The Best Snowmobiling in the Midwest! Riding Turbo Polaris Snowmobile at Low Elevation..

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9 måneder siden

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In today’s video we loaded up our Chevy Duramax with our Polaris snowmobiles and Timbersled Dirtbike’s and head up to the upper peninsula of Michigan to do some backcountry riding. With the luck of perfect weather, we found awesome snow but unfortunately ran into issues with Ryan’s Turbo RMK due to too much boost at to low of an elevation. The Snowbike’s were able to capitalize on the snowpack being able to wheelie everywhere, ride in all the tight trees the UP has to offer and go up any hill in sight. Jake getting confused with a hot girl absolutely shreds on his new Polaris Assault Switchback pushing the limits to what it can do.
HOT CHICK RIPS SNOWMOBILE!! Turbo Polaris Snowmobile (Riding in the Midwest)
The Best Snowmobiling in the Midwest! Riding Turbo Polaris Snowmobile at Low Elevation..

CboysTV 9 måneder siden
Thank you for the hospitality Michigan! We had a blast filming this one. This season is coming to an end and we only got a few more sled videos left thanks for watching guys!!!
Caden Allred
Caden Allred 4 måneder siden
Lit vid
alvin marshall
alvin marshall 9 måneder siden
TKA Cicer0
TKA Cicer0 9 måneder siden
Hey I think you should come down to St. Hellen MI, it’s a blast no snow or snow
Jim Devlin
Jim Devlin 9 måneder siden
Name of bus should be “THE BANGIN BUS”
Truth Seeker1911
Truth Seeker1911 9 måneder siden
CboysTV trying to buy some shit on your website to win that 450 so I can go in some deep powder here in Montana and your website doesn’t have express checkout/ paypal?!🤬🤯
Karter Wilson
Karter Wilson 15 timer siden
I love your guys channel
Christopher Curtis
Christopher Curtis 4 dager siden
You guys need to get more snow bikes
Tanner Kappel
Tanner Kappel 11 dager siden
i think the thing that broke of was the throttle string or somthing
Mazy D
Mazy D 18 dager siden
Arctic cat boys 😎
ttv.Justin12 2 måneder siden
That’s where I live! 10 min away from here. I love the snow here it’s so much we get and it’s so much fun to ride in. I just got a m7 articAt m-series snowmobile just now.
Mi-BoysUSA 4 måneder siden
cole Pringle
cole Pringle 5 måneder siden
I love your videos
Tate Vande Slunt
Tate Vande Slunt 5 måneder siden
Man I miss snowmobiling and being able to live 😂😂😂😂
Gavin Trecker
Gavin Trecker 6 måneder siden
what dirt bike and kit do you use for you guys snow bikes.
Noah Lear
Noah Lear 6 måneder siden
6:24 anyone know the song name??
Ian Patterson
Ian Patterson 7 måneder siden
Somehow jake has been around bikes and quads for years, yet he doesn’t know what a throttle cable is
Lane L.
Lane L. 7 måneder siden
Make another trip video that shits deeeecent
Fishin Michigan
Fishin Michigan 7 måneder siden
Can you guys please come to the U.P. And ride dirt bikes and quads in the summer
Wardog 2773
Wardog 2773 7 måneder siden
Throttle cable
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 7 måneder siden
I love how all the newer Polaris ATVs have electronic throttle control but jakes sled doesn’t lol,
Thenewguy 7 måneder siden
Man yall be in Michigan and i live all the way on the other side of the state away from the cool stuff you guys come do
Joshua Burke
Joshua Burke 8 måneder siden
You guys need to come to Maine
Joseph Howard
Joseph Howard 8 måneder siden
1:31 Irish twins
Jacob Boates
Jacob Boates 8 måneder siden
When you hear a scary noise when home alone 6:46
Louis Turcotte
Louis Turcotte 8 måneder siden
Ashton Anderton
Ashton Anderton 9 måneder siden
5psi is nothing my friend is running 28psi in an artic cat 1100 tubo
Lukas Schuh
Lukas Schuh 9 måneder siden
The throttle cable is what fell off
Jake Pinto
Jake Pinto 9 måneder siden
Where’s Justin been
Schroeder Family Farms
Schroeder Family Farms 9 måneder siden
Hi I'm Esden Schroeder I'm from Cashton WI. I have a 1999 articcat zl600. It was a great sled. One night I was riding back from my buddies and it was all going good until the snow drug me down into 3 strands of barb wire. It scared me so much. The fence did some damage. It ripped my throttle cable in half,ripped the throttle cable completely off and ripped some wires. I wrote this because I just wanted ur guys fans to know to be safe and know what's around them. Finally I love ur videos keep doing what ur doin and be safe. If u read this thank you for what you do and hope ttto meet u guys someday.
