Ford Raptor vs. Duramax

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7 måneder siden

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In todays video, we put Bens Ford Raptor up against our legendary Chevy Duramax to see which one is faster (both stock). The twin turbo V6 or a 6.6 liter V8. We go dirt bike riding and do a few wheelies as well as do a little off roading aka ditch riding in our Polaris RZR RS1. We try out our new Onewheel boards and go grocery shopping.
Ford Raptor vs. Duramax
Ford Raptor vs. Chevy Duramax
Lifted ford raptor
Lifted chevy duramax
Polaris rzr 1000 turbo s
Polaris RZR side by side
Fast duramax
Tuned duramax
Deleted duramax
Diesel power
Anylevel lift
Freedom factory
AnyLevel F350
Boosted Launch
Wheels and lift
Straight piped duramax
Four wheeler wheelies
Quad wheelies
Many freedoms
Closed track

CboysTV 7 måneder siden
What would you guys rather have? Duramax or Raptor?
Cashious Massicotte
Cashious Massicotte Dag siden
Alvin Horstman
Alvin Horstman 10 dager siden
Duramax any day
Sammusic 13 dager siden
Raptor 100%
william stratton
william stratton 16 dager siden
Mello Jello
Mello Jello 23 dager siden
Cashious Massicotte
Cashious Massicotte Dag siden
Is it easyer wheeling qwud or bike
The Throttle Boyz
The Throttle Boyz Dag siden
my duramax would stomp that raptor
Nombre Es Juan
Nombre Es Juan 15 dager siden
ur duramax is slow asf
Triple S
Triple S 17 dager siden
My uncle has a 2019 raptor and a 2008 durmax and he has these same thoughts every day
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 26 dager siden
They say they’ve in Mexico for obvious reasons but they’re really just outside of Ryan’s shop
Romeo Marroquin
Romeo Marroquin Måned siden
Get a 2020 Toyota then drag with those vehicles
amorasch44 Måned siden
Ford sucks
Owen Barry
Owen Barry Måned siden
What are you gonna do with tug-of-war and then you know who’s going to win not the raptor
Ivan Funk
Ivan Funk Måned siden
Justa 400 dlls tune on the duramax and it would smoke the raptor
Steven Villarreal
Steven Villarreal Måned siden
I’ve watched like 8 of y’all’s videos all the way thru tonight 😂 y’all are fucking hilarious man definitely gained a fan
Rett Zirker
Rett Zirker Måned siden
we all knew the duramax had no chance
Chris Renfroe
Chris Renfroe Måned siden
Bmxerboy001 Kid boi
Bmxerboy001 Kid boi Måned siden
Next video of the video gets 10mil like you have to give ken razed away
Axis Måned siden
It was the spin out that won it
to me its not about the speed but about the towing capacity so duramax but i like gmcs
duramax gmc
Leonel Villegas
Leonel Villegas Måned siden
It’s not cuz the raptor fast it’s cuz the raptor weighs less
YEAH SURE Måned siden
Evo vs raptor
B and F Gaming
B and F Gaming Måned siden
Ben if you don’t want crap about owning a V6 just V8 swap your raptor
Lane Mapes
Lane Mapes Måned siden
Any diesel can smoke a gas.. just needs the right set up
Tyler Robb
Tyler Robb Måned siden
Duramax 35000
Tyler Robb
Tyler Robb Måned siden
Duramax for sure!!!!!!!!!!!
HockeyKid22 Måned siden
HUSKY_ Moose
HUSKY_ Moose 2 måneder siden
The raptor is such a legendary truck
brett knowles
brett knowles 2 måneder siden
Quad guys let's go
David Edie
David Edie 2 måneder siden
David Edie
David Edie 2 måneder siden
do a pulling compitson
David Edie
David Edie 2 måneder siden
the rapter is built for speed
Kma_kashi No kma productions
Kma_kashi No kma productions 2 måneder siden
Cant belive a v6 need a shit ton of money just to beat a v8
rarity 2 måneder siden
2020 proud raptor owner here. it was awesome to watch! thank you
CboysTV 2 måneder siden
My guy
Keegan Johnson
Keegan Johnson 2 måneder siden
If you put the duramax in manual mode it would have done wayyyy better.
Coastal Bath Enclosures
Coastal Bath Enclosures 2 måneder siden
get the L5P deleted and no Raptor will ever pull on you again lol
Fiitty 2 måneder siden
still rather have a duramax
Trenton Walton
Trenton Walton 3 måneder siden
Brody Hillman
Brody Hillman 3 måneder siden
It’s not to fair cause the v6 will have a better take off cause their is less gas to ignite and id like to see the raptor haul what the Duramax could
Sensei 3 måneder siden
where are the cops at in this town bro
Jacob Dolinger
Jacob Dolinger 4 måneder siden
Ye but now tuggle war
Kyle Turner
Kyle Turner 4 måneder siden
Came to watch the raptor. then seen the onewheels. Proud owner Those are the shit! Now I just need a raptor
Isabelle D
Isabelle D 4 måneder siden
Where do you live
Yohnie 4 måneder siden
Now put the raptor up against a powerstroke
REECE BRANSTETTER 4 måneder siden
The raptor is definitely going to win
mato 180
mato 180 5 måneder siden
Ben how did you fall?
Bryce Greer
Bryce Greer 5 måneder siden
Ben put your moms pants back
Sivert Humlekjær Pedersen
Sivert Humlekjær Pedersen 5 måneder siden
Amy Finley
Amy Finley 5 måneder siden
hey cboys can you pls respond i love you guys when is turf wars ive been waiting to come for so long we lill bring my scrambler 500 and my trx300ex and my polaris rzr 1000 turbo
