Bad boys drive smart cars

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3 måneder siden

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We bought smart cars.
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In todays video, Micah, Ken and CJ show up to work in their new smart cars. Ryan and Ben are very skeptical of it. We go riding with the winner of our RS1 givaway. The tires of the Duramax get burned off on the drift pad and Micah stays true to his word and gets a new quad! We also give a shop update showing the progress on our new shops build!
Building New Jumps for our Backyard Pit Bike Track!!
Lawn mower Slip n' Slide!!
Riding Flooded Pit Bike Track!!
Racing Shifter Karts around town!!
Back yard pit bike track
Wheelie Bar for Dirt Bikes!!
We Bought a New Shop!!!
Buying New Dream Shop!!
Facebook market place
New pit bike
Crf 110
Building New Dream Shop!!
Shop tour
New Shop
Huge Shop
Huge burnout
Drift pad
Lifted ford raptor
Freedom factory tour
Freedom factory
Lifted chevy duramax
Polaris rzr 1000 turbo s
Polaris RZR side by side
Fast duramax
Tuned duramax
Deleted duramax
Meet out Jet Ski!!
Diesel power Cummins
Anylevel lift
Freedom factory
Fastest way to lose 170k monster truck
AnyLevel F350
Boosted Launch
Wheels and lift
Straight piped duramax
Four wheeler wheelies
Quad wheelies
Many freedoms
Side by side
Closed track
Destroyed F350
Ford Ranger
man cave
ultimate man cave
ultimate garage
fishing in back yard pond
fishing with flair

CboysTV 3 måneder siden
Use my special link get 77% discount and 30-day money-back guarantee!
Fredrick Sapinoro
Fredrick Sapinoro Måned siden
i really really like the smart car and its my dream car please just give 1 to me i would really apreciate that
Santino Massacci
Santino Massacci 3 måneder siden
You guys need a four seater RZR and you need to bring me apart of the c boys as a mini c boy i’m only 12 and I know how to rip like a goat
Eastern Rednecks
Eastern Rednecks 3 måneder siden
Boys idk if they suit ya I think they need more power think she’s time for a quickie swap
Esthéban lapointe
Esthéban lapointe 3 måneder siden
@Doodle Brenneman nah its dump
Doodle Brenneman
Doodle Brenneman 3 måneder siden
Give away smart cares to 3 people
Josh Guenther
Josh Guenther 8 dager siden
Trying convince my wife to let me buy one. Love the smart!
DrakeDracoDragon89 10 dager siden
Must be nice to be good looking and not socially awkward.
desmond bouvier
desmond bouvier 11 dager siden
I used to ride dirt bikes and four wheelers and skidoos I was crazy on those so were my friends
desmond bouvier
desmond bouvier 11 dager siden
You guys are awesome I used to do stuff like that
mrsmilesy 13 dager siden
These videos make my friends look so gay
Skyaro 28 dager siden
What I've learned from this video is that if your friends with them you will have a great time 😁😃😆 I subbed
Tyler Clarke
Tyler Clarke 29 dager siden
Smart cars are the pit bike of cars
hugh Jass
hugh Jass 29 dager siden
How do they not have like 3 mil subs, favourite youtube channel for everything , personaltuy , equipment, skill , dumb shit and reckless
Mitchell Cherovsky
Mitchell Cherovsky Måned siden
I live in Wisconsin
Corey Austin
Corey Austin Måned siden
Skyler Johnson
Skyler Johnson Måned siden
Do more stuff with smart cars
CUSG GT Måned siden
Make smart truck
a Hopeless reality ギぇ羽
a Hopeless reality ギぇ羽 Måned siden
ngl, this was the perfect winner!
