Are you Faster than a Cop Car?

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Are you Faster than a Cop Car?
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, we pick up a retired police car and bring it to our new friends over at Sandbeck Race Development to race all of our cars against it on their drag strip! To our surprise the police car is a lot faster than you would expect. We raced a Ford Raptor, Jeep Srt 8, Mitsubishi Evo X, Ford Focus RS, BMW and a Smart Car against it. You will be surprised to see the results!!

CboysTV 25 dager siden
Dead Joe
Dead Joe 13 dager siden
@Drayten Evans I wonder as well
jacob patton
jacob patton 18 dager siden
Your from Minnesota?
Ttvmighty 321
Ttvmighty 321 19 dager siden
You guys should ride drit bikes whith halie deggans brother
YZ NED 21 dag siden
Yo please check my vids out, trust me just one video and you’ll be hooked🗣🤙🏽
PP Bird
PP Bird 22 dager siden
You should get mxmounts my uncle makes them in Wisconsin
Hugo 9811
Hugo 9811 23 timer siden
Y’all better put that limo on some welds and radials and make it look 1 of 1
Luke McCann
Luke McCann 5 dager siden
You guys are copying Danny Just joking loved the vid
Clay Elswick
Clay Elswick 6 dager siden
Y’all should pick up a little Miata to drift around the shop💪🏼
AH Studio’s
AH Studio’s 8 dager siden
That 63 Nova 😍
MuddyBoy06 8 dager siden
where is justin?!?!
jake johnson
jake johnson 9 dager siden
Fucking weak!!!
David Thompson
David Thompson 10 dager siden
Most cop cars i think are chipped. They return all that stuff back to factory before auction
Tiefsa Jr
Tiefsa Jr 12 dager siden
This video could've been 2 minutes long
Dead Joe
Dead Joe 13 dager siden
What’s your guys Song at 11:55
0PinkFloyd 13 dager siden
So in other words, if you want a cheap fast car, get a retired Taurus interceptor
Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker 14 dager siden
It doesn't have a police tune.
K Theron T
K Theron T 14 dager siden
You should put some tow mirrors and mud flaps on the limmo
berg_ Gorilla
berg_ Gorilla 14 dager siden
Milk Boys
Milk Boys 15 dager siden
What is the name of the Outro song
Jackie Nguyen
Jackie Nguyen 15 dager siden
What’s the name of the song in the end?
Tjoens28 15 dager siden
LOL I've been in that G a few times around the drift course
Lathen Harris
Lathen Harris 15 dager siden
I thought of Danny soon as you pulled those out 😂 it’s chill though I love it
mark hahn
mark hahn 16 dager siden
You guys should have come to BIR, and race on a full drag strip.
Austin Eckhoff
Austin Eckhoff 17 dager siden
Your videos are awesome and I watch them every day
Matt Wenschlag
Matt Wenschlag 17 dager siden
Cboystv are y’all ever gonna give creds to the guys shop whose car you used?
Cam man
Cam man 18 dager siden
Copying Danny I see
Melvin The Rooster
Melvin The Rooster 18 dager siden
I’ve had so many of these cop cars in my families shop and I hate them so much
Ian Paddick
Ian Paddick 18 dager siden
Youre using a taurus.. hasn't been made in years for police. Use a ecoboost explorer if you really want to know...
Ian Paddick
Ian Paddick 18 dager siden
Or a hemi charger.
Andy23jordan 19 dager siden
He copied Danny Duncan
Travis Kehoe
Travis Kehoe 20 dager siden
Hey i got a Tahoe I’d like to race against any of your vehicles lol also you guys should host events of some sort
Latestgorilla34 21 dag siden
atleast that guy actually knew how to drift like a legend
Eric Fajardo
Eric Fajardo 21 dag siden
Danny did it on a Tesla tho
Sean Tobin
Sean Tobin 21 dag siden
Outro song is rollin’ by Justin starling, incase any y’all where wondering
not maddox just kidding
not maddox just kidding 21 dag siden
its amazing how 2 days ago you had 816k subs
Shane Cornelson
Shane Cornelson 21 dag siden
What’s the song called at the end of the video??
CatWith ABat
CatWith ABat 21 dag siden
MHMMMM, SELLING your SUBARU, so you can OUTRUN THE COPS! IM ONTO YAH now imagine instead of a ford, a charger
Joe Capuano
Joe Capuano 21 dag siden
can a dirtbike or atv beat a cop car?
Cooked _CLAPZbtw
Cooked _CLAPZbtw 21 dag siden
what is that horn placing actually LOL only country boys will see it immediately
Jan-Harm Erasmus
Jan-Harm Erasmus 21 dag siden
Please do some quad content please
Brett Jenkins
Brett Jenkins 21 dag siden
Lol the bullhorns cone from the original dukes of hazard. Boss hogs caddy had em
Jersey Riders
Jersey Riders 21 dag siden
Getting famous off of comments day 65 just trying to live my dream , live life to the fullest 🤙🚀
Hunter Braud
Hunter Braud 21 dag siden
Y’all should have put cboysPD 😂😂😂
YZ NED 21 dag siden
Yo check my vids out, trust me just one video and you’ll be hooked🗣🤙🏽
Ethan Burks
Ethan Burks 22 dager siden
Thomas Walter Coleman
Thomas Walter Coleman 22 dager siden
yo is there like a cboys playlist of the songs yall use they kinda fire
Makaveli MCMXCVI
Makaveli MCMXCVI 22 dager siden
3:17 “Yo this nigga’’s faster then we thought tbh”💀💀
Super king Tom
Super king Tom 22 dager siden
Can you guys come to Canada in the summer Nova Scotia in Canada
James _Madness
James _Madness 22 dager siden
Y’all should do a ultimate remote control speed car build
Matthew Buxton
Matthew Buxton 22 dager siden
What’s is the song called at the end
Benjamin Gunter
Benjamin Gunter 22 dager siden
What's the name of the song at the end of video???