Alex Ortega
Alex Ortega 5 måneder siden
Do 40 rolls
Cole Parrish
Cole Parrish 5 måneder siden
use vison wheels
Chandler Draper
Chandler Draper 5 måneder siden
Will you guys tune your duramax then race again?
rust_ knight
rust_ knight 5 måneder siden
nobody: me: actually trying to drink the juice at the end
mitch jaeger
mitch jaeger 5 måneder siden
Let’s see some more quad action boys! Love all the content. Much love to ya’s from Tulsa 🤙🏼
Jacob Montano
Jacob Montano 5 måneder siden
Have a tug-of-war
Caiden Root
Caiden Root 5 måneder siden
I love you guys you are so funny and cool
ITz Ultimate
ITz Ultimate 5 måneder siden
You need to delete the dirty max
Of course the raptor wins ford always wrecks Chevy!
Lea Valley
Lea Valley 6 måneder siden
My dads truck has 800 hp
Outdoor King
Outdoor King 6 måneder siden
tug of war?
Luis1779 6 måneder siden
Do a muffler and resonator delete on the dmax and can your raptor tow🤔??
Drakon 6 måneder siden
I knew the raptor would win babyyyy!
Bmx Tricks
Bmx Tricks 6 måneder siden
Do a a pull raptor against the durmax
Pine knoll Farm
Pine knoll Farm 6 måneder siden
Put a tuner on the Duramax and it will kick ass
Tate Howard
Tate Howard 6 måneder siden
I'm just confused, what's the law for riding on the street there?
ETHAN SANDLIN 6 måneder siden
I bet the raptor can’t pull as much as the duramax
Pacey Ohl
Pacey Ohl 6 måneder siden
Get a Prius
Homer Vences
Homer Vences 6 måneder siden
Where the hell is this? We could never do that in california.. 😒
Andrea Richards
Andrea Richards 6 måneder siden
Are durmax won every race it was in
Drip Monkey
Drip Monkey 6 måneder siden
He didn’t get the tires warm that’s why he loss
ReVoLuTiOn N
ReVoLuTiOn N 6 måneder siden
0:16 is he watching porn 😭😭😭
Jack Cady
Jack Cady 6 måneder siden
Hunter Auman
Hunter Auman 6 måneder siden
You guys sood hock those up and the durmack will pool
Cael Stanley
Cael Stanley 6 måneder siden
I always new that cj should have bought a ford
Matt Iversen
Matt Iversen 6 måneder siden
You should do the leaf blower turbo
Bike Life
Bike Life 6 måneder siden
Ford!!! Let’s go baby
Avery Willer
Avery Willer 6 måneder siden
Did y’all build boost on the Duramax?
Jacoby Dilling
Jacoby Dilling 6 måneder siden
do a pulling teast were you pull heavy items the raptors hole back end will fall off on the first round
Jesus Berlanga
Jesus Berlanga 6 måneder siden
Idk about kids in skinny jeans....I love the fall though
dominick robertson
dominick robertson 6 måneder siden
The problem is it’s a new duramax they have no top end speed the older cateyes u put a tuner on them and that puppy is quick
Wyatt Parker
Wyatt Parker 6 måneder siden
Do a pull test
Lane 6 måneder siden
Raptor is still gay
Cameron 6 måneder siden
Why is that duramax so slow 🤣 I just bought a stock lly that pulls till at least 40 mph...
Caleb McGrath
Caleb McGrath 7 måneder siden
Duramax I would rather the raptor but I couldn't drive it cause I would vomit just looking at v6
malawadhi06 7 måneder siden
7:00 I feel bad for Ben 😭😂 but the way the coffee or tea came on his clothes was funny
James The quad rider
James The quad rider 7 måneder siden
He cheated he was sport mode and I don’t Max doesn’t have sport mode do you have these in stock me to be fair
Carsen DaMoto
Carsen DaMoto 7 måneder siden
Now if that duramax was tuned it would’ve been a totally different story
Nick Flak
Nick Flak 7 måneder siden
Calvin Mcvay
Calvin Mcvay 7 måneder siden
maybe try tuning the duramax
Callum Shiell
Callum Shiell 7 måneder siden
Yo the editing lately has been phenomenal 👌
Ethan Morris
Ethan Morris 7 måneder siden
Build boost dey😂😂
Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker 7 måneder siden
I love the uploads would like 5o see more bike videos
Moto Squid
Moto Squid 7 måneder siden
Ben ate shit 😂 didn’t see that cinematic turn
rileymankid 23
rileymankid 23 7 måneder siden
U need the og intro I think everyone loved it
Jace Hageman
Jace Hageman 7 måneder siden
But the thing is no matter how much you do to a raptor if you delete that durmax and put a tune on it it will smoke what ever you do do a raptor
Fallout Gamer66
Fallout Gamer66 7 måneder siden
Yeah but your junk ford might be faster but at least the chevy/gmc will actually stay alive
Pat D
Pat D 7 måneder siden
The duramax looks so ugly and outdated compared to the raptor.
Shane Perkins
Shane Perkins 7 måneder siden
Raptor should have built boost as well
Kevin Cardenas
Kevin Cardenas 7 måneder siden
Tune both and do a rerun also do boosted launch
Raptor 700 Dad
Raptor 700 Dad 7 måneder siden
I think the real winner here is the Raptor THE 700 YAMAHA RAPTOR that is lol !!!
NoMatterTheSeason_ Vlogs
NoMatterTheSeason_ Vlogs 7 måneder siden
Did u have sport mode on the raptor turned on
Braxton Banta
Braxton Banta 7 måneder siden
Should have done a boosted launch
Tristan Pelletier
Tristan Pelletier 7 måneder siden
The Duramax is stocker than shit lol.
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