Axis Måned siden
The drone almost hit a power line am I the only one who noticed😂
CAL CLISSOLD Måned siden
Looks like a episode of top gear lol
Dustin Williams
Dustin Williams Måned siden
What is the song they use in the video
chaz mand
chaz mand Måned siden
come on make shit
Caleb Mangas
Caleb Mangas Måned siden
Y’all should buy a bunch of junker cars and build some dirt jumps and a race track 😂
William LaSalle
William LaSalle Måned siden
You should Lift the smart cars an put big tires on them
Yuponmytractor 69
Yuponmytractor 69 Måned siden
You guys would’ve been scared for me like I have no fear of tipping over
Tyler Mosley
Tyler Mosley 2 måneder siden
Get a coal tune
Arianna Gillespie
Arianna Gillespie 2 måneder siden
I have a Smart xD I want to be in the club
Steve Watkins
Steve Watkins 2 måneder siden
u should put a gssx1000 in ther they sell kits for it dope
Braeden Detert
Braeden Detert 2 måneder siden
You guys should do a smart car race
xChrxs20kx 2 måneder siden
James Vanwienen
James Vanwienen 2 måneder siden
More smart car!!!!
Janek Schwarz
Janek Schwarz 2 måneder siden
You guys should get a brabus smart car
Aiden Splash
Aiden Splash 2 måneder siden
Do you live in the workshop ✌️
Colleen Green
Colleen Green 2 måneder siden
- Synnx
- Synnx 2 måneder siden
Put a giant wing on it
Ross Hansen
Ross Hansen 2 måneder siden
Ewan Miner
Ewan Miner 2 måneder siden
I keep on thinking Im watching a smart car commercial but I’m listening to my random spotify playlist
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Put a jayabusa motor in it
ShaneHIron 2 måneder siden
Y’all should straight pipe it and put a runner on the truck it will sound really good
Kristina Umerski
Kristina Umerski 2 måneder siden
I saw you guys go through Royalton with these on your trailer
TONIO SJ 2 måneder siden
Hayabusa engine swap😂
Jackson Moss
Jackson Moss 2 måneder siden
Jeffrey Meier
Jeffrey Meier 2 måneder siden
Hybusa swap them
Thunder Halden
Thunder Halden 2 måneder siden
You guys dont know how to properly send it lol
martijn Kamerling
martijn Kamerling 2 måneder siden
built a drift car like skyline rx7
STO- Games
STO- Games 2 måneder siden
Plz make these look firee
Lachlan Andrews
Lachlan Andrews 3 måneder siden
I need a smart car
Edwin Molina
Edwin Molina 3 måneder siden
Werz jak
POGVJ 1 3 måneder siden
Swap them
TheFuZZyOne 3 måneder siden
@CboysTV jsut so you guys know, they make superchargers that will fit these. A coworker of mine has one. Takes a little bit of custom fab work, but totally worth it!
CDN HUSTLE88 3 måneder siden
Make a sick Canadian pair I’ll buy 1
Joseph Sisunenko
Joseph Sisunenko 3 måneder siden
They go off-roading in every thing
The Fake Cripple
The Fake Cripple 3 måneder siden
Put coil overs on the smart cars
Connor Vail
Connor Vail 3 måneder siden
Put a v12 in it just get rid of the passenger seat
nicolaj storm
nicolaj storm 3 måneder siden
I think you guys should tune your smart car so they have over 100hp would be so fun to watch
Davidson Boys
Davidson Boys 3 måneder siden
Like fast and furious In the smart car
Tyler Schmiesing
Tyler Schmiesing 3 måneder siden
Drop a rocket motor in one
Robert Gasser
Robert Gasser 3 måneder siden
Where did you get automatics smart cars?