Vlog Boy
Vlog Boy 22 dager siden
Yo you guys should skip your truck some how or buy a peanet and do it with that. PLZ
Wyatt Ashenbremer
Wyatt Ashenbremer 22 dager siden
I found the problem it is your baby v6
Simon Pritchard
Simon Pritchard 22 dager siden
Hey cboys, love the content recently but I especially love the pit bike stuff idk about everyone else though
Moto AP
Moto AP 22 dager siden
Best channel ever and it makes it better that you live in MN because I do to
Cameron Mullett
Cameron Mullett 22 dager siden
Will the boys upload a vid today?
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman 22 dager siden
Wen will you drop a new set of flannel hoodies
Ride with Charles
Ride with Charles 22 dager siden
cboys should take the sled on the track when snow falls
Joey Ryan
Joey Ryan 22 dager siden
can you lift it?
Gamer Nation8
Gamer Nation8 22 dager siden
I was just about to ask when you were going to do something to the limo. You guys are awesome btw.
Zachery Graham
Zachery Graham 22 dager siden
outro song???
Kdfurious05 22 dager siden
You should make it a drag Lemo
Aidan Rocheville
Aidan Rocheville 22 dager siden
I’m watching this during school because it’s more important
Joeceph Dillon
Joeceph Dillon 22 dager siden
cj pranked ken
Justin Wing
Justin Wing 22 dager siden
Yo boys...i just come to troll the music on your need a CboysTV spotify or some shit ...lets go!!!
Dr_kbu 22 dager siden
The n word 3:18
Xan 22 dager siden
I didn’t even know we had chill ass dudes in Minnesota
Adventures with Wombat
Adventures with Wombat 22 dager siden
you should wrap the limo camo it would look sick
Savage wolf
Savage wolf 22 dager siden
I had a blue dodge ram 1500 with bull horns on it
Trevor MacIntosh
Trevor MacIntosh 22 dager siden
Wrap the limo cboys style duhhhh
Galaxy Fire Wolves
Galaxy Fire Wolves 22 dager siden
2020 gt500 so much superior in speed and acceleration then a cop car 🚓
linsey thornley
linsey thornley 22 dager siden
Darc0826. 22 dager siden
i know i might be asking for a lot but i was wondering if could get a yfz450 please. i have been watching your content for about 2 years and my mom has been struggling with money lately single mother of five and my mom is working 2 jobs. I LOVE THE CONTENT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Jayden6677 22 dager siden
Could it be possible that the limo gets a Cboys wrap next with some new wheels??
Colton Mcgraw
Colton Mcgraw 23 dager siden
You guys should do a video with braydon price
Hayden Tuba
Hayden Tuba 23 dager siden
Way to copy Danny Duncan boys
Ethan Waters
Ethan Waters 23 dager siden
ride red get head
Coulter Myers
Coulter Myers 23 dager siden
What music is in the montage at the end of the vid
Owen Plym
Owen Plym 23 dager siden
Dallas Ashton
Dallas Ashton 23 dager siden
Boys u put the horns on backwards
Di0mond Clan
Di0mond Clan 23 dager siden
1,000 comment
Ryker Carlson
Ryker Carlson 23 dager siden
You guys should pull sleds behind a quad this winter
KingMatthew 23 dager siden
This is in Minnesota??
Cameron Mcnair
Cameron Mcnair 23 dager siden
I think the raptor needs a tune😂
Fortnite4life Unclejimmy217
Fortnite4life Unclejimmy217 23 dager siden
Never been this late
vad boss
vad boss 23 dager siden
Love that evo!
Presten Ponciano
Presten Ponciano 23 dager siden
Rylan Spellman
Rylan Spellman 23 dager siden
Drew 23 dager siden
Boys where the limo videos go?
Greg Rides Bikes
Greg Rides Bikes 23 dager siden
anyones yt working working right?
Andrew 23 dager siden
yeah idk why
Rylen Stacy
Rylen Stacy 23 dager siden
Hi, My cousin and I have a small NOpost channel called Stacy Boys. We were wondering if you guys had any tips for us?
Karen Semm
Karen Semm 23 dager siden
The best part of the video was when Micah made the funny voice
JTM Contracting
JTM Contracting 23 dager siden
ken regwets putting sand bags in cjs car
Peyton Eason
Peyton Eason 23 dager siden
Damn bean you getting that winter husky ness going
Henry Adams
Henry Adams 23 dager siden
Plz make a music video
Jonah Brown
Jonah Brown 23 dager siden
How is it to have a dog as a mayor?
Amber Smith
Amber Smith 23 dager siden
Where’s tiny
Aussie_cunt 23 dager siden
and the horns look like the horns of dukes of hazard the sheriffs car
Aaron Lindsey
Aaron Lindsey 23 dager siden
U should have drag raced the snow mobiles and other toys against the cop car. Also next vid straight nos into the throttle body of the smart car
ETHAN.X3 23 dager siden
Only OG’S know that micha has his dads car and why
*Xx_Da1&only78_xX* 23 dager siden
you guys shouldve gone to elco speedway about a year ago, they had a public race and a drift off
Ben Hunt
Ben Hunt 23 dager siden
Let’s see Ken’s car vs Ryan’s jeep!
Steven Proctor
Steven Proctor 23 dager siden
Evo gang 💪🏻
Addison Ewing
Addison Ewing 23 dager siden
anybody know what the song at the end is? i can’t find it anywhere and they didn’t put it in the description
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 23 dager siden
Why do ken seem so much like an angry old man
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