Blowing up my friends Jeep!

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7 måneder siden

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*Pinning the best Ben Roast*
In todays video, CJ buys a new jeep that looks exactly like Micahs so he can swap them out and play a funny prank. The ice come off the lake and we put Ryan's MasterCraft boat in and go surfing!
Blowing up my friends Jeep!
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3D Mx
3D Mx 7 måneder siden
Ben the type of dude to help move his ex girlfriends belongings into her new boyfriends house.
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 15 timer siden
Dalan Samuel
Dalan Samuel Måned siden
By a dog
sleepyy Nash Ψ
sleepyy Nash Ψ 2 måneder siden
@conner, no tf he not. Ben is super nice he would do that probably.
¡s a b e r!
¡s a b e r! 3 måneder siden
he's that Nice of a guy
2True 7 måneder siden
3D Mx I was gonna like but it’s at 420 likes
William Penhale
William Penhale 7 dager siden
Ben oh i thought it was a dumb bum Ben
Dean Schara
Dean Schara 15 dager siden
Jesse Nava Robles
Jesse Nava Robles 16 dager siden
no Ben doo
Urijah Stagner
Urijah Stagner 17 dager siden
They look up how to make a bomb
Ian 18 dager siden
Dark Vertical
Dark Vertical 21 dag siden
Can I get that jeep
Samantha Martinez
Samantha Martinez 22 dager siden
Albert Korpi
Albert Korpi 25 dager siden
who sells car for 10 bucks xd
Menolyn Ystor
Menolyn Ystor 25 dager siden
no bendehoe
ben can no DO anything hahaha
Hunter [WR]
Hunter [WR] Måned siden
Fishing with EJ Ej
Fishing with EJ Ej Måned siden
Bens the type of guy to give his girlfriend a boy that she already dated😂
JULIE LAST Måned siden
No Ken’s just bens
Addison Wilmes
Addison Wilmes Måned siden
No kens just bens
justin mehling
justin mehling Måned siden
No Ben do , that's what she said
Nick D.
Nick D. 2 måneder siden
Like father like son
Jason Tawse
Jason Tawse 2 måneder siden
Can those glasses see around corners because I can all most see the back of your head
Jamie Sheehan
Jamie Sheehan 2 måneder siden
shit ben you fart yeah
Preston Graham
Preston Graham 2 måneder siden
Yo that was my freind ahaha
Da goat
Da goat 3 måneder siden
I’m the person you bought the car from and this was funny
Nathan Gabelman
Nathan Gabelman 3 måneder siden
JaceWit Dabass
JaceWit Dabass 3 måneder siden
Ben is the type that would get in the hot tub and then get in the lake
Ryan Novy
Ryan Novy 3 måneder siden
right after the jeep exploded i got a jeep ad lmao
Austin Goodman
Austin Goodman 3 måneder siden
What is his last name Ben Dover
Jacob Couch
Jacob Couch 4 måneder siden
Ben is gay...Just kidding bro I love you ben
Daniel Conrad
Daniel Conrad 4 måneder siden
bens laugh after they blew up the car😂😂
ixSevEnHD 4 måneder siden
Kids selling cars in usa?😂
- Cynix
- Cynix 4 måneder siden
Danny Duncan does it better
James Breheney
James Breheney 4 måneder siden
Clapped xjs lives matter
Austin Fausnaught
Austin Fausnaught 4 måneder siden
I love how CJ said 10 dollar’s when there is a 100 dollar bill in the back of the money stack lol
Justin Lundberg
Justin Lundberg 4 måneder siden
Lol yep he gave me more than $10
David Lane
David Lane 5 måneder siden
Tiko fishy got drip fishy got drip
Kimble Keyes
Kimble Keyes 5 måneder siden
sam evison
sam evison 5 måneder siden
You know why your family tree is a cactus......... Because your a prick
Jacob Jensen
Jacob Jensen 5 måneder siden
Rip headpons user 4:15
Mr. Bacon
Mr. Bacon 5 måneder siden
He did not have his seatbelt on lol
Kyler Farmer
Kyler Farmer 5 måneder siden
rip a good xj
darren willmott
darren willmott 6 måneder siden
no Bens
Devon Cronin
Devon Cronin 6 måneder siden
Destroyed a rare ass manual Jeep Cherokee was still fun to watch
Ty Turner
Ty Turner 6 måneder siden
Make a sparkler bomb
Alex Eckenrod
Alex Eckenrod 6 måneder siden
My heart is broken.
