Surprising Best Friend with Dream Bike

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Surprising Best Friend with Dream Bike
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In todays video, we sneak out of town early in the morning and take a short 3.5 hour road to trip to pick up a brand new dirt bike to surprise our friend and business partner Ben. Its been a really long time coming but we were finally able to get him a gift to thank him for all the hard work he has done for us. The bike is a 2019 crf450rx that had only 1 hour on it. This bike is perfect for him because he likes to trail ride in the summer and take it to the mountains with a timber sled kit on it in the winter, but needs the power of a crf 450r race bike. Surprising him with the bike went awesome and we went riding right after. It was nice to see Ben on a Honda again. Ben was able to ride some really nice wheelies on it too! Comment down below what kind of bike you would like if your friends were to surprise you like we did to Ben!

Cash and Isaac 429
Cash and Isaac 429 2 dager siden
I love you Ben your one of my favorite on cboys and I live you all
Gavin Helmer
Gavin Helmer 11 dager siden
Its the recluse clutch that makes it feel so clean and fast, We put one on a yzf450 quad at our shop and it was ridiculous
Zachary Campregher
Zachary Campregher 14 dager siden
I love Chanel it’s the best Chanel ever trust me it is the best Chanel ever
Wyatt Burnes
Wyatt Burnes 15 dager siden
I really want a dirt bike just to do what y’all do
Piston Valley
Piston Valley 15 dager siden
To the 1% reading this stay safe and have a wonderful day (my dream is to be a famous moto vloger)thanks❤️
Humberto Garcia
Humberto Garcia 16 dager siden
I got a 2020 for
Jack Kruser
Jack Kruser 19 dager siden
who else is hear in 2021
Leah Holden
Leah Holden 20 dager siden
you don't have to pull in the cluch
Wyatt Rogers
Wyatt Rogers 22 dager siden
holy shit those skid steer tracks are bald
Heady Fullmelt
Heady Fullmelt 25 dager siden
that old spice ricky bobby hat made my day! haha
Trenton Conner
Trenton Conner Måned siden
Dude come back to Bismarck let’s hangout
Calista Harsulla
Calista Harsulla Måned siden
I’d like for my buddy’s to surprise me with a Yamaha TTR 125. Still saving up to buy one after 5 years
Greyson Riegel
Greyson Riegel Måned siden
You need to come back to Bismarck and go to the track it’s sick
Brendan Wrightson
Brendan Wrightson Måned siden
Damn that bike is fire
EthanCrichton7 Måned siden
I struggle getting a 150 up the trailer but you guys over here pushing a 450 up the trailer
Kent Gower
Kent Gower Måned siden
yo you guys are so cool
DOFI_YT Måned siden
Ya my next bike is a CRF250R and I just got a CRF150R with a bigger board and jet so it’s kinda a 200, I got it 3 months ago. CRF bikes are FAST!
XZ_bl3ze yt
XZ_bl3ze yt 2 måneder siden
Ryan’s face when he got another hug was so priceless 14:28
Jonathan Lindh
Jonathan Lindh 2 måneder siden
Man these guys are living my dream...
Andy Sk
Andy Sk 3 måneder siden
When your a 14 year old that rides a 450r
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 4 måneder siden
ayeisjosh 4 måneder siden
legend says there still hugging
T clark
T clark 4 måneder siden
buy cj a bike
Stormy73xd 5 måneder siden
Little did they know that video was gonna go hella wrong
Jake Explores
Jake Explores 5 måneder siden
John Nolan
John Nolan 5 måneder siden
Well it's not a cboys surprise without having a problem😂
Carson K
Carson K 5 måneder siden
Haven’t seen that garage in awhile
Top 15s
Top 15s 5 måneder siden
Bismarck is 4 and a half hours away from crookston so there is no way its 2 from cormorant no hate just saying
TheWatcher 5 måneder siden
Imagine knowing how does it feel like getting a gift.
Aidan Velthuis
Aidan Velthuis 5 måneder siden
Was that bike used when you bought it or was the rekluse factory installed
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller 6 måneder siden
Who else after this video bought 4 shirts of Cboystv merch 😅😂
Lea Valley
Lea Valley 6 måneder siden
I watch you’re videos all day long
Lea Valley
Lea Valley 6 måneder siden
That’s got a butiful rap
Brooke Vetter
Brooke Vetter 6 måneder siden
I wish I could get a dirt bike
Claymotor110 Field
Claymotor110 Field 6 måneder siden
Love the hype on the videos
Yeeyeelife Official
Yeeyeelife Official 6 måneder siden
most heart warming video ever of the best youtube channel cboys
Giovanni Reynolds
Giovanni Reynolds 6 måneder siden
You guys have a friendship and bond that very few people will ever have it’s so great seeing it!
Greyson Riegel
Greyson Riegel 6 måneder siden
I live in Bismarck and I almost bought my dirt dirt bike from full throttle the name of the store they bought the dirt bike from and I get my service done there when I break my dirt bike
NuNc !
NuNc ! 6 måneder siden
How do I join this friend group cause if it’s being fucking dumb and do cool shit I’m In
Brappp Tuber
Brappp Tuber 6 måneder siden
Since we buy the merch can we all get one of those
Dalton Peters
Dalton Peters 7 måneder siden
It also comes with a 18 inch wheel and a kickstand and the gears are a little bit longer
Hayes M
Hayes M 7 måneder siden
Sick bike
Jack Schlesner
Jack Schlesner 7 måneder siden
So cool!