Colin Panaikas
Colin Panaikas 3 måneder siden
Guys lift em and put some big wheels on em
Patrick Fowler
Patrick Fowler 3 måneder siden
theres guys putting side x side suspension on smart cars. do that to one of them and off road it
Zariun Duarte
Zariun Duarte 3 måneder siden
I will subscribe if y’all do more with the smart cars
Patrick Gustin
Patrick Gustin 3 måneder siden
Hyabusa swap
Moto Mafia
Moto Mafia 3 måneder siden
Get rubber and put it all the way around each of the smart cars then play bumper cars
sam curry
sam curry 3 måneder siden
Engine swap one
Denise Bonessi
Denise Bonessi 3 måneder siden
You should buy a tractor trailer
Owen Tv
Owen Tv 3 måneder siden
Ls swap the smart car
Enzo Ardovino
Enzo Ardovino 3 måneder siden
giant lift kit and mud tires
TopShotta Brasi
TopShotta Brasi 3 måneder siden
But a bunch of spacers on it and but truck tires on it
Jacob Couch
Jacob Couch 3 måneder siden
The part where Ben jerking off thou they exposed him lol
TTVSpankyboy 16
TTVSpankyboy 16 3 måneder siden
I would be pretty sad if all of you got quads
Malcolm Willows
Malcolm Willows 3 måneder siden
Turbo the smart cars and exhaust out the hood
Jonny Boi
Jonny Boi 3 måneder siden
Modify the smart card it would b hilarious
zaine tilton
zaine tilton 3 måneder siden
Check out fasterproms smart car twin turbo
Harper Koehl
Harper Koehl 3 måneder siden
Can you guys do a vid on how to wheelie a dirt bike
doodreally 3 måneder siden
Turbo these bad boys
JACOB LAGREE 3 måneder siden
Post more
Matt P
Matt P 3 måneder siden
Song = Xavy Rusan - curve ball Your welcome
Haydn Reycraft
Haydn Reycraft 3 måneder siden
Wow that drivi montage was on point.
Dante Mansfield66
Dante Mansfield66 3 måneder siden
U guys should have the nelk boys out during there road tour
demone dillon
demone dillon 3 måneder siden
Please modify them
Ayden Hansen
Ayden Hansen 3 måneder siden
Elite Pesta
Elite Pesta 3 måneder siden
Hey cboys. I found this 1985 Chevy Cameroon hemming MN u should take a look at it it’s on market plsce
Devan Burley
Devan Burley 3 måneder siden
Straight pipe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joey Johnston
Joey Johnston 3 måneder siden
Hear me out.... monster truck smart car
Mildred prescott
Mildred prescott 3 måneder siden
Make them into bumber cars
Ghosty 3 måneder siden
You guys should cut the roof off of one of the smart cars lmao
doctorstruts 3 måneder siden
Mod them, get icetires and do a track on ice in the winter 🥰
DaKidOfYt69 3 måneder siden
You better straight pipe these smart cars and tune em
DaKidOfYt69 3 måneder siden
You better straight pipe these smart cars and tune em
Zach Bacon
Zach Bacon 3 måneder siden
Put like a 6 inch lift on it and 6 inch spacers on them
Daniel Neering
Daniel Neering 3 måneder siden
Hey I’ve been feeling down and you guys really pick me up everyday!!! I just wanna thank you all so much!!! Thanks
Bdoop Swagg
Bdoop Swagg 3 måneder siden
i know you guys probably won’t see this but i have been watching you guys for over 2 or 3 years now and you guys inspired me to buy a dirtbike sense i have started watching you guys and i have been saving everything and i have 400 dollars that i have saved but ive been looking at dirtbikes and you guys have just inspire me more and more you guys upload keep up the good work cboys ❤️💪
Cullum Skirt
Cullum Skirt 3 måneder siden
Definitely modify
YOUR A SNIPE 3 måneder siden
James Figaro
James Figaro 3 måneder siden
Smart car content is lame
Evan Tinker
Evan Tinker 3 måneder siden
Does anyone else want to know where Justin is and when he’s coming back?!
Illusive Fade
Illusive Fade 3 måneder siden
Pretty sure next giveaway will be a smart car lol
Sub to Bnxzi
Sub to Bnxzi 3 måneder siden
Do y’all have cboys tv masks
Sean O'Leary
Sean O'Leary 3 måneder siden
Put on a shirt you toolshed
Beau Oskey
Beau Oskey 3 måneder siden
Were my wi gang at
Samuel Ellison
Samuel Ellison 3 måneder siden
The smart cars are sweet, you guys gotta get a diesel one and straight pipe it. Trust me the turbo whistle is insane.
Kye Tumbers
Kye Tumbers 3 måneder siden
You Guys should do a tug of war between the wittle raptor and the durmax
T P 3 måneder siden
Put your dam shirt on CJ, what are you trying to get the internet dudes! opps I mean ladies being shirtless in like %90 of the video? LOL!
Gaige Morris
Gaige Morris 3 måneder siden
Please more content Please
CboysTV 3 måneder siden
Okay but only Since you asked nicely
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