Dawson Traylor
Dawson Traylor 6 måneder siden
may 4th is my birthday
VicGaming123 6 måneder siden
How to make a bomb 101
Keith Whitehead
Keith Whitehead 6 måneder siden
That poor ax15.
Matt Fuller
Matt Fuller 6 måneder siden
The Boys Missed The Ropes & 🧱 Fk Thise Yuppi Glassers
Kaleb Klos
Kaleb Klos 6 måneder siden
Should call it a “Ben doin it”. Instead of a no ken do.
Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh 6 måneder siden
TX Masket
TX Masket 6 måneder siden
It is a manual
Jace Mcgraw
Jace Mcgraw 6 måneder siden
Ben should not pull a ken, ken is the only one that is a wiener
sootiesfire vlogs
sootiesfire vlogs 6 måneder siden
Your supposed to mix it all till it’s a grey color
pekka pekkanen
pekka pekkanen 6 måneder siden
Ben is the type of dude that sits down on the toilet to pee like a girl
Starfruit Scuba
Starfruit Scuba 6 måneder siden
Roses are red gras is greener when I watch these videos Ben is a Weiner
corbin isaacs
corbin isaacs 6 måneder siden
stuff it all in there "cj" thats what she said
grant welsh
grant welsh 6 måneder siden
They really blew up a 4x4 manual xj. Those are acually really rare
Mbali Mhlongo
Mbali Mhlongo 6 måneder siden
Ben you look worse then the blown up jeep
Mbali Mhlongo
Mbali Mhlongo 6 måneder siden
You guys are always at the junk yard
Hunter Sieling
Hunter Sieling 6 måneder siden
Perfectly good external slave AX15 5 speed wasted. That transmission was worth $500...
Justin Lundberg
Justin Lundberg 4 måneder siden
I got way more than $10 for it and the jeep had 400,000 miles on it
escalator cancer
escalator cancer 6 måneder siden
Hey, what year is the jeep micah owns? I'm getting a 95 and i want to make my jeep look like his
Johnny Carlsen
Johnny Carlsen 6 måneder siden
At first he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh😭🤣🤣
evanbaker boss
evanbaker boss 6 måneder siden
Ben is so ugly that his mom wouldn't touch him
Gokublackvxr 6 måneder siden
Poor jeep :(
i just wanna say that
i just wanna say that 6 måneder siden
it's agent J you etheric manager: 1. all 5 of yall or whatever need to download either the headspace or abide app or whatever one suits you and stick with it daily with devotion 2. do Christian stuff more often, start with praying more 3. buy phenibut or kratom or both 4. take notes whenever i comment 5. stop ejaculating
Ryder Greenslade
Ryder Greenslade 6 måneder siden
ben that guy that is such a baby that when he stubs his toe he tells everyone that he needs to go to the ER
Matty B
Matty B 6 måneder siden
Where is Jake??
Carter Pickett
Carter Pickett 6 måneder siden
How could you do that to a manual XJ😪 hurts to watch. at least it was an older model😂
William McPherson
William McPherson 6 måneder siden
Alexis gutierrez
Alexis gutierrez 6 måneder siden
It looks like they are making meth
Flynn Harris
Flynn Harris 6 måneder siden
Search History: How to make a bomb
Jamal Vos
Jamal Vos 6 måneder siden
Every interior piece I’ve been looking for just got blown up 💀
B Barrett
B Barrett 6 måneder siden
That could have gotten ugly for Big Ken, lucky for us he's a trained professional stunt man.