Ian Fortune
Ian Fortune 9 måneder siden
Sign: "No Trespassing Jake: Instantly trespasses
SMMlilspoon 7
SMMlilspoon 7 9 måneder siden
Minnesota gang tho 💪
KYLER BESCH 9 måneder siden
hey bill
Ginnie Anderson
Ginnie Anderson 9 måneder siden
Go to ironwood Michigan
Dustin Parker
Dustin Parker 9 måneder siden
You guys should make a trip to artic man up in alaska next year. I know it's a HUGE drive but I promise you wont regret it. It's just a week of sleds, racing, jumping, hooning, it's just alot of fun. Do some research on it and see if you'd be interested.
Caden Yohanek
Caden Yohanek 9 måneder siden
Please keep making snowmobiling vids!!! They are awsome!!!😎👍🏻
iSauce Camm
iSauce Camm 9 måneder siden
U guys should tune ur durmax
Harley Swetich
Harley Swetich 9 måneder siden
Hey I'm from Houghton Michigan! Lol
Jesse Beauchemic
Jesse Beauchemic 9 måneder siden
W have about a foot and a half in new Hampshire you guys should come rip here
Kyle Q
Kyle Q 9 måneder siden
I was up here that same weekend, the trails sucked. Railroad beds with moguls FTL...
freddy 8
freddy 8 9 måneder siden
Y’all gotta come to Maine to ride
Brandon Pettipas-Elkins
Brandon Pettipas-Elkins 9 måneder siden
Do you guys live in Canada
Jake Sherlock
Jake Sherlock 9 måneder siden
Yo, what happened to the one kid from your episodes way back? Like MIA. Never seen an explanation
BurgerManPlayz 9 måneder siden
do another quad give away plz I've wanted one for so longggg
Blanche Barnes
Blanche Barnes 9 måneder siden
How did bangin break his throttle cable the first day?
ssm productions
ssm productions 9 måneder siden
jake is my spirit animal '
RB26SNO 9 måneder siden
Should have bought a sidewinder, never blows up and 200hp
Nolan Griffith
Nolan Griffith 9 måneder siden
Get a Yamaha, you’ll like it! Trust me!
Blake Walker
Blake Walker 9 måneder siden
How’s Jake mustang
Prince Richard
Prince Richard 9 måneder siden
Has any of the cboys played hockey in a team?
Jacobz3n 9 måneder siden
Snowbikes isn the real deal
KD farms
KD farms 9 måneder siden
I want to see y’all come riding in New England Way way more technical but it’s fun and snow isn’t to bad
TYPO Myths
TYPO Myths 9 måneder siden
You can’t convince me they didn’t stop at the dispensary in Houghton
FishN More
FishN More 9 måneder siden
Jakes my Spirit animal 🦒
Griffin Demarest
Griffin Demarest 9 måneder siden
“It’s all Michigan is good for”-Ryan
Chase Langenwalter
Chase Langenwalter 9 måneder siden
What is that song that goes I got problems on problems
Getbetterkidjk _
Getbetterkidjk _ 9 måneder siden
I went to Houghton like 2 years ago but I live in lower pennicala
eli behnke
eli behnke 9 måneder siden
Stay out of the prison
Ethan Rossmann
Ethan Rossmann 9 måneder siden
Do two stroke snobike
Adam Nurenberg
Adam Nurenberg 9 måneder siden
man whats with these Polaris sleds breaking down........ Shoulda stuck with Ski Doo
Collin Money
Collin Money 9 måneder siden
"He's more of a short bus guy!" -Had me fucking dying lol!
Dan Meszaros
Dan Meszaros 9 måneder siden
So cool you guys are riding the same trials I've been riding my entire life
david adomo
david adomo 9 måneder siden
Dudes wearing fuckin rockstar glasses oh my fuck 😂😂
Reed Peterson
Reed Peterson 9 måneder siden
What kind of can does that cat have, it sounds like a bmp
Reed Peterson
Reed Peterson 9 måneder siden
That kahos sounds mint
Ratcoon 9 måneder siden
It’s hard to watch these guys *im too jealous of them*
Matthew Mocadlo
Matthew Mocadlo 9 måneder siden
im 12 and i know that part
Brianne Magee
Brianne Magee 9 måneder siden
You guys have sweet sleds hopefully I get to meet you someday
Tyler Horning
Tyler Horning 9 måneder siden
Not gonna lie it kinda bugs me how you guys say, “snowmobile” then again I’m an Alaskan and we call em snowmachines
Travis S
Travis S 9 måneder siden
The U.P. dawg. She needs more snow.. This year has been terrible for Michigan thus far, period. However, THANK YOU, guys for giving MI followers a new perspective on riding technical, low snow terrain.
