless reality ギぇ羽
a Hopeless reality ギぇ羽 2 måneder siden
10:10 is this the guy that stole Jake from you guys?
Cole Colberg
Cole Colberg 2 måneder siden
What kind of car is that i t looks like a Ferrari
Gaming Duo
Gaming Duo 2 måneder siden
The American version of sidemen but better
xChrxs20kx 2 måneder siden
Yo No U Need Like 2M SUBS
Heath Trayhorne
Heath Trayhorne 2 måneder siden
14:04 is so funny
Andy S
Andy S 3 måneder siden
Man I wish I had money...
John Young
John Young 3 måneder siden
Hey cboys I am saving up for a quad my main interest is a Yamaha blaster but what do you think
JacobjJN Estridge
JacobjJN Estridge 3 måneder siden
I'd love to ride one of the snow bikes
sandstrom_ cody
sandstrom_ cody 3 måneder siden
Wow wow wow no children playing on the escelater
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 3 måneder siden
Looks like fun boys enjoy while still young
supreme_ waffler
supreme_ waffler 3 måneder siden
who saw the guy in the airport waiving lol
Damien Ernest
Damien Ernest 3 måneder siden
Someone tell me if cold beers or warm beers are better in the cold
marcel pavlin
marcel pavlin 3 måneder siden
This is like my dream
-Mint -
-Mint - 4 måneder siden
Man youre videos are so sick
fps louis
fps louis 4 måneder siden
Why’s every one si damn rich
Neeko Basanyi
Neeko Basanyi 4 måneder siden
Is this place like private or sum cuz I rly wanna go there lmao
Neeko Basanyi
Neeko Basanyi 4 måneder siden
Not the house thing
Billy Benzz
Billy Benzz 4 måneder siden
There’s an unfollow for every one of you if I don’t get that 4x4
4 MD's
4 MD's 4 måneder siden
8:11. Damn dude that's a flex I'm dead😂👌🏻
Epic4real 22
Epic4real 22 4 måneder siden
I love the guy waving in the back @3:08
farming_loko 4 måneder siden
I loved that show
Sk8r 4 måneder siden
Does draco have a website
Josh Lammin
Josh Lammin 5 måneder siden
You should buy a haskfarmer moto bike
Ty_ Vdubs
Ty_ Vdubs 5 måneder siden
U were in mn
Sport Gamer
Sport Gamer 5 måneder siden
Great vid
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 5 måneder siden
Can you please go to Utah again
vanzyy y
vanzyy y 5 måneder siden
colorado gang?
William Villegas
William Villegas 5 måneder siden
Kristian Stevens
Kristian Stevens 5 måneder siden
Hats off to the editor!
2k_Fanta 5 måneder siden
PORTERHOUSE 47 5 måneder siden
Six bros chilling in a hot tub 1 foot away because they are gay
Tanner Goff
Tanner Goff 5 måneder siden
Butte MT in the house! Home of Evel Days. Witnessed the semi jump in person! So insane!
Leighton Watson
Leighton Watson 5 måneder siden
18:10 me collecting fire wood at 4 am
Journey Faye
Journey Faye 5 måneder siden
The godfreys are my neighbors
Jennifer Vanco
Jennifer Vanco 5 måneder siden
I was dying when you fell out of the trees
Quinton 5 måneder siden
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Carson Groll
Carson Groll 5 måneder siden
feb 20 is my b day
Romeo Janis
Romeo Janis 5 måneder siden
Its funny because i live in colorado
Gabriel Montano
Gabriel Montano 5 måneder siden
The way baggin face planted into the snow😂
Diane Thompson
Diane Thompson 6 måneder siden
What makes me think is when ben went willied micah and there was no airpod then he pull them out I was like what
Parker Sande-Phillips
Parker Sande-Phillips 6 måneder siden
I love your videos😘
darren willmott
darren willmott 6 måneder siden
Marcus jumbe
Marcus jumbe 6 måneder siden
Who else has seen nitro circus live
Nakota Doberstein
Nakota Doberstein 6 måneder siden
I love you guys
Mason Ambush 27
Mason Ambush 27 6 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice they drew a dick in the snow
Jackson Neumill
Jackson Neumill 6 måneder siden
Who is watching this in summer 2020
Joe Swales
Joe Swales 23 dager siden
Mason MATTHEWS 28 dager siden
Mello Jello
Mello Jello Måned siden
At least in Colorado
Mello Jello
Mello Jello Måned siden
Winter 2020
Bswiat 2 måneder siden
Yeah and I miss bangin
Michael Haig
Michael Haig 6 måneder siden
I travel through Denver airport 6 times a year for the past 5 years and I’ve never once been able to walk to my gate I’ve always had to do a full on Sprint for about a mile in the airport
Aaron Blencowe
Aaron Blencowe 6 måneder siden
I love you
Aaron Blencowe
Aaron Blencowe 6 måneder siden
I Watch all of your videos that you post
Huge Snowmobile Jump!! (He Crashed)
Tubing behind SHIFTER KART!! (SCARY)
Smart Car Jump Over Pool (Fail)
Ganger 1,3 mill
Quad Wheelies on ICE!!
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Snowmobile Water Skips Entire Lake!!
These are the asteroids to worry about
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