Zack Schmidt
Zack Schmidt 6 måneder siden
Imagine Cboys gets a Yamaha Blaster for Jake and hit it with Mortars 😂
Lukas 6 måneder siden
0:33 Shed???
Dakota Brock
Dakota Brock 7 måneder siden
I love the fact that Ben has to ask to be roasted but All Ken has to do is make an appearance on a video 😂
Lazy Liar
Lazy Liar 7 måneder siden
Have you Seen the video of Ben on tiktok Falling out of his truck on ice
Lugnut T
Lugnut T 7 måneder siden
I wish I had that transmission and tuff for mine
Justin Lundberg
Justin Lundberg 4 måneder siden
I had it for sale for a while before I sold it to them
Tim Crowe
Tim Crowe 7 måneder siden
you gave that kid ten bucks really. should have helped him out
Fin S
Fin S 7 måneder siden
Just casually makin a pipe bomb for the video 😂
Quinten Preece
Quinten Preece 7 måneder siden
I know every one in the comments will hate me saying this... I like the Raptor
Quinten Preece
Quinten Preece 7 måneder siden
What can I say I'm a Ford guy
electriclly 7 måneder siden
That XJ was perfect, 4 door, manual.
Justin Lundberg
Justin Lundberg 4 måneder siden
Kinda needed lot of work and when I sound it to them it had 400,000 miles on it
Joey Meyer
Joey Meyer 7 måneder siden
Milk jugs full of gas. Tape them shut and tape it to the tannerite. It will never disappoint then.
GioAbusalah 7 måneder siden
Ben the type of dude to crash a dirt bike into a tree and say it was the bikes fault it didn’t move
Avril Lamb
Avril Lamb 7 måneder siden
Hearing those roasts made me feel soo bad for ben aww.. :( lol
ThatJDMGuy1 7 måneder siden
Native 7 måneder siden
that was legit the lamest thing you could have done with a decent jeep... wow
Justin Lundberg
Justin Lundberg 4 måneder siden
Yea when I sound it to them I was kinda hoping they would romp it or somthing
Nasty Bawlz
Nasty Bawlz 7 måneder siden
Where is Jake
805 Fast House
805 Fast House 7 måneder siden
That was a nice Jeep
Liam Edenborg
Liam Edenborg 7 måneder siden
oh yeah !!!
Mason Collins
Mason Collins 7 måneder siden
Drop the bangin shields again
JJ McDonald
JJ McDonald 7 måneder siden
If I had 3500 I would by CJ’S dirt bike
KRISTIAN Hegna 7 måneder siden
can you guys buy a honda crf 150 rb???
Gregory Hatfield
Gregory Hatfield 7 måneder siden
Plz answer buy jake a ds 450 again plzzzz
ayden rocksss101
ayden rocksss101 7 måneder siden
10:51 I dont think it was ever bigger than that anyway
22Justin95 7 måneder siden
You guys should really give those tannerite explosions more space/get behind some cover. There are plenty of stories of people blowing shit up then getting hit by shrapnel
Cale Jensen
Cale Jensen 7 måneder siden
hey cboys, i was browsing facebook marketplace and i found CJ´s bike, wtf guys, just give it to me for free lol
Briar macdonald
Briar macdonald 7 måneder siden
love the vids keep it up!! Video idea get two jet ski's than Jake and Cody can rip
Briar macdonald
Briar macdonald 7 måneder siden
please reply
Brandon Stroot
Brandon Stroot 7 måneder siden
Why no shelby bangin bruh
B Molleur
B Molleur 7 måneder siden
lol tried catching the drone on the party barge last summer and bout near cut some fingers off
JD FLIMZ 7 måneder siden
love the cboys you guys have inspired me to make my own channel if your reading this you should check it out for skiing/moto vids
Santa Claus
Santa Claus 7 måneder siden
These boys just made as straight up pipe bomb
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