Smart Car Crashes Through Wall

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In todays video, Micah and CJ take their smart cars through some big puddles! Later we go riding in our shop and figure its time to get rid of our wall separating 2 of the bays. So CJ drives his Smart Car through it!
Smart Car Crashes Through Wall
Smart Car Driver Crashes Through Our Wall!
Lawn mower Slip n' Slide!!
Riding Flooded Pit Bike Track!!
Racing Shifter Karts around town!!
Back yard pit bike track
Wheelie Bar for Dirt Bikes!!
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Thank you for watching guys ❤️
Gavin Brugger
Gavin Brugger 12 dager siden
Drew lamoreau clips
Drew lamoreau clips 29 dager siden
Love you guys
Kayam Pizza
Kayam Pizza Måned siden
@Name ס
Terry Smart
Terry Smart Måned siden
I own a brabus smart car
Cole F.
Cole F. Måned siden
You are cool
IFBOYS TV Dag siden
Justin needs to ride his quad more
Rahat Asher
Rahat Asher 2 dager siden
air 1 go is better because they have 11 hours of battery time
Hockey Shot
Hockey Shot 3 dager siden
I’ve been in Fargo for hockey
Logan Halloran
Logan Halloran 4 dager siden
Bean - if we cleared this wall then we’d have more room to drift CJ - say less
Gonzodd 6 dager siden
Malcolm Crain
Malcolm Crain 9 dager siden
What song is that at 1:08
Pat dolin ll
Pat dolin ll 13 dager siden
you guys are crazy as hell just like i used to be sense i had kids i cant he crazy like that anymore but you guys live my dream love the videos and hope there is more to come loved the waterskimming on the snow modile
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 13 dager siden
Is it just me or is Cody’s hair line going 📈
Pierce White
Pierce White 17 dager siden
elliott heretick
elliott heretick 22 dager siden
might need to save the panelles you never know who is going to hit the grarage door next
Zachary Hinderliter
Zachary Hinderliter 24 dager siden
You should get a Haro BMX bike
Jonathan Zaitouna
Jonathan Zaitouna 25 dager siden
what happened to murph
Zak Snyder
Zak Snyder 28 dager siden
you guys need to get mini coopers!!!
Kohen Wiseman
Kohen Wiseman Måned siden
I’m yosing those right now
MHD Balistic
MHD Balistic Måned siden
Where do you guys live in minnesota cause I live im moorhead
william richmond
william richmond Måned siden
0:01 im getting italian job vibes
Elite Airsoft
Elite Airsoft Måned siden
The thumbnail is him calling his inchurance company XD
Carter Mouw
Carter Mouw Måned siden
You guys should do a meet and greet in DL
Tristan Ricketts
Tristan Ricketts Måned siden
How fast dose it go
Bro Focus
Bro Focus Måned siden
I like mini coopers more
Andrew Conover
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Andrew Conover
Andrew Conover Måned siden
Andrew Conover
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pop offf
Andrew Conover
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yay raycon
Cole F.
Cole F. Måned siden
You are the best
rapcity cardwell
rapcity cardwell Måned siden
00:12 u past a cop
Nc_SkillsZz Måned siden
Now what about that being a smart crash
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Make Kody a Fuckin CBoy so I can stop commenting on every video 😎
TeeDee Designs
TeeDee Designs 2 måneder siden
Trump 2020
Connor Semlitch
Connor Semlitch 2 måneder siden
they had to have made 100000 off those sponsors there's like 20 I wish lol
Lucas B
Lucas B 2 måneder siden
You guys should snorkel one of the smart cars
Joshua Cerrato
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You guys are so 😎
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Owen1239 Culp
Owen1239 Culp 3 måneder siden
XxMAD DOGxX 3 måneder siden
Han haugsdal
Han haugsdal 3 måneder siden
Can you guys get pit bikes now
August Reel
August Reel 3 måneder siden
Race the quads and the smart cars
Nick Drenthe
Nick Drenthe 3 måneder siden
you should go paintballing in smart cars
Anthony Licata
Anthony Licata 3 måneder siden
i went through a little puddle like that with my f150 and fried every single electrical component in the truck. they make them with paper Mache nowadays!!
Jayden Godinez
Jayden Godinez 3 måneder siden
Crazy cart track
Eli Tuesday
Eli Tuesday 3 måneder siden
Check out Gotham garage's smart car build for a winery client they did.
Westy Luke
Westy Luke 3 måneder siden
We need a turbo Miata for the garage
Cortnie Smith
Cortnie Smith 3 måneder siden
Would have been cool to leave some of that wall up. to climb up and get good camera shots
Jose Garza
Jose Garza 3 måneder siden
More quad vids
Lea Valley
Lea Valley 3 måneder siden
I’m 10 today my wish is cboys get 950 million subs by my next birthday 🎂
Cash Wheeler
Cash Wheeler 3 måneder siden
Take *
Cash Wheeler
Cash Wheeler 3 måneder siden
You guys should taj Chinese pit bikes and destroy them
Addison Levene
Addison Levene 3 måneder siden
Strip the interior of the smart cars
Jeff Mielke
Jeff Mielke 3 måneder siden
Also what's up with no content on the days you guys are gonna say your are making videos. I get it you got a new shop but still gotta make videos of you want to pay for the shop. Making 2 videos a month ain't gonna cut it. Hopefully you guys step your game up other wise I have to move on.
Mac Pagan
Mac Pagan 3 måneder siden
I love the vids I just hate how long they take to come out :( i wish you guys uploaded daily, even if it wasn’t exciting I would still watch it !
