Burning off Sand Tire on Dirt Bike!!

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Burning off Sand Tire on Dirt Bike!!
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In todays video we start off by heading to our first ever car meet "Cakes and Octane" where we were able to meet a bunch you guys and see a ton of cool muscle and tuner cars. Later we decide to throw Micah's paddle tire back on his dirt bike and see how it performs on the road/ditch on our way to the sand pit! We ride the sand pit a little and even take the Can am Maverick up the sand hill which was really fun! Ryan takes his quad up the hill and the rest of us ride our dirt bikes! We finish off the day with Micah burning off his sand tire on his dirt bike!! If you read all of this comment down below "I love Erased Products!!"

Cabe Trees
Cabe Trees 11 dager siden
When are chrome used to have truck on it - dummy zone
Logan Allison
Logan Allison 13 dager siden
2:30 what are those sunglasses called I want some
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 14 dager siden
I love you vids
Joe norris
Joe norris 22 dager siden
Wjats the rap song when they were rippin it on the samd dune
Bronson Connor
Bronson Connor 25 dager siden
im an og
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson 26 dager siden
do a video with cheapest and most expensive dirt bike on amazon
Bob's Burgers
Bob's Burgers 28 dager siden
Roses are red violets are blue the time you came for is 12:32
TheWeirdGamer Måned siden
are you guys from Canada
TheWeirdGamer Måned siden
are u from canada
Scott Slaughter
Scott Slaughter Måned siden
Love the vid it was dope and what’s that song
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin Måned siden
Brycen Grove
Brycen Grove Måned siden
bro you smoked out the pigs
Pxl_ Phantom
Pxl_ Phantom Måned siden
Pxl_ Phantom
Pxl_ Phantom Måned siden
Oh kids trying to act like he’s rich
ZIN Måned siden
ok this was in my recommend and i seen my dad and is car LOL
Amanda Worth
Amanda Worth 2 måneder siden
yo cboystv my favorite channel
A sad kid
A sad kid 2 måneder siden
꧁༺Chamomile Tea༻꧂
꧁༺Chamomile Tea༻꧂ 3 måneder siden
It's a paddle tire.
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore 3 måneder siden
You guys do so much illegal stuff
James Bauman
James Bauman 4 måneder siden
medium pulp orange juice is minty
UR N0T GUD 4 måneder siden
Don’t chase pigs to much they don’t sweat so it builds up and the have seizures and die
C Elkins
C Elkins 4 måneder siden
You guys and girls haft to like if you just watched this video to see him burn his tires
sharpawsomedude! 2
sharpawsomedude! 2 4 måneder siden
they put the tire on the wrong way...
sharpawsomedude! 2
sharpawsomedude! 2 4 måneder siden
o wait my bad
Joe Diana
Joe Diana 5 måneder siden
You guys should have a tire changing contest. Would be a awesome video and probably funny too like all the rest.
Jackson Winter
Jackson Winter 5 måneder siden
If only fun things could still happen
FP_ Creamy
FP_ Creamy 5 måneder siden
who’s watching this during quarantine
Tegan Garza
Tegan Garza 5 måneder siden
Any body else think he’s a wanna be Danny Duncan but no hate there both cool youtubers
Jack Rego
Jack Rego 5 måneder siden
1:14 ur so mean to him😂 u just had to rub it in his face that they were there didn’t u lmao u could’ve just not even told him😂🥺
BrodyOmeara 6 måneder siden
“Back when our Crome used to have a truck on it”-Ben 4:40
Chris Andika
Chris Andika 6 måneder siden
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez 6 måneder siden
Okay sounds dumb but can I get the raz😭
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 6 måneder siden
the one part of the the video i wanted to see was a 30 second clip 12:29
BMX Buds
BMX Buds 6 måneder siden
October 3 is the day before my birthday
GD Pro
GD Pro 6 måneder siden
What is the music called at the beginning of the video
DOIMORZ 6 måneder siden
what type of raptor is ryan on??
Malcolm Robinson
Malcolm Robinson 6 måneder siden
No wonder us has got so many covid cases!
William Penhale
William Penhale 6 måneder siden
i fell aslep wating at 12 00
Enrique Delacruz
Enrique Delacruz 6 måneder siden
What kind of bikes do y’all have?
GOB CLAN 6 måneder siden
Buy a four-stroke clutch and do it
Jamacia Freak
Jamacia Freak 6 måneder siden
13:54 that’s what you came for
Jd Wells
Jd Wells 6 måneder siden
Who else thought it was on fire in the beginning
Ryker Veroba
Ryker Veroba 6 måneder siden
7:04 welcome to owning a Ktm 😂
Christian Anguiano
Christian Anguiano 6 måneder siden
Full send boys 🤟
Keagan Harmston
Keagan Harmston 6 måneder siden
Hey guys I live in Minnesota could I come up there some time if I get money to and see you guys I live like 6 hrs away in Winona Amman and I always wanted to spend a day with you
Kai Richardson
Kai Richardson 6 måneder siden
I like your videos
Nathaniel Gauthier
Nathaniel Gauthier 7 måneder siden
me being a ssand drag racer i cry when i seen this
Ectos 7 måneder siden
why does his head look so big in the thumbnail?