Johnny Rocket
Johnny Rocket 9 måneder siden
Throttle cable
Outdoors Beast
Outdoors Beast 9 måneder siden
I live in the u.p
Craig Sullivan
Craig Sullivan 9 måneder siden
hey if u guys re still in michigan theres a big memorial ride for my dads friend that pasted away and if you want to come if ur still here messasge me
Faith like Noah
Faith like Noah 9 måneder siden
Heading to Toivola mi next week 20 mi south of Houghton where is the old prison or a place I must ride thanks Crews name is the BRAPP PACK
Typical kid plays and dose Dumb stuff
Typical kid plays and dose Dumb stuff 9 måneder siden
Where are the artic cat fans
Cody Nas123
Cody Nas123 9 måneder siden
Awesome Vid again boys keep em up! Where is jakes sled with the bangin graphic
The Hay Boys
The Hay Boys 9 måneder siden
Just got a bangin hat before they were sold out.. fucking finally 😂 🤘🏼 Been trying to get one for months
Keith & Amber
Keith & Amber 9 måneder siden
How much harder is it riding a snow bike then riding with tire
Lance Harry
Lance Harry 9 måneder siden
Where in the UP is this? I live in the UP and the back country is awesome in the winter!
Caoimhin Ohara
Caoimhin Ohara 9 måneder siden
Every cboy should get crf110
Matthew Lacroix
Matthew Lacroix 9 måneder siden
The bus can be a toy hauler
Owen Clayton
Owen Clayton 9 måneder siden
Come to the sault
logpile13 9 måneder siden
Enough with the forced laughter👎🏻
John Martin
John Martin 9 måneder siden
Polaris sleds are just straight garbage
John Martin
John Martin 9 måneder siden
Should have signed with ski doo
Justin Heath
Justin Heath 9 måneder siden
What is the edit song?
Owen KH
Owen KH 9 måneder siden
They changed the title 😂
Chad Bell
Chad Bell 9 måneder siden
Y’all should try the riding in Wawa, Ontario.
Blake 9 måneder siden
My brother used to daily a school bus
Jesse Barta
Jesse Barta 9 måneder siden
Riding past the old jail there into Toivola/Donken is a pretty good spot. They get a lot more snow down between Donken and Mass city it seems compared to Houghton
TRAVIS NIEMI 9 måneder siden
I also love ur guys videos
TRAVIS NIEMI 9 måneder siden
I live and hour and a half away from houghton
Boyz Burgau
Boyz Burgau 9 måneder siden
When you turbo a sled when it’s not even broken in stuff like that happens
The Farmers RC Channel
The Farmers RC Channel 9 måneder siden
I own a assault and seeing what it can do with a 2.0 lug my next one will have the 2.0 track
The Farmers RC Channel
The Farmers RC Channel 9 måneder siden
Heres my 16 assault
The Farmers RC Channel
The Farmers RC Channel 9 måneder siden
@CboysTV I own a 2016 model 800 assault I'm upgrading in the fall to a brand new 800 still think the extra 37 cc for the 850 isnt worth it but who knows till Polaris releases there 2021 line up as I'm snow checking one in a couple weeks
CboysTV 9 måneder siden
You have to!
Jack Hermes
Jack Hermes 9 måneder siden
Short Bus Sherbrooke should be Jake’s new name
Beast Slay3r
Beast Slay3r 9 måneder siden
How do you break your throttle cable?
Viktor Lindmark
Viktor Lindmark 9 måneder siden
this video is a proof why you should go ski doo instead of polaris :O
joseph romasco
joseph romasco 9 måneder siden
How did Jake find a way to rip the throttle cord out
Kluck Fabrication
Kluck Fabrication 9 måneder siden
Who saw that coming with blowing up the sled lol! Let’s see an 1 hr work or 12 hrs ripping a sled a apart lol.
Wesley Gosse
Wesley Gosse 9 måneder siden
Click bait
Luup Scinck
Luup Scinck 9 måneder siden
Jake be like i dont know What it is or What its for but i cant gi farward.
Jonah Christensen
Jonah Christensen 9 måneder siden
Hi nothing like a good old ride
Great Lakes Nation
Great Lakes Nation 9 måneder siden
Thanks for coming out and letting us show y’all around!! Was an absolute killer time!! We’ll do it again😎
Tacsi _
Tacsi _ 9 måneder siden
Where’s cj
Erick Stringer
Erick Stringer 9 måneder siden
What are micah's glasses in the beginning?
Jeffrey Drechsler
Jeffrey Drechsler 9 måneder siden
Erick Stringer looking for the same info
justin Klose
justin Klose 9 måneder siden
good to see some cats
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