J. Lamb
J. Lamb 3 måneder siden
This channel has gotten progressively shittier as time wears on.
Gavin White
Gavin White 3 måneder siden
like way more mud in all your videos plzzzzzz
Gavin White
Gavin White 3 måneder siden
need more muddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Grell
Jack Grell 3 måneder siden
im here chilling with airpods lol
Vicky & David Cook
Vicky & David Cook 3 måneder siden
I don’t have money and I really want a 250cc dirt bike because it is my pashon and I love !!! Riding stuff 😭😭😭 and I don’t have one 💔💔💔
Vicky & David Cook
Vicky & David Cook 3 måneder siden
And I am only 11 and I love riding it would make my year a lot better because of school
Jade Scanlon
Jade Scanlon 3 måneder siden
lol i drive a yellow 08 smart fortwo
Todd Jr Lindemann
Todd Jr Lindemann 3 måneder siden
You guys should buy a Smart Crossblade basically a sidexside smart car
Nathan Woods
Nathan Woods 3 måneder siden
I love the videos keep it up
Alex Nihles
Alex Nihles 3 måneder siden
What happened to posting every Monday and Thursday???
Parker Knight
Parker Knight 3 måneder siden
Where is kens Tesla cyber truck he ordered
Colby Justus
Colby Justus 3 måneder siden
Cuz means dumbeezone angels 🤣😂🤣😂
Gabe Gardner
Gabe Gardner 3 måneder siden
Buddy’s got his driving gloves on
M E 3 måneder siden
This was the gayest video.
Brandon Wellman
Brandon Wellman 3 måneder siden
Y’all should get mini trucks
seth hermes
seth hermes 3 måneder siden
This winter you guys need to come to California and ride the desert it’s super fun. It’s called ocotillo wells
OnGoModeTv 3 måneder siden
been waiting for the new upload!!!!
Tyler Watson
Tyler Watson 3 måneder siden
Murph should have drove it through the wall
Keegan Butler
Keegan Butler 3 måneder siden
When is ken getting a “fourwheeler”
Landon Ruff
Landon Ruff 3 måneder siden
I live 2 and a half hours from you.
Tristen Johnson
Tristen Johnson 3 måneder siden
Ryan needs to sell his it’s gay
Brendon 3 måneder siden
Yall should try and hydroplane a dirtbike over a really big puddle
Jacob McNamara
Jacob McNamara 3 måneder siden
You guys should make tiny jrs
M Bro's
M Bro's 3 måneder siden
When did cj yfz be purple
Aiden Pagel
Aiden Pagel 3 måneder siden
New guys were talking about the magazine whose quad was in the back
heidibonn 3 måneder siden
Bring back the visors
Kayla the , , 746764
Kayla the , , 746764 3 måneder siden
Drive in to the lake
Joe Gill
Joe Gill 3 måneder siden
Like for trump👍
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez 3 måneder siden
Where is smashing
Mason Stidwill
Mason Stidwill 3 måneder siden
U guys need Wrx
Kevin Weatherspoon
Kevin Weatherspoon 3 måneder siden
Bring the Cboys hats back
Hyper 3 måneder siden
It's not so smart now, now is it
Joe Waffle
Joe Waffle 3 måneder siden
Man I wish I had friends
Dustin Werley
Dustin Werley 3 måneder siden
How can I become a cboy????
Gio Ethridge
Gio Ethridge 3 måneder siden
Tern it to a goatcar corse
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor 3 måneder siden
Ben and Cj should race their yfz 450s
RuggBuggPubgm PUBGM
RuggBuggPubgm PUBGM 3 måneder siden
He’s a Motörhead but he has a Ford!!!???🤔🤔🤔🤔😨
Skylar Gilkerson
Skylar Gilkerson 3 måneder siden
Love your vids and wish i could rip with you guys
Titash Biswa
Titash Biswa 3 måneder siden
Can I get one pit bike for my bday I really really really really really really really really really want it
chief 10beers
chief 10beers 3 måneder siden
I love my '09 passion...i rep my smarty hard
Shaun Deleon
Shaun Deleon 3 måneder siden
I'ma buy a smart car now!! Lol
Don’t Test It.
Don’t Test It. 3 måneder siden
just so you guys know fords DO NOT go sideways they have the worst traction control/ABS setup since 2006. they will always lock up the tire with more wheel speed causing you to crash trying to correct. scrap that ford or keep it in a straight line. fucking junk
Ayden Bingham
Ayden Bingham 3 måneder siden
Y’all ain’t got nothing on whistlin diesel
Matthew Currie
Matthew Currie 3 måneder siden
I have a question, was that wall.... structural..?😂😂😂
Adolf Oliver Nipple
Adolf Oliver Nipple 3 måneder siden
Cj said the exhaust is falling off the headers but than drives threw a puddle cause that’s just good for the engine
Mike Ternoois
Mike Ternoois 3 måneder siden
Love you guys, since the smart cars a big hit I think you guys should do more videos of other unique and different vehicles like ford rangers, Chevy s10, volts wagon bug when the smart car faze ends
MuddyBoy06 3 måneder siden
Micah crashes through wall hops out:i think i hit something
Alexander Beasley
Alexander Beasley 3 måneder siden
what is the next giveaway
Luke Perry
Luke Perry 3 måneder siden
Next video Cboys Weld the diff on their smart cars.
Callen 717
Callen 717 3 måneder siden
Weld the diffs in the smart car for skids for days
Bad boys drive smart cars
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