Lil Slumped
Lil Slumped 7 måneder siden
Iko your probraly not going to awnsr but iv wanted a ltr 450 for so long and I have a quad but it need sm work please awnsr
David Helt
David Helt 7 måneder siden
I miss the old stomping grounds drifting jumping and all of that 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
Clayton Pinney
Clayton Pinney 7 måneder siden
All of the Cboys need to grow mullets
Jeppe Lito
Jeppe Lito 7 måneder siden
lens redjo
lens redjo 8 måneder siden
I want that quad broo🙏
Harry Schultz
Harry Schultz 8 måneder siden
that's my dream dirt bike as well
Landyn Rooney
Landyn Rooney 8 måneder siden
600 k by the way
nervis. motion
nervis. motion 8 måneder siden
You make your drifter cart videos hear
Joey Minet
Joey Minet 8 måneder siden
Thats awesome man, friendship is one of the most important things in life man. Keep on making awesome videos man
Harry Schultz
Harry Schultz 8 måneder siden
i wish that could happen to me
Robert Lizama
Robert Lizama 8 måneder siden
Wish I could get my dream bike
Justgonna Sendit
Justgonna Sendit 9 måneder siden
I remember when bangin shot his quad out the back of the ranger
Bryce Farrow
Bryce Farrow 9 måneder siden
I dream to have a quad one day 😭😩
Tyler Graham
Tyler Graham 9 måneder siden
I want to say cboystv y’all are awesome and so bad ass stuff and for each other
Caden Parnow
Caden Parnow 10 måneder siden
it is so nice to know where exactly all the places you go to are
Arda Akbaş
Arda Akbaş 10 måneder siden
dude the brake rotors are put on the wrong way on that bike oh my god stop making that mistake pleasee
Tyler z Piraro
Tyler z Piraro 10 måneder siden
So do we get free bikes or what
Matt Barnett
Matt Barnett 11 måneder siden
That's so cool! Congrats!!
DAWG OF WAR GAMING 11 måneder siden
my best friends slap me in the face and say you’re welcome 😂
Nikkooo. TV
Nikkooo. TV 11 måneder siden
Sana oil
Daily Dose
Daily Dose 11 måneder siden
❤Honda CRF-450RX❤👌
frosStme 11 måneder siden
Hi cboystv you guys should make a bike give away
HRNHRN_85 5 11 måneder siden
Y don't u like Yamaha?
Logan Jarvela
Logan Jarvela År siden
Like if Cj needs to get a dirt bike
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr År siden
8500 dollar bike. Nice present.
Smit1791 År siden
Looks like the boys needed a tax write-off ;) Great video. Love the channel boys.
Tyler Parker
Tyler Parker År siden
Yo let's be friends G lol
You guys are so nice🥰🥰🥰
Max Lancaster
Max Lancaster År siden
At the reveal “YEEAAAAHHH!!!” Lmfao
Kort Craft
Kort Craft År siden
Jac Gordon
Jac Gordon År siden
My friends won't lend me a few ££ for a sandwich when I forgot my wallet going to college... Need new friends 😂
Nathan Caster
Nathan Caster År siden
Calling it now next giveaway is bens ktm
RedOgSilver TV
RedOgSilver TV År siden
I am a og i got here at 1.500 thouded subs
Wardud3 ツ
Wardud3 ツ År siden
Who else thinks they need Honda groms?
Marsel År siden
Dang I wish I had a friend it friends like that 😓😂
Jay Payette
Jay Payette År siden
Dream bike a 4 stroke? Fucking pussy.
mips År siden
no helmet organ donor
Matt Brown
Matt Brown År siden
Wow I need friends like u guys!! Fucking awesome!!
Tyler År siden
Fuck the guy who ruined the initial surprise, worrying about an air compressor.. “we need to save the audio”... 🤦🏻‍♂️
MoToCrOsS_13 År siden
Ride red get head
MoToCrOsS_13 År siden
I love the c boys thanks for the videos i love them
Jack V816
Jack V816 År siden
I was one of those 14,000 been subscribed since 6,000 subscribers hope you enjoy your new bike ben
Sundaybikes an coffee vlogs
Sundaybikes an coffee vlogs År siden
No offence, you guys are awesome and I love your content but when you put everything that happens in the video in the beginning i kinda don't want to watch it after I see it because I want to be shocked by what happens in the video, but when you put everything that happens in the video in the beginning its like oh I beginning not that big of a surprise. But seriously love your guys channel.
Rabon G
Rabon G År siden
great energy!
Fth Nathan
Fth Nathan År siden
Congrats on 500k☝🏾🥳
Bradley Lewis
Bradley Lewis År siden
Wow thats amazing i wish i had friends like you.. haven't had a bike in years.. he was over the moon
JDM Sauce
JDM Sauce År siden
One of the coolest video I've watched In a long while
Dirt bike Kolt
Dirt bike Kolt År siden
I have a husky 85 it’s so fun I bout broke my leg on it but my friend broke his leg in his ktm 85
Jayden Tohm
Jayden Tohm År siden
You guys should do a meet and greet in Minot
Mason Derrick
Mason Derrick År siden
start posting more
Kevin Koch
Kevin Koch År siden
How do these guys not have millions of subs? Like seriously ? These guys are killing it for sure! I have been watching their videos for over the past few months and i enjoy it soooo much, it would be a dream for me hanging out with these guys. You guys should come visit belgium sometime 😆 Special shoutout to jake for being an awesome dude all the time & keep up the good vibes guys!
chilly cheeze
chilly cheeze År siden
First NOpostrs that ive found that are from the area, grand forks ND baby!!!
Ty Bryant
Ty Bryant År siden
Congrats on half a million 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊
chilly cheeze
chilly cheeze År siden
Bismarck? I live near there!!! Holy heck!!
toy review
toy review År siden
Why are you giving jakes quad again
Elliot Lundgren
Elliot Lundgren År siden
Double643Play År siden
Congrats on 500k!!!!!!!!!
I got a Quad.
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