MitchEEMouse 7 måneder siden
7:40 when you see the squad roll up😂😂😂😂😂😂
Laura Ludvigsen
Laura Ludvigsen 7 måneder siden
If Ryan does such good wheelies he should just ride dirt bikes
Kody Kozak
Kody Kozak 7 måneder siden
Finally I have something in common with someone else The way my name is spelled
yo boi
yo boi 7 måneder siden
4 strokers be like
Micrud Gaming
Micrud Gaming 7 måneder siden
You shouldn’t ride a wheelie on the quod for very long my cousin has a raptor 700 and rode wheelies for like a half a mile and he blew up the motor
Itsthepyro 8 måneder siden
Tell Micha to stop chasing bacon
bappo 8 måneder siden
"if you can start it you can ride it" quote for life
ur mom
ur mom 8 måneder siden
Just wanted to be the 400th comment
LD Books
LD Books 8 måneder siden
Yz 250
Tido Bear
Tido Bear 8 måneder siden
Song at 1:40
Kaiden Leftwich
Kaiden Leftwich 8 måneder siden
Song anyone ?
Will MacDuff
Will MacDuff 8 måneder siden
What cc is that bike
Callen Whitfill
Callen Whitfill 9 måneder siden
Mason is just like me
Essex Descent
Essex Descent 9 måneder siden
Where are y’all from I would love to attend one
Owen Anawak
Owen Anawak 9 måneder siden
"I erased products"
TrippyyTrix 9 måneder siden
don't think theyre called sand tires they called paddle tired
TD3269 10 måneder siden
This is one of stupidest videos you have put out!!! Should have concentrated on the event! Not like we haven’t seen anyone of you smoke a dirt bike tire! That was just as boring as KEN!!
Luka Veber
Luka Veber 10 måneder siden
so no news for what se songs are?
yo boi
yo boi 10 måneder siden
2 stroke better
Branden Burg
Branden Burg 10 måneder siden
I seen the marijuana growing
diablo Masta
diablo Masta 10 måneder siden
This is late but you guys are only 1 hour and 12 minutes from me in comfort Minnesota. I live in BL lol
Jackson Krzys
Jackson Krzys 11 måneder siden
i really want that mavric its beautiful
Tellun YT
Tellun YT 11 måneder siden
that dodge viper was sexy as f*ck
Domanic Khan
Domanic Khan 11 måneder siden
“If you can start it you can ride it.”
Bryce Benz
Bryce Benz 11 måneder siden
I love seeing a bunch of 25 year olds doing stuff that entertains me so much!Much love for the cboys!!!!!
Jordan Stanga
Jordan Stanga 11 måneder siden
12:30 Thank me!
Sloth Productions
Sloth Productions År siden
Where's Jake?!
Martin Taylor
Martin Taylor År siden
Tenth blunt in and this dude is chasing pigs
Frankie Moore
Frankie Moore År siden
I've been here since Giant slide in slide video
O O År siden
12:30 is why you came here
Jesse Neil
Jesse Neil År siden
Everyone like this comment if they should have done ether cars and cameras of cakes and cameras
Yeetus Skeetus
Yeetus Skeetus År siden
You should put bicycles tires on the dirt bike
Max Hamby
Max Hamby År siden
Whats the car at 3:25
tp3sk8r År siden
Lol it's called a paddle tire
Jayton Wise
Jayton Wise År siden
I guarantee you you won't watch a cboys TV video without a machine in it and this includes dirt bikes quads or anyting that relates to that
A B År siden
now you have a dirt bike drag slick
James Leabo
James Leabo År siden
10:43 Howd it look? -That was badass
Lexinator År siden
That’s the song in the back at like 10 minutes in
Ryan Day
Ryan Day År siden
snowboard down the dunes
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson År siden
Anyone know the song starting at 9:25 ?
Cash Lottermoser
Cash Lottermoser Måned siden
Your mom
Elijah Cruz
Elijah Cruz År siden
October is my 2 year anniversary with my girlfriend🤪
NotSoSoviet År siden
Blake Douglas Erickson
Blake Douglas Erickson År siden
Hey it’s me at 2:03👍🏽
DrKampfpudding År siden
Thats freedom .. In germany you drive off the paved road and the police will be after you . and if you ride without a plate in the road . man you're in trouble. They'll send the army xD
Cole Spolarich
Cole Spolarich År siden
Mason hit puberty hard
J Manzi
J Manzi År siden
I think Ryan needs a Banshee now🤷🏻‍♂️
Bailey MacQuarrie
Bailey MacQuarrie År siden
Turn music down when car are revving
Chace Hahn
Chace Hahn År siden
Yo I’m friends with your brother Jake. Just discovered y’alls channel is dope af. If you ever want to hoon around in a bmw drift car tell Jake to hmu
Steve Wood
Steve Wood År siden
What tire does Ryan run?
Big boys
Big boys År siden
I need one a new a new dirt bike
AG62 År siden
12:32 this is what you came for
z_xagger roblox Nicholas
z_xagger roblox Nicholas 24 dager siden
ahh~ i’m boutta burst OUT THE GAS MASK
JBOT Gaming
JBOT Gaming 27 dager siden
Nathan Burt
Nathan Burt Måned siden
Thx bro
Lisa Denison
Lisa Denison Måned siden
I like it
Magic T05
Magic T05 Måned siden
@AG62 thanks man
thomas bond
thomas bond År siden
if i come down with my trx450r quod would i be able to ride with you guys
Omaira Castillo
Omaira Castillo År siden
Do your vids get copyrighted
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